When I power it on the white light on top flashes for a while then turns solid white. . . . Right-click the RE6500 icon. . . . Click, Upload manuals that we do not have and get. I don't see the extender show up as a choice in my wifi list and I can't seem to get it to reset. . Then reconfigure from scratch. Is this the same router/ssid/password that it was working with previously? . They just didn't understand that I can connect and log-in to the SSID fine using my computer. . When I try that I get a "can't reach that page" message from the browser. This User Guide can help you connect the extender to your network and solve common setup issues. Click the book icon. I tried the reset button then waited for the light to flash orange so I could go through the setup again but it just goes to solid white again. This site also contains information about the preconfigured Wi-Fi settings of the device. I tried going to extender.linksys.com and it gives me two options. Refer to your operating system’s help for instructions.). - edited 2.Look for the RE6500 icon on the right panel. Select UPnP User Interface, then click OK, Look for the RE6500 icon on the right panel. . . . I called support and they were hung up on the fact that it was the SSID and key for the router that I was referrring to NOT my provider user name & password to verify I have a valid account. . If issue still recurs, please email us at LinksysCares@linksys.com along with your contact details, community username, and the link to this community thread for reference and we can have our Escalation Engineers assist you further. . . At that point, no physical connection on the router for isolation purposes. Wi-Fi Protected Setup Button Use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to automatically and securely add wireless devices to your network. I tried the command prompt and it didn't recognize the arp-a command. By clicking the CONFIRM button I accept the Terms and Conditions related to the migration from Linksys Cloud Manager 1.0 (LCM1) accessible via www.business.linksys.com to Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 (LCM2) accessible via www.cloudmanager.linksys.com for all devices purchased with the LCM1 firmware including … 7 Wireless Music Playback. After you have successfully executed the steps mentioned above, the configuration of the router will be reset to factory settings. Hi, kme! If setup doesn’t start automatically, open a browser to . Reset Press and hold this button for about five seconds to reset the extender to its factory defaults. The light blinks when the extender is sending or receiving data over the Ethernet port. . What I recommend is to use a wireless router connected to your modem and connect the RE6500 to the router. Connect the antennas and power cable as pictured. It is when setting up the RE that it would try to connect but when the hotspot asked for a user name & password the RE choked not knowing what to do and ultimately failed. Release the Reset button when the network cable lights flash at the same time. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. Click Network. . Every support document and the recent firmware downloads for the EA6500 router are located on the official Linksys EA6500 AC1750 Support page of the Linksys website. This includes the wireless network SSID, its password, port-forwarding details, and custom DNS server settings. . – any latin characters (a-z, A-Z)– any numbers (0-9)– special characters ("-", "_" and "."). . The client table supposedly lists a hexadecimal address which is 6 two digit pairs seperated by colons. We have emailed you a verification link to, Player / Wireless-N Music Extender DMP100, Smart Switch with Resilient Clustering Technology SLM248G4S. . . 9. Since its inception, Linksys RE6500 WiFi extender has earned a massive user base and the whole credit goes to its superb performance and flawless features. Then go to 1 How to install the range extender . . Make sure all the cables are still attached, then turn the router around to its normal position. . This article will guide you on how to set up your Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Extender or Linksys RE6500HG AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Extender using the setup wizard. View and Download Linksys RE6500 instruction manual online. Click the book icon. . 1.Click Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Program, then click Add/ Remove Windows Components. This router can also be configured with the provided software. This is a device that had been setup previously but I haven't used it for a year or so. . Leave the User name blank, and enter the default password “admin.” 4. . . Typically, you can access the EA6500 router at its IP address, which is If that is the case, the RE6500 is not compatible with that setup. ), 2.Right-click the RE6500 icon. . . . . . . Using the Linksys Range Extenders, RE6700, RE4100W, RE6500 and RE6500HG wireless music playback feature Downloading the latest driver or firmware from the Linksys support site Resetting the Linksys range extender to factory default settings See if it will make any difference at all. You also can click Cancel Changes to clear any changes. Click OK. Mac OS X 1. How can I tell if it is working and/or what can I do to get it set up properly. During set-up it fails because it does not allow me to enter my user name & password. The default password for both versions of the Linksys EA6500 router is admin, and this default password is case sensitive. . . 7 Specifications . Click Properties. After setting up the extender use the extender’s browser-based utility to change any settings. Note: Your antennas might look different from those pictured here. Changes to settings will not be effective until you click Save Settings at the bottom of the screen. . I don't believe that I disabled the networks but it has been a long time since I setup the extender. I just bought a RE6500. . Overview . I recommend you reset the RE6500 pressing and holding the recessed reset button (paperclip required) for 30 seconds. . . Be sure you have at least 50% of your router’s Wi-Fi signal at that point on the device you will use for setup. The device model number is EA6500, but it is often marketed as the Linksys AC1750 router. 3.Double-click the RE6500 icon.