,,,,,,,,,,,,, The formula in the Pharmaceutical field-Pharma Grade Trometamol, The 4 basic classifications of Cryopreservation Procedure you must be know. It was developed as one of Good's buffers in the 1960s, with pKa value of 6.15 at 20 °C. Design by 37design, Taiwan Hopax Chemicals Mfg. Chem., 274, 3711–3719. (2012) A Two-Stage Reverse Dialysis In Vitro Dissolution Testing Method for Passive Targeted Liposomes, Int. Hopax Fine Chemicals is among the largest producers of MES in the world. phosphate and acetate) readily form coordination complexes. MES is used as a buffering agent in biology and biochemistry. Available at, 9 Soares, E. V., Duarte, A. P. R. S. and Soares, H. M. V. M. (2000) Chem. 104, 404-414. (1984) Methods Enzymol. Co., Ltd - Fine Chemicals Division. what is "Kraken"? Please help! Biochem. MES was one of the first zwitterionic buffers described by Norman E. Good in 1966. It is soluble up to 2 M in water. MES is used as a buffering agent in biology and biochemistry. Check out the uses, concerns, useful tips and references related to MOPS buffer in varied applications, such as electrophoresis, cell culture and chromatography. , MES is the common name for the compound 2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid. Available at, 5 Grady, J.K. et al. What does an apostrophe after a word mean? We collected reliable information from renowned academic sources in order to help scientists understanding better MES’ characteristics and suitability for different biotechnology applications (cell culture, chromatography, and others). 173, 111-115. Macromolecules. U.S. struggles to celebrate 'painful Thanksgiving', Manufacturing error clouds vaccine study results. (1988) Anal. MES buffer is a Good's buffer that is remarkably stable both chemically and enzymatically. A. and Bloksberg, L. N. (1988) Sci. (2007) Free Radical Biol. 300 °C. Synonyms include: 2-morpholinoethanesulfonic acid; 2-(4-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid; 2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid; 2-(4-morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid; MES; MES hydrate; and morpholine-4-ethanesulfonic acid hydrate. What does 'splendor' refer to in this context? Pharm., 426, 211–218. What is the critical micelle concentration (CMC)? Available at, 2 Alonso, A. D. C., Zaidi, T., Novak, M., Grundke-Iqbal, I., and Iqbal, K. (2001) Hyperphosphorylation induces self-assembly of τ into tangles of paired helical filaments/straight filaments. Available at, 12 Zhao, G., and Chasteen, N. D. (2006) Anal. and why do people keep associating it with Sidney Powell? It has minimal UV absorbance and is often used as a running buffer for bis-tris gels. Bicine buffer. MES is reasonably safe, but skin or eye exposure should be cleaned well with water and medical aid should be sought in the case of eye exposure, swallowing or inhalation of dust. Our products are shipped daily to top research centers and biotech companies in Europe, America and Asia. Available at, 7 Ferreira, C.M., Pinto, I.S., Soares, E.V., Soares, H.M. (2015) (Un)suitability of the use of pH buffers in biological, biochemical and environmental studies and their interaction with metal ions – a review, Royal Society of Chemistry, 30989- 31003. Check out the uses, concerns, useful tips and references related to HEPES buffer in varied applications, such as electrophoresis, cell culture and chromatography. Available at, 14 Bevans, C. G. and Harris, A. L. (1999) J. Biol. On-line buffer preparation software tools can simplify obtaining a recipe for a desired buffer. Useful pH range: 7.6 - 9.0. pKa (25°C): 8.26. I know an S is plural and that 'S is posesive but what about just an apostrope mean? Molecular weight: 163.2 g/mol. As most of anionic buffers, MES it is suitable for cation exchange chromatography and hydroxylapatite chromatography, Used in phosphocellulose column chromatography, Used in hydrophobic interaction chromatography, Suitable as a noncoordinating buffer in solutions with metal ions, Suitable for the investigation of redox processes, Used to prepare culture medias, since it is not metabolized by bacteria and eukaryotic cells, Used in culture media for plant cells at low concentrations, Used for in vitro dissolution testing of liposomes, MES interacts with peptide backbone of bovine serum albumin leading to a net stabilization of the protein, MES does not form radical species, making it suitable for redox studies, It inhibits the connexin channel activity in rat liver cells when it is in the protonated form, It interferes with phenolic oxidation by peroxidases, It is toxic to most plants at high concentrations, Low ionic mobility at high concentrations, Considered a good alternative to cacodylate, a highly toxic buffer, Considered a good alternative to citrate, a buffer that binds to some proteins and forms complexes with some metals, Considered a good alternative to maleic acid, a buffer with high UV-absorption, Product straight from our manufacturing sites, Small and bulk packages (from grams to tons), After-sales service with English speaking staff, ADD: No.28, Huadong Road, Daliao District, Kaohsiung City, 831, Taiwan.