Here is a chart to guide you in how long it takes to microwave sausages in a typical 700-800 watt microwave oven. Smoky, browned BBQ sausages are a summertime treat, and the smoky heat of the grill is one the best possible ways to flavor a fresh sausage. Once the microwave beeps remove sausages being careful as they will be hot and tuck in Trust. Microwave Sausage Cooking Times Chart. If you have a digital meat thermometer, that’s handy, otherwise, do it by eye (I always do). These meaty treats are a great weekday meal too, as they require very little preparation. A more delicate touch is also advised. Soldato. last updated – ... Could always test the electric bbq in the park try cooking a sausage etc as they generally take longer than steaks that will give you an idea of how hot the plate gets and how long it … 10 Dec 2007 at 18:04 #9. “Fresh sausage is a lot looser and it’s a lot easier to lose some of that fat and moisture,” he reasons. Or, just split the sausages lengthwise before cooking in the microwave. While all sausage is meat, usually ground up, that is placed inside of a casing; sausage comes in more varieties than just pork, including veal and beef.Because sausages exist in almost any meat you can think of, it makes sense why people worry over food-borne illnesses. Overcooking Sausage Is a Common Problem. Perforating the casing only releases flammable fats, juices, and flavor. Microwave meat just before or after BBQ? Alternatively, you can blanch your sausages in beer. You can turn them into a flavorful dinner in literally minutes. Archive View Return to standard view. Trust. 33L. Plus, you don’t need to worry when you can’t find the needle. You can also add onions or seasonings like fresh herbs to season your sausages while they blanch. Wise Guy. Fill a pot or skillet with enough water to completely cover your sausages. Before we answer your question, let’s clarify what constitutes a sausage. Do Not Puncture! Do not prick: Likewise, there’s no need to prick sausages with toothpicks or needles before grilling. Sausages… Pierce the skin to allow juices to exit without exploding. Check the sausages are cooked on the inside before serving – they should no longer be pink. 10 Dec 2007 at 18:03 #8. wesley. “The casings aren’t necessarily as tight.” Related Reading: How to Make Your Own Sausage. Before you grill or pan-fry, first blanch your fresh sausages. Joined: 29 Jul 2003 Posts: 7,393. thanks, will post a pic!