Here we take a look at them to help determine which type best suits your needs. I started with the Craftsman that CherryvilleChuck mentioned (same problems as well) and went on to a barrel type which I found profoundly uncomfortable. I think in N. America Top Handle or D-Handle jigsaws are more popular. Straight lines and a few curves. Is it that you feel you have better control? This motor has a 6-setting variable speed dial that moves the blade from 0-3500 SPM, depending on job applications. i think you cant go wrong with the JS470EB - its a great jigsaw. The main area I detect a difference is in the quality of the machine. I never thought about the control for variable speed on a barrel grip. I used one for years but since trying a barrel grip, I like it a lot — much more control and closer to the work. Jigsaws with a top handle are the most common type. It seems easier to control. You are here: They were on sale this morning at a couple of stores and are usually that low price on Amazon. You should get one of the JS572 saws off the prize list John, it’s a beauty of a saw and then you’d have a barrel grip. DEWALT 5.5 Amp Compact Jig Saw (417) $129. 00 / each. I believe I would enjoy using the barrel grip better (no stores near by to tell) due to handling thanks to lower center of gravity and natural placement of hand. Top handle will serve you just fine.. and it's honestly easier to use. If you are a contractor it's easier to justify cordless. Member since 12/07/2013, I think you’ll find most people here prefer the barrel grip, I haven’t used mine yet but I’ve always had the top handle, The barrel grip feels a little awkward to me but hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised when I try it out. 00 / each. ill have to give it a try next time i use my jigsaw, Yeah I just searched for it too and didn't find much. I have not had a chance to use my new Barell Grip but am looking forward to it. one on the handle and the other turning the dial. Home > Topics > Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Hand Tools and All Things Tools > Saws, Saws and More Saws > Jig Saws > Top handle or barrel grip? Adjusting speed with the trigger is a pretty nice option in my opinion. for drilling, countersinking and screwing w/o the need to change bits. View Details. Top handle jigsaw features. I can't comment on most new tools, pretty much all are over 5 yrs, many are 10 or more and nearly half are 20 + yrs old. Again as said earlier, personal preference of the user. I won't be doing anything upside down and rarely intricate cuts. Chuck, the 18 v Dewalt XRP batteries are generally available in a 2 pack for $99, which is 49,50 each. Before I was disabled however, I used this combo myself to save time. Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Hand Tools and All Things Tools, Join our growing forum with over 3,000 posts per week and start winning, This topic has 94 replies, 32 voices, and was last updated. A top handle that arches over the motor is most common. JavaScript is disabled. I've purchased other tools, so have a lot of DeWalt batteries in reserve. a big benifit of barrel grips is cutting upside down which is where you hold the saw under the workpiece and that let's you only see the blade coming through the workpiece.. this cuts down on dust on you cut line and increases visibility. Looking at either the Bosch JS470EB (7amp) or the Bosch JS365 (6amp). stroke length and 0 SPM-2800 SPM variable speed trigger deliver fast and accurate cuts and with the QUIK-LOK T-Shank blade clamp and tool-free 450 bevel capability, tool adjustments are quick and easy. i really dont like top handle jigsaws. I don't think the barrel grip would work for me but I have arthritis in my hands. I think in N. America Top Handle or D-Handle jigsaws are more popular. However, this barrel grip jigsaw should most appropriately be understood as a “great for most uses saw.” It's not ideal for some of the extreme sawing circumstances. View Details. Add To Cart. youtube just shows me when they mount a jigsaw under the table. But when the screwing requires it (2-1/2 or 3" screws or larger) I prefer the corded drill. This power tool is simply one of the top models on the market today. When considering a power tool purchase how often do you visit the manufacturer's website before making a purchase? The JS470EB is a barrel grip while the JS365 is a top handle model. I've had Skill, Makita and Bosch jigsaws I've had both styles, I prefer the barrel, it just feels better in hand. I’ve always preferred the barrel grip just because I find it gives me better control and keeps the center of gravity lower. Extremely narrow curf, cheap to replace the blade. Just more convenient not to have to change bits when you have hundreds of screws to pre-drill, countersink and drive.   Pasted as rich text. So the built-in-obsolescence you talk about is just natural life span to others. Scot definitely nailed it again – using the barrel grip to cut upside down (to see blade better, but also to help with ripout) is about the biggest argument in favor of the barrel grip. I used one for years but since trying a barrel grip, I like it a lot — much more control and closer to the work. (All honesty just put it towards an orbital sander or some saw bits). The XRP model batteries run quite a while on a single charge. View Details. This may be, in part, due to the fact they are more comfortable to hold than their body grip equivalents. I am a little biased though, I started with a top handle, got a Bosch barrel at some point and before I really got used to it, it was stolen. What is it that you like better with the top handle grip? Add To Cart. See Store Availability. If I don't have an immediate cutting solution, then I turn to my jigsaw. I also have an oscillating tool for hard to reach places. I’ve used both and I still prefer the top handle grip for most things.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Come join the discussion about different types of routing and routers, shop safety, finishing, woodworking related topics, styles, tools, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! He is someone who is able to cover them up so that no one can tell. Most of the old drills I have that need batteries would have to have the packs rebuilt now as the original packs are no longer available nor are the chargers. There are two types of jigsaw grips. Looking at either the Bosch JS470EB (7amp) or the Bosch JS365 (6amp). i have a top handle.. i like the top handle style because of the trigger which allows for variable speed. Mark E. you have way more control of a barrel grip when you do curved cuts. I was faced with the same decision and the barrel grip seemed to work better for me. The corded drill for example seems to power in the screws better. The feather switch on the top handle is a nice feature for some cuts, but I typically just turn it to a speed and go. View Details. I am considering owning a Jigsaw for around the house, weekend warrior type work (no woodworking, yet) and want a good Jigsaw that will not only last but be smooth to operate (easy to handle after practice). Specifically, if you need to cut thicker pieces of hardwood or need to make refined precision cuts for woodworking, this not the best saw. I have a DeWalt 14 volt cordless drill and two HF cordless drills ($17 ea.) I feel like the biggest benefit I have in using a barrel grip is my ability to see what I am doing. I still have an old Bosch 1584vs, bought it in 94 when the Mak's plunger rod thing shot out the body. This is probably a stupid question but what and why would you need to cut upside down ? For the DIYer it's a lot harder. Bosch is a good brand and it's smart to buy one that will last you a long time as opposed to something cheap that will disappoint you in a couple of years. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. The hybrid grip handle design combines the best features from both top handle and barrel grip jig saws to provide superior cut control during curved cutting applications. Chad It is the same principle as cutting with a table mounted jigsaw. Bosch 6 amp Variable Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw (151) $79. Well I can't get my hands on a barrel type but my type of work is around the house repair. Some Home Depots offer the opportuntiy to try a cut or two inhouse. I know it seems backwards but it's actually usually the best way to cut and very difficult or impossible with a top handle. Compare. What is it that you like better with the top handle grip? The barrel grip is more popular across the pond since many users there cut with the saw upside down – this gives a good view of the blade and the barrel is easier to grasp. analog_gamer, on barrel grip you need two hands to change the speed. I never thought of the variable speed on the trigger. <--. 99% of my jigsaw use has been with a top handle. I like the VS, and the orbiting options very little vibration even after 20yrs. It has also been useful for dry wall cutouts for windows and electrical outlets. × And why? Copyright©2015 A.D. (Anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our Lord") e.g., historical FACT!