6. 3202) because they got mad when we arrested (Griswold) two years ago," Kirkpatrick said. 2. Administration and application of treatments, drugs, medications and immunological agents by oral, IM subcutaneous routes excluding rabies vaccine for animals required to receive a rabies vaccine by Georgia law; Assisting any duly licensed veterinarian in the measuring of quantities of medication, but excluding the dispensing, compounding, or mixing of drugs; and A grandfather clause would be included to allow individuals who can prove that they have been practicing at a high level of proficiency for a number of years to dispense with the educational requirement. This angered opponents, including the farm bureau, which filed a lawsuit in September seeking an injunction against the state board to have the emergency rules lifted, said Cathy Kirkpatrick, executive director of the state board. The bill already has two sponsors, and several others have indicated interest. 4. 8. 9. So far, that group comprises members of the Arkansas Farm Bureau, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association, public health officials, and large animal veterinarians. Handling of biohazardous waste materials. Opponents to the state board's position on tooth floating have also pursued legislative action. Stay current on important veterinary news, AVMA activities, and member services. Dental procedures including, but not limited to the removal of calculus, soft deposits, plaque and stains; the smoothing, filing, and polishing of teeth; or the floatation or dressing of equine teeth; veterinary technician, or equine dental provider in the state of Texas, enter the practice and provide . Subsequently, the board sent cease-and-desist letters to nonveterinarians who were clearly violating the act (see JAVMA, Oct. 15, 2008). 7. The bill was introduced by state Rep. Garry Smith, who is a farrier. Breaking updates and practical resources for veterinary teams. "The study will also examine the large animal veterinarian shortage, the need for large animal technician services, large animal health care exemptions, and the impact that exemptions and lay health care have on animal health care," Dr. Blount said. Surgical assistance; Administration of blood or blood components to animal patients. Dr. David M. Blount, immediate past president of the Arkansas VMA, said, "There was a misconception among some of the legislators that the practice act is in place to protect the veterinarian and to guard their services for their right to profit from them. In addition, In turn, the Farm Bureau Legal Foundation withdrew its lawsuit. Elaborate, custom-designed hardware accentuates the beautifully carved wooden doors. veterinary and equine dental services to Texas’ citizens. September 2015 1 Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners . Texas For more than a decade, the Texas VMA has fielded reports from veterinarians who have seen a spike in the use of power tools by nonveterinarians floating horses' teeth and, with it, an increase in the use of sedative drugs. At press time, a bill was expected to be filed soon. (a) A licensed veterinarian is responsible to assure that the following tasks being performed by Veterinary Assistants is under direct supervision: 1. "Because right now, there is nothing out there that regulates these individuals.". The proposed legislation calls for individuals who perform these services, including ultrasonography, to be certified by the state board. Texas Legislature Online, Kirkpatrick said the state board's main concern remains reproductive services. Application of splints and slings; Collection of urine by cystocentesis or catherization; and Location:https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._occ._code_section_801.364. increasing citizen access. The bill also defines acts not prohibited in the state practice act, such as dehorning, tooth floating, and castration. (c) Perform surgery. Euthanasia; Dental extractions not requiring sectioning of the tooth or the resectioning of bone; 2. The Veterinary Leadership Conference draws veterinarians from across the U.S. for education sessions that help develop leaders for the veterinary profession. For more than a decade, the Texas VMA has fielded reports from veterinarians who have seen a spike in the use of power tools by nonveterinarians floating horses' teeth and, with it, an increase in the use of sedative drugs. Immediate Supervision means that the licensed veterinarian is in audible and visual range of the animal patient and the person treating the animal. Administration and application of treatments, drugs, medications, and immunological agents by IV routes; Veterinary regulators' ongoing struggle to rein in lay practice soon will meet its most significant challenge to date: U.S. Supreme Court scrutiny. Cover photo: The Texas Capitol is a marvel of craftsmanship down to the smallest details. Through a combined effort of the Arkansas VMA membership, its lobbyists, and the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board, the bill was defeated in committee by a vote of 11-7. Equine dental technicians would be allowed to engage in the practice of equine dentistry under the immediate or direct supervision of a veterinarian. Intravenous catheterizations, 3202, which established a certification mechanism for nonveterinary dental providers. We would really like to find a solution that works for everyone involved, most importantly for the public and their animals. American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), For a full update on state legislative happenings, visit, https://www.avma.org/Advocacy/StateAndLocal/Pages/default.aspx. Justices agreed in March to review a Fourth Circuit ruling that backs a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust case against the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners.