We must understand that that part of the Law has been abolished. You should be content with what you have and where you are. The Spirit also revealed that the opposite is true, that if I am not to steal, I am to work hard, and by my hard labor, I should earn my own living. If anyone says those commandments are not still in effect, they are dead wrong. The law may cause death through man's depravity, but sin is the poison that brings death. Since the law of sin and death was operating from ancient times, so must there always have been law from God. If God’s law was already in the world from ancient times, why did God single out a special nation and bring in a special law for them? The moral law of God is still in effect and are binding upon His people. I still have some time to be rescued before I get to the most difficult part! You may say you have not murdered, but have you committed murder in your heart by hating someone else? Number three is where people add more commandments to the Law. Romans 7:1-25.SAME SUBJECT CONTINUED. As we abide in Him, Jesus enables us to walk in obedience to Him. We died to the Law in the sense that we no longer have to meet its requirements in order to gain acceptance with God. In our evangelism classes, we would never say that to someone, but Jesus did. In the New Testament, Paul makes his case that children are still to obey their parents in Ephesians 6:1-3 by quoting the Law issued in Exodus 20:12. In the Law, we see that He is sovereign. I was rebuked that I was using my humor in an improper way. We know that from the way Jesus interpreted the Law in Matthew 5. These two points of view are contrasted in Romans 3:20-22. The Holy Spirit now causes my heart to supremely love God so that I do not want to love anyone or anything else more than Him. There is no biblical premise for their man-made rules. They were in the tongue and mouth, speaking arrogant words. We should honor the moral law of God, which includes commandments such as: “You shall have no other gods before Me. That is fine, as that is their conscience that that aspect of the Law is still binding. The Law provoked and stirred up the sinful passions. It is fine if you want to personally live that way. If you take someone else’s life, then your life should to be taken by the government. But that should not be taken to mean that Paul believes that sin and law are in the same basket. I was convicted to be in submission to my boss, to show up on time and do what he asked. Theirs are the patriarchs, and from them is traced the human ancestry of Christ who is God over all" (Romans 9:4-5). For example, when Paul says we are released from the Law, some say we are free to do anything we want. However, I do feel that I should mention these two exceptions to what Paul is saying in Romans 7:3. He begins with the legal axiom that if you are breathing, you are subject to the law. But the whole good on which his will is fully bent, he does not do; sin ever springing up in him, through remaining corruption, he often does evil, though against the fixed determination of his will. Dr. Lawson hosts The Institute for Expository Preaching in cities around the world. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that lesson with a link back to this page. That is why Jesus used the Law in His evangelism with the rich young ruler, who asked what he must do to inherit eternal life. Note that Paul is addressing the “brethren,” which is those who are saved. In this chapter, and in the first four verses of chapter 8, the word “Law” ( nomos ) is used a total of 24 times. And many believers have adopted the apostle's language, showing that it is suitable to their deep feelings of abhorrence of sin, and self-abasement. Paul further advances his analogy, “but if her husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she is not an adulteress though she is joined to another man” (verse 3). Compared with the holy rule of conduct in the law of God, the apostle found himself so very far short of perfection, that he seemed to be carnal; like a man who is sold against his will to a hated master, from whom he cannot set himself at liberty. Paul explains that “the sinful passions…were aroused by the Law.” The “sinful passions” are the lust, greed, egotism, covetousness, and envy that once dwelled in every unconverted heart. The power of Divine grace, and of the Holy Spirit, could root out sin from our hearts even in this life, if Divine wisdom had not otherwise thought fit. The day of our believing, is the day of being united to the Lord Jesus. We are not to covet.