No single win condition is focused on, you can stall, burn, mill or bring out powerful beat-stick monsters. What about boarder stun? Dinomists spam heavy hitters with powerful effects, capable of running over anything your opponent can lay out. With so many recycling cards added to this archetype, it’s insanely fast with huge boss monsters and great destructive power. With the Soulburner structure deck being readily available, a pure Salamangreat is actually competitively viable. Combine this strategy with Ghostrick Mansion for a fairly odd approach that actually works! Starter decks are much cheaper but they don’t really contain anything too great, only worth getting if you’re brand new to Yugioh! If you really enjoy them, you can add competitive hand-traps and Extra Deck monsters, such as those on the recommended decklist below that reached top 8 in a regional tournament! Q: Where and when are the Regional Qualifiers? Admission will be first come, first served for players lined up to register. Such as Metaphys Nephthys being the re-make of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys! Konami Digital Entertainment, Tournament Organizers, Staff, and Judges bear no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for, any loss, theft or damage to the person or personal property of any attendee. Q: Can I get a CARD GAME ID (previously COSSY ID) number at the Regional Qualifier tournament, or will I need to have one before I attend the event? If you enjoy the archetype, I say go for it , Predaplants received some good new support though. The Judge should be notified that the Match is ongoing and whose turn it is. What is the format for Regional Qualifier tournaments? If your Regional Qualifier is being held in an Official Tournament Store, you will have access to tournament supplies. The judge may or may not stay to supervise the End of Match procedure, but should ensure that both Duelists understand the following procedures. Imperial Iron Wall offers a way around this, though. Isolde being re-printed is massive for this deck, significantly reducing its cost. A list of Duelists who have earned invites to the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier is posted online. Make sure your name and CARD GAME ID are on your Deck List. Based around the dreadnoughts that are Rank 10 Trains, this deck seeks to spam level 10 monsters on the field, to overlay for powerful XYZ bosses. They can seem daunting at first but overall, they’re an extremely fun budget deck. Just read the pictured card’s effect, I mean dear god, what a card. hello i am new to yu gi oh so i have a question: Are the extra cards mentioned in the recommended list obligatory? The actual Dark/Tribute engine inside can be applied to other archetypes and decks too. One of the few Flip related archetypes on this list, Krawlers fit snuggly into Link format with their support cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME product releases, prior to preparing your Deck for the event. Your plan is to go second, clear back-row and OTK. [Ranking Tournament] Singapore 31st October 2020 Decklists 1 November 2020 OenikA Date: 31st October 2020 Limit Regulation List: October 2020 OCG Venue: Singapore If you qualify in an event outside of your country, the invite will be awarded to the WCQ event in which your region would normally qualify for (North America, Latin America, Europe, and Oceania only). Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom. You might recognise some of their names, as Nekroz Ritual monsters tend to be counter-parts of powerful Synchro monsters. At the same time, this makes the deck effective against players who are unfamiliar with their cards & strategies. I will always recommend Fluffals to any Yugioh player, there’s something so satisfying about winning with these little creatures. Unfortunately, a huge weakness to hand-traps and negation boss monsters makes this budget deck horrible in competetive play. Passport). Q: Whom should I contact for more information about a specific Regional Qualifier? All of this for an extremely small price.