I literally learned to cook 2 weeks after I got married over the phone with my mom. Your message was successfully sent. You can also cook these completely on the BBQ instead of in the oven. Thank you. When I served mine to my mom and aunts recently I was relieved when they said it tasted just like their Grandma Sito’s which is the best compliment you can get in our family. He literally can’t get enough of it and has eaten it since he started with solids. This cool and creamy Lebanese laban cucumber yogurt sauce is perfect with grilled meats, salmon or as a side salad with a variety of Lebanese specialties such as grape leaves, tabbouleh or m’juddarah. 2 lbs lamb shanks Process again, in batches, in a food processor until smooth and pliable enough to work like a dough, adding a little ice water if needed. Tags: pesto, yogurt sauce, ricepilaf, garlic, cilantro, lamb shanks, lebanese food. How would you suggest adjusting time/temp for a full-sized version? Prep Time: 1 hour Cook Time: 3 hours Ingredients. Lebanese Beef Shawarma Recipe, Made at Home! Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Just warning you. Lebanese Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt Sauce. I am Joumana Accad and was born and raised in Beirut. Your email address will not be published. Pinned! Copyright 2020 Jo and Sue All Rights Reserved. I'm Yumna. 1/4 cup cilantro pesto (more if desired) It take minutes to make this cucumber yogurt sauce, and it’s wonderfully fresh thanks to the addition of mint. Its main ingredients are yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, mint and salt. Cucumber laban holds a special place in my heart. The water and the ice cubes would seem to dilute its delicate flavors… ? Your email address will not be published. Regarding adding ice cubes or water, if you are using whole yogurt it shouldn’t have much impact on decreasing the flavor, however there is a special feel about having it a bit watery especially if it’s salted. To this day I am confident mine doesn’t taste as good as Aunt Paula’s which is funny because she never thinks hers tastes right either. Keep the dip covered and chilled and it will keep well for up to 3 days. My mother taught me to slice the cucumber thin and layer it with salt, let it sit and then squeeze it to draw out the water. Brown the lamb shanks on all sides in a deep skillet and add the spices. At any rate, I used labneh from ARZ in California which is made from cow milk. I know you will love this Lebanese favorite as much as we do! Liz is the founder and creator of The Lemon Bowl. To make it baby/toddler-friendly, you can grate the cucumber so that it doesn’t require teeth. It is one of my favorite stews. Recipe by Poison_Ivy. That’s good, because like you, it was a childhood favorite. If you wish to republish this recipe, please rewrite the recipe in your own unique words and link back to the source recipe here on tasteofbeirut.com. The pearl onions can be soaked in boiling water for a few minutes, then drained under tap water and peeled more easily prior to cooking. Spices: cinnamon, allspice, black pepper (or white pepper), cumin, or cardamom, salt to taste (about 1 teaspoon each) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s such an amazing and super easy to make dish that is also common to find in different variations in Turkish and Persian restaurants (aka Masto Khiar). She would test taste often to find the perfect balance of garlic, mint and lemon juice. Hi, may I ask how long can I store the sauce in the fridge? That’s because the water content in the yogurt helps to … November 7, 2020  •  Category: Main Dish, Meats. Prepare Garlic Yogurt Sauce - Whisk together all ingredients until well combined. Cucumber laban can be made 1-2 days ahead of time for a gathering. When I was brave enough to fly solo, I started treading on trendy foodie territory and built an Instagram page with over 2 MILLION followers. Its main ingredients are yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, mint and salt. Replies. Add the cucumbers, mint, garlic and salt, and stir to combine. Beef Shawarma Pitas with Tahini Dipping Sauce. It’s great with Grilled Chicken Gyro and Grilled Eggplant. I love yogurt sauce, creamy and a bit sour, flavored  with cilantro pesto (and mastic sometimes). All photos and content are copyright protected. Set aside. Most recipes using it that way call for draining any extra liquid from it, not adding water to make it soupy. Cucumber laban is traditionally served alongside Lebanese dishes such as Meat Stuffed Grape Leaves, M’Juddarah (lentils and bulgur with caramelized onions), Stuffed Kousa Squash or Sfeehas (meat pies). I started with a traditional kafta kabob and turned it into appetizers for a family get together. This looks so refreshing .. and cucumber is my fav during summer. The lamb portion can even be done a week or more beforehand and kept safely in the freezer. Stir in the rest of the ingredients to combine. Published: Apr 24, 2018 by Liz DellaCroce. ... Tzatziki Sauce-- Greek Cucumber/Yogurt Sauce. Really great Mediterranean dish, I am of Lebanese descend and we also add a bit of fresh mint leaves and cinnamon if you'd like to try. Your email address will not be published. FYI - it is fairly garlic-y. Required fields are marked *. Copyright © 2011-2013 Mama's Lebanese Kitchen. - Irish Proverb. Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix well. Why is that? Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and then place cooling racks on top of the parchment paper. lol!! It is recommended to make this dish over two days, otherwise it will seem very time-consuming. Summary: The Yogurt Cucumber dip/soup is a smooth, healthy and very refreshing dip perfect for the summer. #feast-advanced-jump-to {z-index:999;border:none;opacity:0.97;background: #FCFCFC; border-left:4px solid #CCC; padding:5px 0 10px 20px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to summary, #feast-advanced-jump-to ul{ margin-left:0;min-height:50px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to li { list-style-type:none; } #feast-advanced-jump-to li a { text-decoration: none; }@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {.single h2 { display: block; position: relative;padding-top:83px;margin-top:-83px;}} Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I love seeing all your recipe recreation! Preparation time: 10 minute(s) Diet type: Vegetarian Diet tags: High protein Number of servings (yield): 4 Culinary tradition: Middle Eastern, Being half Lebanese myself, and having many friends across the mediterranean spectrum, seems like are as many variations as there are cooks!