Mathematics: Made to Measure This resource from Ofsted, published in May 2012, is a full report and summary of the findings into the teaching of mathematics, based predominantly on evidence from inspections between January 2008 and July 2011 in maintained schools in England. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improved Ofsted’s services. Connections and understanding are pillars of successful mathematics education. There is also a welcome recommendation for a sharper focus on problem solving and conceptual understanding that echoes reports past. This means that procedures reflect general practice and standards applicable at the time resources were produced and cannot be assumed to be acceptable today. When I finished my teacher training, I remember our tutor's last words to us. Recent reports from Ofsted on English have focused on good practice. The priority for the lower ability student should be to prepare them for the workplace and everyday life before we tackle more abstract ideas. 121"" The"inspector"observed"four"Year"9lessons"involving"a‘newspaper"comparison’"taskof" Mathematics: made to measure May 2012, No. Please be aware that resources have been published on the website in the form that they were originally supplied. The previous triennial report included a section that identified the features of outstanding provision in English and, since then, Ofsted has published a series of case studies of schools that achieved excellence in English.1 This survey also found much effective Published 22 May 2012 From: This needs to change urgently. Mathematics made to measure may 2012 no 110159 4 so School Rutgers University, Camden; Course Title ANIMATION 279; Type. Also see ... Made to Measure. We read that the path is depressingly predictable for the low attaining student from the age of seven and that provision for gifted mathematicians is often inadequate. Attention is drawn to serious inequalities in students’ experiences and achievements and it includes examples of best practice, that help avoid or overcome the inequalities, as well as weaker practice that exacerbates them. If so please get in touch. But the way this is done is also hugely important. We use cookies to collect information about how you use this website. In reality we as mathematics teachers need to be spending a good period of time with great artists of the profession. The report contains an analysis of SATS, GCSE and A Level data that illustrates trends in pupils’ attainment. Although produced a while back both these reports contain useful information for specialist and non-specialist teachers of mathematics at all levels. Do you have something you want to share with colleagues – a resource of your own and why it works well with your students, or perhaps a brilliant piece of good practice in teaching or whole school activity that you know about it? Page no" Ofsted,!Mathematics:!Made!to!Measure,!May!2012! As the report suggest, developing teachers' understanding of mathematics is key to solving these issues. Mathematics made to measure May 2012 No 110159 4 So this is what Ofsted will do. This report, written for the Department for Education is based on evidence from Ofsted inspections of mathematics between January 2008 and July 2011 in 160 primary and 160 secondary maintained schools. Looking for your next role? There needs to be a fundamental shift in the way we assess mathematical understanding at GCSE and a back to basics approach on the whole purpose of mathematics education. Ofsted Mathematics Reports and Resources/, STEM education: national policies and reports/, Mathematics education policies and reports/, Mathematics education policies and reports: Teaching and Learning/. Oct 12, 2016 | 2008, 2012, Blog, Government, Improving Practice, Maths Reports, OfSTED, Pedagogy, Primary, Secondary. Report on ICT survey 2008-2011; Reducing the variability of teaching. • Adrian Pumphrey is a Mathematics Teacher at Alexandra Park School in Haringey, North London. Equally concerning is the report that mathematics students of high ability are not being challenged enough to reach their full potential. Ofsted survey report looking at maths inspection evidence drawing attention to serious inequalities in the experiences and achievements of students. Tell us whether you accept cookies. See our Schools jobs site for thousands of the latest teaching, leadership and support jobs. Photograph: In the foreword Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector, proposes that schools are encouraged to take action to ensure that all students experience consistently good mathematics teaching, while the Department for Education are urged to raise national mathematical ambition. Improving schools Mathematics: made to measure This report explains how primary and secondary schools can drive up the quality of mathematics teaching. You can follow him on Twitter @pumphreysmaths. The report, School Inspection in England: Is There Room to Improve, offers insight into how prior attainment and disadvantage of pupils can affect a school’s Ofsted grading, and raises questions about the watchdog’s effectiveness in judging school performance. ACME is concerned that subject-specific aspect of Ofsted’s work has decreased and that no national mathematics-specific report has been published since Mathematics: made to measure in 2012. As highlighted above, subject survey visits and reports are unique and valuable sources of information to the education community. 3""" " No." Ofsted's contributions will be to produce support materials to help schools identify and remedy weaknesses in mathematics as well as placing greater emphasis, in school inspection, on: *how effectively schools tackle inconsistency in the quality of mathematics teaching *how well teaching fosters understanding *students’ skills in solving problems *challenging extensive use of early and repeated entry to GCSE examinations. As an educator I must reflect on my own practice to make sure I am preparing tasks that will engage and develop every learner. Our blogger calls for a revolution in maths education and a fundamental shift in the way we assess mathematical understanding at GCSE, Ofsted's Mathematics: made to measure report is welcomed, but only the beginning. However, more must be done by the exam boards and those setting curriculums to reflect the diversity of ability that we face. This is a healthy report in many ways, making useful suggestions for improvement. This is possible to achieve in the current climate as has been shown by the case studies of good practice mentioned in the report, however as long as the exam boards test mathematical skills in separate parts, then the textbooks will be written to correspond with this, compartmentalised schemes of work will follow and many of the classroom activities will reflect this. For me as a mathematics teacher however, this only scratches the surface and describes the symptoms of the real issues we face with providing every student with the education they deserve. This report is welcome but does treat the teaching of mathematics too scientifically. Thankfully the report highlights the urgent need for a focus on numeracy that has been lost along the way. "Great teaching is an art form."