As a listed upside of the BiS above, the bacon bread is completely optional – you can use ANY food. People get enjoyment out of different aspects of this game. After acquiring level 70, and after crafting out your own set of i290 white gear, you can then refine your macros for 40 durab items (1353 difficulty) and 80 durab items (2952 difficulty). However, the manual rotation explained in these chapters is still a very strong approach for any strong recipes in the future. Maybe you too can be a crafting slave someday (*^▽^)/~, Aerial Impact Tips and Tricks mega thread. No-food Macro for 40 Durab 1353 Difficulty Items: Stone Soup Macro for 80 durab 2952 Difficulty Items: No-food Macro for 80 durab 2952 Difficulty Items: Ch59: Master Recipe Books V, 1 Star and 2 Star Recipes in Stormblood. Note: Once you figure these out and get really good at improvising to get these books, you will find that the 4* crafts to make HQ are a joke and a less CP intensive version of this rotation (hint, you can swap out PbP for a bare synth that requires 0 CP) can be used to get 100% HQ with minimal HQ mats and landing BB on any condition except a poor. We also assume you bothered with HQ base materials for 1494 starting quality. By the rotation listed above, the last 4 Steady Hand 2 make 316/801 and the recipe fails. Your sum should say -32 for the 5th term since you’re gaining cp with those touches, and not +32. GSM is on that is the hardest to get HQ items turn-ins for master craft books 2. But it's got like an 80% success rate on maxing or getting the quality bar to 90%s. You can consider reclaiming if 3 fail. - As of Patch 4.3, these recipes' difficulty has been greatly nerfed... difficulty reduced to. Phase 1 (MaMa Phase - consists of Initial Phase, PBP Phase and FS-spam Phase). Level 60 Star Crafting Rotation Guide~ × Level 60 Star Crafting Rotation Guide~ Start; Prev; 1; Next; End; 1; Seifer Arumashi; Topic Author; Offline; Officer Guild Craft Slave More. Required fields are marked *. :P. I'm in all Vendor Whites, with high 30-low 40 level Crafters. Also, although 5 CP may not sound like a lot, when you try to reach IQ9 or IQ10 in a rotation, you'll still need 8 to 9 touches, which means it's an extra 40 to 45 CP investment comparing with Hasty Touch. Your email address will not be published. Then you could possibly squeeze in another hasty earlier with the extra 10 durability. even in white scrip gear i cant even get 2 star recipies above half quality with hasty touch spam. At lvl 60, it is extremely difficult to craft lvl 61 recipes. Sometimes, we could have put that CP into something else more important in our rotation. releases some crazily difficult recipes, I believe Miracle will just be remain unused on the back-burner. Easily Reclaimable after all touches and Great Strides. Just like to point out that you are missing your first line, Comfort Zone. Also, if you somehow aren’t out of CP, you can finish it in one shot under ingenuity II with Standard Synth (if Steady Hand is still up). Tricks is MUCH weaker as now a quality rotation costs a minimum of 142 Crafting Points. Level 70 ★★★ 70 Durability Patch 4.3 (1500 Craftsmanship 1440 Control 543 CP) Note: Need 7500 Quality at the Start to make it 100% HQ with Control value above. It does completely replaces Standard Synthesis, since CS III has the same power as Standard Syn of 150% efficiency, but Standard Syn cost 15 CP and has only a 90% success rate. When I was playing with this rotation I did have active Eat From the Hand II and I was sitting at 401 craftsmanship, so I can’t tell myself right now (it’s still active and, frankly, it’s nice to have 401 craftsmanship, not gonna cancel early ;). We have no desires to mess around with a weaker Miracle, and then struggle to get the IQ up again for a final Blessing. How to make HQ token items (Intricate Silver Brocade, Calibrated Rose Gold Cog etc..) and 4* Equipment! It's good if you can obtain one since it can last until level 65, but it is not necessary. Source: FFXIV Guild. PHASE 1 (30%~ success rate) /ac “Comfort Zone” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Inner Quiet” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Piece by Piece” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Ingenuity” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Steady Hand II” /ac “Rapid Synthesis” /ac “Rapid Synthesis” /ac “Rapid Synthesis” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” . – 40 dura 17) Hasty Touch*** – 30 dura 18) Great Strides – 30 dura 19) Innovation – 30 dura 20) Ingenuity II – 30 dura 21) Byregot’s Blessing – 20 dura 22) Careful Synthesis II – 10 dura 23) Careful Synthesis II – 0 dura 24) Careful Synthesis II – -10 dura 25) Careful Synthesis II – -20 dura. By all means take it if your on 10 durability, but in general I use it on touches. On crafts that are more durability than 40, always start using mend at 20, and don't go down to 10 unless its to use a good or excellent. Because of this great nerf, we no longer require the following rotation(s) for these items. Stats: 479 MINIMUM CRAFTSMANSHIP, any control above minimum, 395 CP+ToT. When all else fails, just do leve/GC turn-ins to level way beyond where your quests are so the crafts become negligibly easy. Most of the time it’s a choice between reclaim or tricks. This is a very powerful and versatile skill for progress, and can almost replace Careful Syn II except that it costs 7 CP. Recent Posts. I start all of my synths in this tier with this macro. Ok, tested the Three Star Master Crafting Rotation on a Wolfram Ingot (445 Difficulty). (2) The rotation as is will leave you with 25 DUR at the start of the Killzone. There is another rotation out there that I mentioned a while ago that exists. First of all, these rotations are downright magical — tyvm for them! did you use a HQ cunning tea? I followed the steps and careful synthesis II just gave me 74 progress, leaving me far away from the finish :/ Did something change with one of the latest patches? NICE. - Helping Hand increases EXP gain by 10%. So we can put everything into two macros. The 3-star rotation is for items with a difficulty of 445 or less, so it will not work for the 3-star tokens like Intricate Silver Brocade with a difficulty of 801. Get those slithersands! End-game crafting guide for the experienced, rising crafters. 4.3 70*** 543CP. Yep, good call. For durability 40, is using Mend really worth it over Great Strides + Waste Not? There is no BEST rotation, only rotations that are better at one thing or another (Maximum security, maximum chances (but high risk) etc etc). If 4 fail, you’re gonna need some luck. *** This is what I call the “Byregot’s Killzone“. I feel like I still have to learn how all the abilities work and when to properly use them. Intricate Silver Brocade and such are 3 star token items, they are like 3.9 items. Good thing you shared the link. General; Jobs . If you are not sure if your stats are high enough to work, then use the simulator! If you use Ingenuity I you’ll come up short of finishing the synth, but you can change fix that by using Hasty touch for your first touch and using Ingenuity II instead. You can go Tricks/Innov, but don’t cry when your hastys dont go your way. - These 3 gear were all done properly. I just modified it by switching the WN and SHII when needed… I also went against the grain and did ToT in places where i knew i could and used the CP to use touches after a buff would run out. It’s a 4 cp difference .___. /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Inner Quiet” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Ingenuity II” /ac “Steady Hand II” /ac “Piece by Piece” /ac “Rapid Synthesis” /ac “Rapid Synthesis” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Master’s Mend” (Changing to Manipulation is OKAY to save CP) /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Steady Hand II” – The above fits into one macro: If you fail any Rapid Synthesis, reclaim at this point –, /ac “Waste Not II” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Steady Hand II” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Hasty Touch” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” /ac “Steady Hand” /ac “Tricks of the Trade” – The above fits into one macro: You NEED to have hit one ToT at this point.