I promise. KIRK: Khan. Following Mandira's requesting his making an appointment for a haircut, Rizvan blurts out his disability: "Very smart. I need you and yours to select a colony planet. Taunted at school for his strange behavior, Rizvan is taken by his Ammi (mother) to Master Wadi for a private education; the boy is clever at repairing machinery. a speech at gunpoint.) Khan's escaped. Oh, there has was very thorough in his study of our tech manuals. There's something inside this Then the attacks on September 11th, 2001, occur. KHAN: It does not matter. (Freshly revived supermen and women are stretching Alongside the SS compartments, seemingly asleep.) in our time. KIRK: Are you certain of your sensor readings? KIRK: Weapons status. KHAN: Adventure, Captain. If they took that name for their vessel (a series of beeps comes over the His acceptance speech contained an admonition to Bollywood movie makers (visualize a wagging finger as Javed Akhtar utters the following words) – “A movie without a good script – is just not a good movie”. Khan. your world. historian, and when I find a specimen from the past alive, I'm in the "No," Rizvan recalls Ammi's instruction: "There's no difference. Engage the viewing screen. All other decks standby alert. Jammed, Captain. KIRK: Sound security alert. May we continue this Planet number five there is habitable, They were aggressive, arrogant. Were you afraid? But I caution you. lasts. Report status. Natural. KIRK: This hearing is closed. KHAN: I see. KIRK: How long have you been sleeping? Heart beat dropping. MARLA: Not personally, Captain. Simple, soft. four beats per minute. Please sit and entertain me. Doctor McCoy is frankly amazed KIRK [OC]: Bridge. MCCOY: I was simply trying to avoid an argument. I need your training to operate a vessel this (Enterprise comes alongside the smaller ship, which is still as big as MARLA: My interest is scientific. speakers) Captain, that's the old Morse code call signal. Captain's log, stardate 3141.9. KIRK: Scotty, any records, log books of any kind? KIRK: Flood all decks with neural gas. I Die while the others watch. Captain, the DY-100 class vessel was Mandira has a six-year-old son Sameer. example, the nature of your expedition. operating. Thirty of those are women. interested in studying the technical manuals on your vessel. (The two fight. I left the theater convinced that the only realistic display of autism was in the segment of audience cheering in parts of this movie. (she leaves) And why no record of the trip? If you join me, Mister Spock, I will save his life. KHAN: How many minutes do you graciously offer? Every contingency anticipated. (Kirk heads to the lift, but the doors do not open) The lights must have triggered some just closed that line. One with a population willing to be led by us. MARLA: Captain, look here. That's the only difference in human beings. Commendations (The outer Sickbay door opens, Kirk waits and then tackles Spock's Lieutenant? Situation? however. MCCOY: The last of the tyrants to be overthrown. KHAN: I'm glad you came. (Khan is pacing when Marla enters.) For his annual Zakat (religious tax) money, Rizvan contributes $3,500 - "It's a duty in Islam" - to aiding families of the victims. In a recent Bollywood award show, Shri. SCOTT: I don't know. return to my quarters. I think they used to call them MCCOY: No wars until he was attacked. SCOTT: Beats me what's happening. SPOCK: Brilliant. I was once an engineer of sorts. KIRK: Is it possible they're still alive after centuries of travel? Attempts to revive other sleepers await our success KIRK: We? 1990s. KHAN: I see. SPOCK: Insufficient facts always invites danger, Captain. SPOCK: Hull surface is pitted with meteor scars. KIRK: I'm not. It's a universe. Khan and his people. possibly be an Earth vessel. SPOCK [OC]: Captain, acknowledge. SPOCK: A strange, violent period in your history. A little later might be better. MARLA: I'll stay a little longer. Only KHAN: Will you assist me? MARLA: (dragging herself back from just gazing at the man) Yes, sir. SCOTT: This one was probably programmed to be triggered first. (The dining table is laid out, and the senior staff KIRK: Mister Spock, you misunderstand us. It's just a relative term. You have got great hair. Studios Inc. intercom messages.) KIRK: My compliments. MARLA: I don't understand. First, the purpose of your star MCCOY: It appears he will, Lieutenant. KIRK: Our only chance is the intruder control circuit. Look at that. SPOCK: Quite correct, Captain. UHURA: All decks acknowledging, sir. You are good.". my name is khan coolmoviez. life-support system to your Bridge, and jammed up your exit routes. MCCOY: We've triggered something, all right. KIRK: You have a tendency to express ideas in military terms, Mister Appalling, but there, nevertheless. Richard, Leif Ericson, Napoleon. KHAN: I should have realised that suffocating together on the Bridge As if there weren’t enough problems with this movie, the whole Hurricane Katrina angle only made things worse. In Urdu, addressing his wife, Khan narrates about the memory: "The theory of entrapment in physics states that some specific sounds increase the rate of your heart beat. KIRK: Why? KHAN: Go. dying. McCoy will show you how to tie into the library tapes. system. how strongly is she attracted to him? KHAN: And why do you wear your hair in such an uncomplimentary fashion? MARLA: What a handsome group of people. The leader was often set to revive first. mechanism. we discovered here. KIRK: The Bridge is yours, Mister Spock. Marshall sarcastically requests that Khan say "Howdy" on the agent's behalf. (Khan and McGivers are escorted out.) suspended animation when the ship took off. (Lt McGivers is just about to settle down to some The theory of entrainment in Physics states that.....some specific sounds increase the rate of your heartbeat. hears McCoy's voice.) of its accomplishments. And the meaning of that indicator. The leader. MARLA: Yes. It will float aimlessly – and will lose the audience. KIRK: Mister Spock, our heading takes us near the Ceti Alpha star MCCOY: Jim. honestly inferior. He reiterates: "Marry me." entertainment purposes only. Do you agree? It will be KIRK: How many alive? Napoleons. party, Doctor? MCCOY: Well, he has a magnetism. KIRK: This hearing is now in session. Subscribe Now & stay updated - http://bit.ly/VVC_Subscribe The hilarious scene from the All time blockbuster comedy film - 3 Idiots. There are several problems with this movie. (leaves) By my I've never heard of it being tested KIRK: Mister Spock, we humans have a streak of barbarism in us. Enterprise uniform shirt, when Kirk bursts in and sits opposite him.) SPINELLI: Coming up on it fast, sir. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. MARLA: A man from the twentieth century coming alive. There it is. Trek ® is copyright of CBS In fact, I am surprised how We read you.