my friend travelled in a volvo bus from kerala to bangalore, and they give some sort of facility to transport it.. they will give details. So that you can easily identify your bike during delivery. * Bike transport from Bangalore to Kolkata cost starts at Rs. You can also check out bike transportation status online. Kerela which place. Are you looking for relocating your bike at affordable charges? Is it possible to do motorcycle shifting or transferring through railway transport? (-ve) Railway authorities will decide on which train bike/Scotter should be shipped. Is the motorbike parcel charges are based on the distance that it travels by train? Shut off the fuel run it till it runs out if fuel in the carb. Step #5: Go to Parcel office, the book put a value on your bike. Majorly, motorcycles are used for daily purposes and so, you can go for open shipping without any hesitation. You need to empty your petrol tank during the time of the bike Parcel. Founder of Kick Starter Business Studio - Business Ideas, Digital Marketing & Design Services under the roof of my own identity Krish Creator. so a word to all people, please don't trust their words and tricked. The best to transfer bikes from one state to another is by shipping them in a closed truck by properly taping them. It will take around 5-7 Days depends upon your destination. Make sure your bike is getting loaded on to the same train. Step #5: After reaching your journey, go to the luggage office. * Bike transport from Bangalore to Kolkata cost starts at Rs. In General, before you book the bike as parcel/luggage at railway reservation counters, we highly recommend you to keep the below items in handy. As said earlier, there were two shipment modes to book a bike parcel. So that the bike will not be damaged during the train travel. 0471- 2471011 ext 238, 290. They don't have proper transport service. But now the whole process of bike transportation on trains has been completely changed. Carry a Maker with you in order to create an identity mark for easy identification during the delivery. If you live in Bangalore, taking an occasional road trip to Kerala is always a good idea. 4,500. To proceed further and confirm your requirement, we need your name, mobile and email address. Show the original ticket and the luggage endorsement. How much it will cost to do a bike parcel? At Moving Solutions we are committed to providing the best-quality home shifting services, car transportation services, and bike transportation services form Bangalore … but that might be really costly. We also offer one more bike parcel service in bangalore price insurance protection for your costly and delicate items. Travellers can reach Wayanad from all major cities through NH 17. i donno..u should check with them coz i dont have much details. so that the bike will be transported along with you on the same train. Will you travel in suburban trains often across location? A shifting company provides you with free quotes, high-quality packing, a professional who safely shifts the household items and makes your relocation simple, safe and economical. When it comes to shipping the two-wheeler vehicle on a train, you might have many queries in mind. Step #2: Empty the petrol tank of bike and now securely pack the bike with a packer. The average cost to transport your bike interstate costs between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000. Our bike Transport in Bangalore are properly versed in covering your bike and bicycle precisely so that it does not occasion get a scratch and damage in transit. Want to know OOTY STATION CODE ? For example, if the distance of transport is 290 km, and if your bike weighs about 100 kgs, you should pay Rs. For example, if you are moving from Bangalore to Bhopal, you will need to submit the above-mentioned documents along with the application seeking refund of road tax (form 16) to the RTO in Bangalore, they will authenticate the new registration number from the RTO in Bhopal. (-ve) The bike shipment cost of the luggage is 25% costlier than railway parcels. DDUTTL Industrial , Yeshwanthpur Industrial Area. A luggage is something you can take it along with you on the same train you travel. Is it Possible to change the boarding Point through online after the train ticket booked in India. Best Places in Kerala. Then book it in. Are you looking or searching for the best way to do a bike parcel? Are you looking for the possibility to reach the ooty hill station by train ? Indian Railway is one of the biggest modes of transportation to carry out your luggage or goods. Are you seeking information on Bike Parcel Charges & documents required to do your bike Parcel? They are also assisting in sending and receiving a bike in a picture-perfect condition without even … Ooty railway station is one of popular railway hill station in India. Yes. Sulekha helps in all cases by connecting you with trusted bike packers and movers in Bangalore. Before you move out of the parcel office we request you to confirm the delivery date & schedule. If you have a clear idea about the checklist then it will be easy to book your bike parcel in Train. Based on the slot & availability of trains, Railway Authorities will decide on which train it should be transported. Can it be done faster through the Indian railway? Insurance is a must for bike relocation. However, factors like the bike model, climatic condition, and travelling distance will determine the charges accurately. You can transport goods from one place to other using Indian Railways in two forms, either as a luggage or as a parcel. I would like to receive calls from experts, By submitting the request, you accept our. 094470 71 021 . riding routes. Step #8: Once you booked. In Indian Railways, You can transport your bike from one place to another or do a bike parcel in two ways either as luggage or as a Parcel. Take the bike to the station you can ride it. Bike Transport Services Bangalore - Hire trusted and affordable bike carrier services in Bangalore for shifting your two wheeler to desired destination by using train, truck, volvo bus from Bangalore to other city, shipping to other country and get transportation charges + 5% GST, shifting quotes, transit insurance, ratings, reviews and contact details of bike transport companies. Need some info on: The best way of transporting a car ....across 3000kms(Delhi to Kerala)....By … Motor Bike or two-wheeler transportation is one of the parcel services provided by Indian Railways, which are less expensive than other parcel services. Need to travel along with the train. If you have any issues regarding the transporting of a bike from one place to another. Step #3: You must have a train ticket to book it as a luggage. The experts in the transporting companies will wrap your bike in a safer manner. © 2020 Copyright 4,500. (-ve) Luggage Slot availability should be there on the train. Get affordable bike transport quotes from Sulekha verified packers and movers in Bangalore and ship your vehicle anywhere in India and worldwide. and finally they delivered it after 2 weeks which was supposed to deliver within 3 working days by threatening them by telling as forwarding a police complaint. Bike Transport from Bangalore to Some Other Cities of India. Do you want to know the steps and process to transport bikes by Train? Travel Essentials. Helpline Online Reservation. Step #4: Wait for the train. Kindly give your consent. Step #1: Go to the railway parcel booking office with all the required documents. Important Notes – Bike shipment chosen as Luggage, 1. (+ve) You no need to travel along with the train. Whats the Best way to transport a car or bike? But both of the transportation modes have their own positives & negatives. (i.e) Transporting your personal things as parcel through railway wagon. Our bike Transport in Bangalore are properly versed in covering your bike and bicycle precisely so that it does not occasion get a scratch and damage in transit.