Green tea is the least processed, which is why it retains its green color. The tea is clear and clean, and leaves a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. It can be divided into three groups”: Gongfu (Kungfu) black tea, small piece black tea, and broken black tea. Pilochun not only has a pleasant aroma and taste, it also gives people visual enjoyment. Xi Hu – This … This will help decrease the blood pressure in some degree. Tea polyphenols are helpful in reducing hypertension and cholesterol to lower... 3. Fenghuang Dancong (Phoenix Mountain Select) tea is one of the three great varieties of Oolong tea, all equally famous, the other two being the tea from the slopes of Wuyi Mountain, and Tieguanyin tea from Anxi. White tea is unfermented, uncured green tea that has been quickly dried. Keemun is the most popular brand of black tea. Top 10 Most Beautiful Tea Gardens in China. Anxi is located in the southeast side of the hill, where over 50 kinds of tea are grown, of which Tie Guanyin is the finest. I decided to limit this first article about Chinese tea to two topics that I find interesting: the different classes of Chinese tea and the most famous tea brands of China (for each class of tea there are many different brands, for instance you have the Long Jing green tea from Hangzhou, the Bi Luo Chun green tea from Tai Hu and so on). Tuo tea of Yunnan is an outstanding example of this type. It is recommended and loved by a great many people. The other kind is made with the technique of “heating pile” (sprinkling water over a pile of leaves to induce fermentation), and is usually known as “Ripe Pu’er”. Testimonial Improve Memory. Oolong tea, also known as blue tea, is unfermented tea with unique characteristics. These were formerly classified into five types according to the area of production – lion, dragon, cloud, tiger and plum. White tea got its name from the tradition of poor Chinese people offering plain boiled water to guests, if they had no tea, and calling it "white tea". White Tea. It is indigenous to Fujan Province, and is lighter in color than other types of tea with a subtle, delicate flavor. Small piece black tea is the earliest black tea of China, produced near Fujian (on the southwest coast) and Chong’an. 2. The resulting infusion yields a lovely red color and a subtle aromatic fragrance. Sapore di Cina is a website that provides first-hand information about living and traveling in Asia. It is a … In my opinion it’s just a matter of habits and, once you make the switch, you will probably enjoy green tea much more than black coffee. According to my searching, the tea pigment can prevent the blood from being viscous. Sichuan province is one region where tea culture is at its height. There are fifteen major tea-producing provinces in mainland China, and Taiwan also produces tea. Especially green tea, with a variety... 2. Copyright Sapore di Cina | Disclosure | Privacy & Cookies Policy | Terms and Conditions. Sweet Dew of Mengding is tender, green and moist, tasting better at the second brew. The reason is that these teas affect the folate levels, also, caffeine is not really good for your child. Chinese tea is drunk throughout the day, including during meals, as a substitute for plain water, for health, or for simple pleasure. This variety of tea may be subdivided into flower and scented tea. The most common dark tea brands are Anhua Dark Tea, Hubei Laobian Tea, Sichuan Tibetan tea, and Guangxi Liubao Tea. Click here to buy Chinese tea directly from China! Chinese Tea 1. In green tea the leaves are not fermented, so they largely retain the original flavour of tea, which is simple, elegant and enduring. The central peak, which is the highest, has a piece of flat ground at its top, and Sweet Dew of Mengding originates there. Even if its taste is pretty mild, you shouldn’t drink too much oolong tea because it’s stronger than it seems! It has a distinctive aroma, similar to red tea, but its flavor is closer to green and white teas. Lose Weight White Chinese tea undergoes a similar process than green tea. After drinking it, Qianlong said that it certainly deserved its reputation. After brewing, the water is clear and bright, with a touch of apricot yellow. These types are: green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea and dark tea. Many provinces and cities are renowned for their production of green tea, the most eminent provinces being Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui. Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. 1. This variety of tea should be stored at contact with the air so that the fermentation process can continue. Pu'er tea was listed as a geographical indication product' by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on August 5, 2008. Green Tea. It has been proven that regularly drinking green tea can prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancers and diabetes. Dandelion herbal tea is derived from the yellow … Just contact us and customize your private tea culture tour in China! Sometimes called "green leaves with a red edge", oolong tea is thought to aid in fat decomposition and is widely regarded as a weight loss aid and a beauty enhancer. It’s dried as soon as it’s picked from the field and then fried. Terms and Conditions The process to obtain the yellow tea is similar to the one used for the green and the white tea. Qimen (Keemun) Gongfu tea has been made for over 100 years. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, people regarded white tea as very valuable, but at that time white tea was just a rare kind of tea tree whose leaves were white, not the same as the white tea we know today. What is more important is that black tea does not undergo the processes of green steaming or green frying, but is fermented, during which time the tea leaves go through chemical reactions – tea phenol is reduced over 90% and yellow and red elements are produced. While green tea loses its flavor within a year, the flavor of the black tea can last several years. 7 Types of Tea in China. Blog 1. July 23, 2019 by Sapore di Cina 10 Comments. Popular brands of white tea are White Peony and Silver Needle. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Even if it’s often classified as a black tea, being so characteristic pu’er deserves a category on its own. Red Robe is the best type of Wuyi Rock tea and has had a history of over 300 years. Chinese Tea Info focuses on sharing the knowledge about all types and health benefits of Chinese tea, such as green tea, herbal tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea, dark tea and health benefits of these types of Chinese tea. Even if the tradition of white tea production is very old, this variety is quite rare and in the past only the emperor and is crew could enjoy it. Wuyi Rock Tea is a general name for Oolong tea produced in the Wuyi Mountain region of Fujian, and is the best-known Oolong tea. In terms of their distinct flavours, Wuyi tea has a rich and mellow fragrance and a long aftertaste; Anxi Tieguanyin is sweetly aromatic and has a sweet, clean flavour; Fenghuang Dancong has a strong aroma and a pronounced, rich taste. Gongfu black tea is a Chinese specialty developed from small piece black tea, and is also China’s most representative black tea. In addition to the above six major types of tea, there are also tight-pressed teas and scented teas produced by re-processing the leaves. But some came to prefer the flavour of yellow tea, which gradually became one of the six major tea types. Oolong tea is somewhat intermediate between green and black tea. In the Qing Dynasty when Emperor Qianlong visited south China, the local officers treated him with this kind of tea. Chinese green tea is the oldest and most popular type of tea; it has been enjoyed in China for several thousand years. Generally speaking, raw Pu’er tastes best after about ten years of preservation, while ripe Pu’er develops its best fragrance after two or three years. Each type has its representative “celebrity tea”, each with its unique appearance and aroma, and some are even associated with beautiful legends. Fujian has been the hometown of tea since early times. White Hair Silver Needle and White Peony produced in Fujian are representatives of white tea. Black tea first appeared in Qing Dynasty, and so is much younger than green tea. 4. Pu’er tea is a special kind of dark tea that has been produced in Yunnan Province for more than 2,000 years. Junshan Yinzhen is produced in China's Hunan Province and is the country's most popular yellow tea. Longjing tea quickly became famous as a special tea, with qualities of freshness and tenderness. As the hometown of tea, China owns a deep tea culture from ancient times. Green tea: Refreshing mind, cooling, weight-losing, palate-cleansing, thirst-quenching, and dysentery-remising are advantages green tea can bring to you.Black tea: Chinese red tea benefits include increasing appetite, eliminating edema, and strengthening the cardiac function.Oolong tea: Washing face with oolong tea cannot only remove facial greasy and infection, narrow pores, resist skin-aging effects, but also act like a natural "sunscreen" to protect your skin from UV damage in areas with strong ultraviolet rays.White tea: It has the effect of antidozing wine, moistening the lung, detoxifying, and lowering pressure, hence decreasing the discomforts caused by excessive smoking and alcohol, over-active of lung and digestive dysfunction.Yellow tea: It can help you increase the digestion, build up an appetite, clear heat, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, and resist radiation.