La moustache. You can do it We like to put everything back in order. While speed is highly valued at school, we are also accountable on structuring our thoughts. VIEILLE Bruns ? Les cheveux BRUNS After all, France is not so far from Greece and from Socrate’s lessons: Maïeutic — Of or relating to the aspect of the Socratic method that induces a respondent to formulate latent concepts through a dialectic or logical sequence of questions. This will affect our trust in Marketers and Salespeople. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. J’ai trouvé ! He helps them enjoy learning French! Il a toujours la tête dans les nuages. Elle est petite. GROSSE Il a de petits yeux. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS Mince au féminin, c’est pareil. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Il a de longs cheveux roux. Salut Thomas! PETITE (Learn French with Funny French Lessons) -, French School Supplies – Les Fournitures Scolaires – Learn French Vocabulary, Risky Activities during Coronavirus Period – Learn French Language, I’m back! Il est gros. GRANDE Elle a les cheveux gris. Thomas Studer, French Native Speaker, speaks fluently Spanish and English. To immerse yourself in French. Or maybe you have a question. I have watched and listened to French people at work, I have observed them and asked them questions. Châtains ? Et les yeux BRUNS, On peut avoir les cheveux BLONDS Est-ce qu’on peut dire qu’il est laid ? I learned that your native background always sticks to you and to your work. LAIDE. Il est beau. PS: Today, Thomas makes an announcement! Gris ? Today, I look back and realize how tough it can be to work with internationals. And it’s free! Et de quelle couleur ? Maintenant, à toi ! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. Elle est vieille alors ? Elle a les cheveux longs. If you are learning to speak French, then you will find describing someone's personality traits useful. I have watched and listened to French people at work, I have observed them and asked them questions. Vieux ? Inter state form of sales tax income tax? We love being ironic. S’il est GROS ou MINCE people living in what is now France are of Caucasian descent, but La description physique ! (Please […] Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Support me on Patreon! Every French talent you may work with has been through great studies. Por favor ! I learned from meeting exceptional as well as awfully bad marketers. Characteristics are just traits that the person has - either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. However, if you happen to think of any cool ones (or very important ones not listed), then please do so below, in the comments section. They can be anything from a physical description to a thought or feeling. Ah ! Am I Selfish for Wanting Kids in a Climate Crisis? We are ready to challenge anything and everything. I really have no words to describe the efforts That you are making for... French Physical Description – La Description Physique, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It means that small talk doesn’t work. Il est beau. Les cheveux peuvent être LONGS. JEUNE We welcome anyone who stimulates this energy in a discussion. Les cheveux longs ? I really need your support! La description physique ! Thank you for watching Français Immersion TV. OBÉLIX ! We might even waste everybody’s time… True. Et de quelle couleur ? Il est grand. Et ses yeux ? The French revolution was so long ago, after all. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Elle est vieille. BELLE Aujourd’hui, nous allons voir comment décrire une personne. Elle a les cheveux longs. Elle est laide ? Il est gros. Success Is Determined by How You View Your Limits, Why You Need to Stop Seeking Approval from Others, An Open Letter to the 5th Grade Mean Girls, 5 Signs of People Lacking in Self-Identity. Learn how your comment data is processed. Elle est vieille. “Les 7 Secrets pour Apprendre le Français” or “The 7 Secrets to Learn French” Please! Et il a des tresses ! Petit devient petite au féminin. Non ! Elle est laide. Elle est petite. MINCE When I first landed in San Francisco 4 years ago, I wish I had known more about the American culture. Aujourd’hui, nous allons voir comment décrire une personne. Today, here are my top 5 truly “Made in France” character traits that you should be aware of if you’re working with French fellows. Les cheveux CHÂTAINS We might feel disarmed by your “How are you doing?” and some of us might even assume bad intent. Avec tous ces mots, tous ces adjectifs, on peut décrire une personne. And take me at face value or not, we are ironic because it’s funny and because we can hide our tenderness. Roux ? LA REINE-SORCIÈRE DANS BLANCHE-NEIGE ! Elle a les yeux verts. Obviously there are hundreds of adjectives that can describe a person! Il a de petits yeux noirs. On the opposite side, we will be very good at pulling out and analyzing the data to support our statements. I’d like to hear what you have to say: I was green and thrilled, bringing my truly transparent French culture to American soil. Et laid au féminin devient laide. HOW TO describe someone in French (French adjectives for physical description) in a fun and easy way. Beau au féminin devient belle. At least, I am sure, it will be worth it! Vieux au féminin devient vieille. Frank friends are the best, as we say in France. This character trait may turn into a handicap as we may hurt other culture’s sensitivities. Elle a les cheveux longs. Il est grand. La description physique Décrire quelqu’un, une Physical Traits of the Six European Races Found in Germany Nordic Race Western Race Eastern (Alpine) Race Dinarian Race East Baltic Race Phaehlian Race Build tall, slim short, slim short, stocky, broad tall, not-so-slim short, stocky, robust, big-boned tall GRAND ou PETIT Jeune. Watch till the end! S’il te plait ! Et les cheveux ? Do you know how to describe someone in French? Il a de longs cheveux roux ? À bientôt ! With his blog and his programs, he helps them improve their French skills and speak French with confidence. Le Retour – Learn French Language, French numbers 1-100 – Les chiffres/nombres, COD & COI in French Grammar – Complément d’Objet Direct & Complément d’Objet Indirect, Introduce Yourself in French – Se présenter. This vocabulary list features (26) French vocabulary words that are useful to describe somebody’s personality or current state.