This engaging volume is intended for people who want to know more about the Old Testament, whether in personal study, church groups, college classrooms, or seminary courses. Abraham’s story shows that a true leader models an obedience to God, even in hard times. He was blameless—a man of complete integrity. In general it can be clearly seen that those who trusted in God and followed his commands were successful, while those who did not brought disaster not only on themselves but also on their followers. Leadership Roles of the Old Testament: King, Prophet, Priest, and Sage Written by Marty E. Stevens Reviewed By Peter H. W. Lau . I’ve be mindful your stuff poruievs to and you’re just too excellent. Evangelist and Bible teacher in the Eastern Cape. Nebo which is where God showed Moses the Promised Land. What do you think He did during these three and a half years? The story of Esau tells of one who gave up an opportunity to be a leader. Among Old Testament Bible characters Moses is looked upon as one of the best leaders. Not all readers will agree with the historical-critical assumptions underlying this book. Old Testament Stevens teaches biblical studies at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. What do you know about Noah? To find the qualities of a great leader from the Old Testament – we will be linking pieces of scripture together. The duties of the king are described under the categories of securing the property (physical land and its boundaries), securing the progeny (royal succession), and securing the divine presence (temple and religious rituals). One important principle is called – “Here a little, there a little”. There is a great scarcity of leadership in the Christian world. 7 Characteristics That Will Make a Strong Leadership Team, The Creation of Servant Leadership and Jesus’ Teaching, 15 Old and New Testament Bible Verses for Teamwork, 10 Big Mistakes That All Christian Leaders Can Make, 18 Uplifting Bible Verses That Will Help You Worship, 3 Facts That Will Help Make You a Servant Leader, 14 Quotes That Will Encourage a Servant Leader, 4 Strong Ways of Servant-Leadership That Will Motivate, 5 Characteristics of Jesus’ Servant Leadership Style, 22 Team Leader Qualities That Will Make You Strong. Leadership in the Old Testament makes a very interesting study and covers all these situations. It is true because pride stops a person from listening and from being taught. Trust is earned and cannot be expected without proof. Whereas most introductory books march from Genesis to Malachi, this book engages four important leadership roles across the breadth of the Old Testament canon: king, prophet, priest, and sage. These are a couple of good leaders we see in the Old Testament. One of the cool things about leadership is that it takes many forms. There is a great scarcity of leadership in the Christian world. We see here clearly a humble and contrite spirit in sharp contrast to the attitude that we see in many of the leaders, at all levels, in the world today. All are important because each one has an area of influence that affects others. And, of course, Esther went from being an ordinary Jewish girl in a foreign nation to queen to the most powerful man in the world and, like Mordecai, helped influence him to save her people from genocide. As a student of the Word of God, we need to be careful to observe the leadership qualities in the Word of God. Connecting this with the New Testament we find in Acts that the Apostles must appoint leaders in the church and the main qualification was to be filled by the Holy Spirit. Job was blameless, nobody could point a finger at him and he was doing the right things in life. But in this journey, none of us are perfect. Being able to listen to the guidance of God is a challenge for many. The main factor is to be moved. A simple example that explains what a false witness is – our employer will be able to trust in us only when they know that we do not lie – truthful and trustworthy. Perfection is not a quality needed for a leader, the only perfect leader is our Lord Jesus Christ. The Old Testament highlights examples of leadership by those with seemingly no power under the authority of repressive regimes yet who influenced those in authority to change the world. The fourth principle that we can see in the building of the wall around Jerusalem, is that Nehemiah delegated responsibility and used the work force that he recruited. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Nehemiah then turned to God in prayer for help. Today we are going to start a new series called – “Learning from the Old Testament Leaders”. Nehemiah set the right example and the writer records that he also refused to accept the money offered to him by the King but rather shared it out among the people (5:14). It did pretty well, for example, under the oppressive Roman Empire. Many of the leaders in the Old Testament are commended by the Word of God and the ten commandments were embedded in their hearts. Does anybody have any idea about what is the world’s best-selling book? Even Joshua was not considered a great leader because he was a man of courage. Here are six leadership quotes to consider. Why Tiger Woods Shouldn’t Take Advice From The Dalai Lama, On Saturday's Rapture & Other False Teachings. The obvious and somewhat simple answer is everyone. The Old Testament book of Genesis tells of personalities that showed leadership behaviors that revealed strengths and weakness. . There are a couple of principles that we need to apply as we study and as we move further. 2. Leadership in the Old Testament makes a very interesting study and covers all these situations. The duties of a priest are described under the headings of sacrifice, purification, divination, and teaching the law. Encyclopedia article investigating common terms for leaders and leadership in Hebrew Bible This is set on the background of ancient Greek and ancient Near Eastern prophets who speak in the name of the divine (pp. We all lead in some way or another, be it a parent in the home, a friend in their group, a person in the workplace, to mention just a few informal leadership positions. Total users online: 2 Although this book is a loose sequel to her previous book, Theological Themes of the Old Testament, it can be read as a standalone book (p. x), as it is in this review. In addition he gathered together the necessary resources that he would need to achieve his goals. The section on divination could have been condensed. The Old Testament leaders are Abraham, Isaac, Noah, Moses, Jonah, Joshua, Joseph, David, Gideon, and Nehemiah and the list goes on. In The Message, according to Proverbs, strong leadership shows six unique characteristics. 33–34). 6, 75, 98), and “The Deuteronomist” (p. 75). After all a better world starts with you and me. It is a commandment that was given to all of us. Proverb 5:12-13 – “How I have hated instruction, and my heart despised correction. We need good leaders. Mordecai went from being an ordinary foreigner in Susa to a favored man in the Court of the Persian ruler, Xerxes. GS. God has called us and put us in a place where we can influence others.