This drill makes infielding fun and competitive and puts the players in pressure situations. Your job is to develop these skills, starting by laying a simple foundation. Once we have cut the paddles, we add a strap (that covers the entire back of the hand) of innertube to the back to hold the paddle in place. Record how many balls each player catches. Shipping & Returns - No Minimum, Baseball Express Official League Baseball, Baseball Express Official League Baseballs, Play Big, Stay Safe: Tips To Keep You Safe & Your Equipment Clean, Lost Diamonds: A Message of Hope for the Class of 2020, Top Baseball Infield Drills To Do At Home, USSSA Event Sanctioning Temporarily Suspended, Tip of the Week: Hand and Foot Drills. There are many philosophies out there that tell you to field a ground ball by making a rounded ‘L’ to your belly as you field the ball…however, we think that as you field the ball, your glove should be going to it (attacking it) instead of moving away from it in the ‘L’ theory. Have them draw on this experience the next time they’re on defense. Next is regular depth, nobody on. We never come to the ball in a straight line simply because of momentum. The drills I would like to share is one that helps infielders to develop “soft” hands and release the ball quickly and one that helps with lateral movement and fielding. (Three person groups.) All rights reserved. Here are a number of great drills to run with your young team so you can get them used to the very basics of softball, and have them on their way to one day winning championships. I have found success with this drill year after year. This is a vertical triangle while the other is a horizontal one. The kids will understand fairly quickly and will take it from there. If we make any material change to this privacy statement we will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on our home page; however, any personal information we receive will be treated in accordance with the privacy statement that is in effect a the time we receive such personal information. The trail base fielder presents his glove as a visible target and is poised to move toward an arrant throw, just in case. Sign In, Join Active Any of the three players can retrieve wild throws but the ball must go back to proper base before next throw. Having the bill of the hat in a player’s mouth causes a vision block on the ground directly in front of them. Grab a ball bucket and lay it down on it’s side. Once the ball has gone from originator to receiver we have worked on two different things…and the bonus is the improving eye-hand coordination as a residual effect. Put a softball on a tee at home plate. It can be tricky finding the right drills to run with six year old players, mainly because they’re just starting out, and basic skills like throwing and catching are not yet developed. The baserunner will consume precious seconds coming to a complete stop and changing direction. Coach won’t roll the balls until the player is moving. Any outfielder knows that no matter how hard you try, sometimes you will just misread a flyball or the wind will push the ball in a different direction, causing you to have to adjust your path to the ball, along with how you position your body. THE CRUCIAL FIRST BASE PLAY We use black rubber conveyor belt or something with a similar density to take out the sting. Make no mistake about it, the throwing habits a player learns early on may make or break her career as a softball … Players line up between third base and shortstop position facing a thrower at home. This drill is designed to quicken reaction time to grounders and line drives using lateral movement. When receiving a throw make sure the 1B uses both hands, and that she catches the ball with the fingers of the glove pointing up, especially from the knees to the thigh. Please see your Privacy Rights for how your information is used. As players advance, make sure proper footwork for tagging a base and throwing to the next base is taught. Be conscious to notice if the player is reaching well out in front of them to field the ball. It's important for coaches to be able to identify incorrect throwing mechanics in their squad. I call it ball juggling…. The others line up behind first base. This drill requires some space so we suggest taking this to the backyard or a nearby field if one is available. Hover over the first cone in your ready position, and then run to the next cone, looking up as though you were tracking down a fly ball. She should receive the ball on the glove side of his body, so that his momentum carries her to 1B. Record the spot the ball lands on the ground anytime a new player comes to bat and breaks the “record” set by a previous player. ... membership is only $89.95 for a full year of exclusive savings. After tag, sweep arms in the direction of the runner and immediately separate hands with the ball still in throwing hand. If you have to throw overhand, throw the ball like you are throwing a dart. After releasing the ball, the fielder peels off either to the inside or the right side. SOFT HANDS INFIELD PRACTICE DRILL Grab some baseballs and start throwing them towards the bucket, trying to actually get the baseball into the bucket. Make sure the fielding player runs around their line, and behind it to the opposite side, thus not to interfere with the next person up. After each player has taken a turn throwing their three balls, the player with the most points wins the game!