By continuing to use the site you agree to our privacy and cookie policy. About Article: This device tests colorfastness to dry or wet rubbing. CONTACT TESTEX  The testing protocol is based on procedures outlined in ISO 2135-1984 (E), “Accelerated test of lightfastness of coloured anodic oxide coatings using artificial light.” Dyes given a rating of 8* are suitable for outdoor use. Required fields are marked *. Fabric that undergoes minimal color discoloration when exposed to all these agitating forces is said to have great color fastness whereas the fabric which undergoes a lot of color discolorations during these tests is said to have poor color fastness or color strength. Number of specimen/product: At least three replicate specimens. Equipped with an easy opening door and quick-lock retention bars for the containers to ease loading and unloading. This is a machine used to test colorfastness against sunlight. Common Questions During Light Fastness Test | ISO 105 B02 and AATCC 16, Share and leave your email above to receive standards for free, Please prove you are human by selecting the, Testing methods, Standards and Institutions for Textiles, Lace Fabric: 4 Types of Lace and Their Characteristics, Notes for Fiber Content Labeling, Comparison of Testing Methods for Fiber Content. Light Fastness Testing is a good way for brands and product designers to experiment with a range of new products – and know they’ve got them right before launching them. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This standard is called “AATCC Blue wool” and can be purchased from AATCC. When an order is placed, it is delivered to Ethiopia after being shipping to korea. By exposing specimens of a textile material to a Xenon arc light source under specified conditions, it is possible to evaluate its colorfastness to light by using standards of comparison having a known change in lightfastness after a specific exposure. T012 Dynamic Strength & 2m/s Tester is used test dynamic strength for wheeled ride-on toys. In the workflow of the Blue Wool test, one reference strip set shall be stored protected from any exposure to light. It is used to test the resistance of clothing colors to water and perspiration. Micom offers AATCC 16.3 testing as part of its UV testing services. Light fastness tester or color fastness tester is a laboratory instruments for color blind test technique to determine the color fastness to light of textiles and garments against sunlight. The Xenotest Beta+ FD is ideal for the reliable qualification of stable product formulations, determination of appropriate packaging materials, and supporting product shelf life claims. According to the test result of manufacturer, the xenon arc lamps need to be replaced after using 1500H. 1 Standard and method for light fastness test In international trade, the most common standards for light fastness test are AATCC 16, ISO 105 B02, ISO 105 B04, ISO 105 B06. We are also participating in the bid for Xeon Lightfastness tester. Page2!of!16! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In this way, color fastness is assessed via visual or instrumental means. All dyed material experience change in color when showing to daylight … These premium rotating rack, xenon-arc air-cooled weathering instruments have an array of optional features to meet virtually all global weathering and lightfastness test methods. The intuitive user interface makes programming and operation easy. – Please tell us the utility(Air line or cooling line or etc). Follow us on social media to stay on track with the latest news. If you don't see the email within a few minutes, check the spam/junk folder. All test progress should be displayed on the monitor. example a print sample with a low light fastness can be assessed, even though the test had to be extended because a sample with a much higher light fastness also was present. During this process, clothes are put in containers with detergents/cleaning agents and metallic balls for friction and then evaluated for colorfastness quality. TESTEX textile testing instrument is your reliable choice. The following picture shows a typical makeup of a lightfastness test after exposure showing 3 different print samples and the complete Blue Wool Scale: My name is Dae-Hwan Kim working at YEONJIN S-TECH. Despite all these procedures used to test colorfastness in the textile industry, the consumer should follow all guidelines given by manufacturers to prolong the strength of colorfastness e.g. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. ACT recognizes both methods where the only difference is the light source being used. The Xenotest Beta+ is a premium stand-alone rotating rack xenon instrument. Light fastness test is one of the very important test required for consumers. Over a certain period of time, although xenon arc lamp is still “normal” light, in fact, the performance index of the xenon arc lamp is no longer in line with the test requirements, the test result is not reliable. The specification required by customers are follows, and please provide quotations and catalogs. 3. Accessibility Probe is used to assess the surface or components (points and surface of toys) of toys is likely to be touched and lead to hazardous. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The ability of a textile material to resist sun exposure can be assessed through accelerated aging by xenon-arc test devices. Simulate children wheeled ride-on toys vertically crush the inelastic step 50 x 50 mm at the stable speed of 2m/s±0.2/s, and then check the damage degree.