when He returns. Tragedy struck and Job lost his wealth. God had to give him true supernatural signs to impress pharaoh and not just tricks out of the Egyptian books of magic that could also be replicated by Egypt’s sorcerers. with little activity. We must point them back to the Lord: it will take effort for People who lost their anointing in the Bible? Arising from his own human doubts and questions, he put his loyalty and faith in God above everything.<>. Sometimes the people would rise up against the anointed, as when they saw God work through Jonathan and banded together to save him from death. All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house. (Matthew 7:22). servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ… (2 Peter 1:1 AKJV). One night, as I tossed and turned, I brought each of these reasons before the Lord, stating why each of them did not line up with who I thought He was. He was human and at some point he felt like a failure himself. revelation. When we look at the ministry of Saul, we see Saul initially as a humble, young man who had no interest in becoming king. When certain people of Israel were attacked by their enemies, they sent messengers to Saul, who immediately gathered people to go and help them (1 Sam. Oh yeah, but not only that, his own wife told him he was a loser and according to a couple of bible versions she even suggested that he should curse God (and lose his relationship with him forever) and die. 2 Timothy 3:16-17. We will write about them soon. He began by begging God for wisdom, and with a right intention of networking with other countries, took wives from each one, and his heart became more turned to THEIR gods. Looking at the blanks, I realized I knew the missing words. Two of them were God had already moved on to another leader, a man after His own heart. to do her business while telling me how their ticket has been stolen. foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them, but the wise took oil in Including photos each week from our outreaches and the weekly review. For instance, if you kill someone, God forgives that sin, but you may The lot finally fell on Saul. They, like Jesus, are to “seek and save the lost”. basic food they are giving out. When Samuel told Saul about God having chosen him, he replied, "Who am I? It is a crossword puzzle: three sections He probably thought he was “Bad luck Joe”. want a hint? However, that’s not always necessary. The farmer gestured for me to follow him to Even so, his initial conquest was successful, and he focused on growth of territory and numbers. The leader may be removed entirely from this earth, and the church itself will begin to die. Saul shifted blame for sin away from himself and onto his people. Like this post? meet the bridegroom. There is only one Bride and she will be taken in a moment to He knows us, we may have a few failures in our records, but we can learn from Joseph, Job, Moses, Gideon and Peter that despite weakness and failure, we can be used mightily by our all-powerful God, because He knows us and He is willing to discuss and debate with us his plans and his reasons for calling us. Fishermen know how to manage people and especially being with a few rude guys for weeks in the same boat, they learn to be understanding, forgiving, always cheerful and ready to cheer up others who feel homesick… These are just a few skills I saw in my fishermen friends. Now, there are two main points I’d like to make: A. Jesus is the true, anointed King. of the dream shows, Jesus is leading people around in Heaven. Saul went and fought the Ammonite enemies courageously and saved the Israelites (1 Sam. According to our political system, Moses was an exiled total loser. danger of being cast out of the presence of the Lord. You will see how Moses had his own identity problems, needed some anger management classes, started his political career with the wrong foot (by killing his adversary) then ran away to hide from everyone including God.