Needs help with how to talk with employees and not gossiping about each employee they dont like while at work. I will never return and will spread the word. They are most famous for their amazing garlic breadsticks, which some would argue the restaurant has popularized through their social media presence. Call Customer Care on 1 (800) 331-2729. They really have always cared about your experience with Olive Garden, I really appreciate that and how much they care about their customers. The company offers good food to the customers and you would find out a large range of items in the menu of the restaurant. Olive Garden Headquarters Phone Number: When you are looking to contact someone through the phone, you can call the (407) 245-4000 number to do so. The leaders of the brand are, therefore, the face of the business. 25559. many (approx. The table next to us with the same number of people were seated after us, and finished their dinners before we received ours. Olive Garden is ranked 109 out of 2674 in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars category. Whole wheat linguine and the added veggies you could get. with an amount of the tip listed beside the percentage amount. There are a few ways through which you can get in touch with Olive Garden if you have any burning questions, complaints, or you would simply like to share some feedback with a direct worker. About half of the people who came to dinner while we were waiting did the same thing. The table next to us with the same number of people were seated after us, and finished their dinners before we received ours. It also stated we could make reservations for today, 4/25/13. The Manager told me, that they do take large party reservations and that he was "writing my reservation down" as we speak. based on your current location. No wonder OLIVE GARDEN CEO stepping down! What's going on with Olive Garden? You went through so many, many wonderful updates in menu and décor, only to blow it big with changing the music to loud junk. We had a great time at your Olive Garden at 10800 W. Charleston Bl. Hawaii, PR, International | Sitemap | Do Not Sell Data Request | Legal Notices | Privacy Notice | Accessibility Statement Your email address will not be published. There were five people at the desk looking after seating and wait time for diners. The menu of Olive Garden includes different appetizers, soups, salads, classic Italian recipes, chicken and seafood, filled pastas, beef and pork, fish, wines, specialty drinks, beer, and other beverages. We finished our meal, but was never asked if we wanted dessert or was not asked or given refills (we had to ask). Share your opinion below! On 4/18/2013, my husband, son, and I visited the Ocala, FL location on State Road 200 at about 9:00 PM. You are also the most expensive for drinks in the area. Watch Olive Garden “Missing food in delivery order I picked up today”, “Food poisoning then verbally assaulted by employee”, “Because I seat at the the bar to order food and didn't anyone help me for say anything isn't because I was black”, “I'm an employee Wondering about my vacation check”,,, Compare Olive Garden vs Outback Steakhouse. I haven't frequented Olive Garden too much, but will definetly not be going back. . Let us know what you think or let us assist you. Contact Olive Garden customer service. Is that not a reservation? However, you can find a way to submit your messages by heading over to the page to fill in the contact form. Thank you for all employees you have doing such a great job. So, for research purposes, we have provided the names of the personalities at the top of the hierarchy.