Like the Trail, the Thermion is notable for many reasons but most importantly Pulsar … The Pulsar Thermion XM38 is an upgraded and physically redesigned successor to the Pulsar Trail line of thermal rifle scopes. The XM38 is one of the first in the Pulsar Thermion … The XM38 uses a state of the art Ulis-built amorphous silicon microbolometer sensor with native resolution of 320x240 pixels and a much smaller 12 µm pixel pitch; the sensibility of the sensor is stated at < 60 mK and coupled with the fast 1.2 Germanium objectives, yields excellent sensibility.The sensor is managed by a Pulsar … The Pulsar Thermion Thermal Scope series features a new look, high-performance thermal cores and competitive prices for 2019. Buy from The replacement scope, the Thermion … Thanks to Outdoor Legacy Gear, we got to put a new Pulsar Thermion to the test. The Pulsar Thermion XM38 4.2-16.8x Thermal Riflescope was one of the first Thermion scopes offed by Pulsar in 2019, but it will be replaced by the Thermion XQ38 in 2020.It was a very popular thermal scope for coyote hunters because it offered a very good 4X image at a very good price. They’ve both been in the field with this scope for several weeks and have both killed hogs with it and spend many hours behind the eye piece. With regards to setting up, this Thermion Riflescope is designed to mount easily onto the 30mm standard mounting … The model we will be reviewing is the Pulsar Thermion … This week Hans and Jason give a full review of the Pulsar Thermion XM38 thermal rifle scope. Pulsar Thermion XM38 Thermal Scope Review.