Man, a rematch with the spider from stage four, and the Bullstinger, who originally hails from Blue Stinger and is the hardest of the bunch. The news, however, was overshadowed by reports of Shinya Nishigaki’s death, presumably from a heart attack, at age 42. This second adventure takes the form of a New Game Plus; the stages are exactly the same as before, but this time Eriko has to let all of her friends die horrible deaths at the hands of the park’s attractions. Sight, Hearing and Smell all effectively mean the same thing: There’s a trap coming up. The fourth sense (ironically named Sixth Sense), however, indicates that there’s either a hidden item nearby, or a fight coming up. "Here's your favorite Sexydoll. It's said in-game that there's around, Also her father during the final boss fight. Only the second stage, it already turns around the whole concept of the game, as the Horror Monitor gets stolen by a weird ape monster right at the beginning. Gatekeeper999- "you spelled faimly wrong!". btw i uesd the save off of gamefaqs here because i thought it would give me a file with the game already beat. Eriko: You took away my fun, and now you try and pull this stunt? Apparently Climax Graphics took that last criticism to heart, as their next project was to be everything but generic. She is the head of the Horror Movie Research Club. It follows a group of horror movie aficionados (borderline Emotionless Girl Eriko Christy, wannabe psychic Michel Waters, average Joe Kevin Kertsman, and dim-witted Boisterous Bruiser and slasher-movie fan Randy Fairbanks) who receive guest passes to Illbleed, a horror amusement park built by reclusive movie director Michael Reynolds, who has filled his park with six terrifying attractions based on his movies, and promised to give one hundred million dollars to anyone who makes it through all six attractions without chickening out. Like the senses, the damage system is actually pretty cool and complex. Marking traps also means that you’re missing out on the shock effects, but other than the rest of the game, they’re not that inventive, anyway. In 2004, stories about ports of both Blue Stinger and Illbleed to Microsoft’s Xbox came up, but those never manifested. Running around in the starting hub-world is accompanied by music they might have used just as well in an episode of The Addams Family or The Munsters, and each stage opens with a narration of a ghost story one hears at teenager campfire. You can bring people back to life by paying 75,000 for a SURGICAL OPERATION to restore them to life, good as new. The final fight appropriately takes place in a demolished drive-in theater. OHNOMAN (yes, in all caps), a headless fellow with jaunty striped pants who attacks you with a pair of sickles. Rachel slaughters the staff of Duranto for screwing her "Papa" out of his business. When there are multiple enemies, it takes forever to get a decent shot at any of them. Getting hit triggers an aggravatingly long stun animation. the animatronics hadn't broken down before the boss fight. Not a member of the Horror Movie Research Club, but a reporter investigating mysterious murders on the park’s staff members. Nishigaki had started out working on the business side of things back at Chunsoft, but he personally wrote and produced both of Crazy Games’ Dreamcast titles. For Illbleed on the Dreamcast, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Vids of all three endings? The latter can be straightened out by finding various artificial organs throughout the stages, but the operations to apply them are costly. Kevin, Michel, and Randy are gung-ho, but Eriko smells Hype Backlash in the making and opts out... until her friends fail to come back from their trip to Illbleed, and she's forced to investigate... Players control Eriko as she travels through the six attractions trying to rescue her friends, facing foes ranging from the horrifying (like the vengeful, flamethrower-toting Gale Banballow in "Homerun of Death") to the ridiculous (the "Cake from Hell" in "Killer Department Store"). Either way, there’s only one thing that’s truly horrifying in Illbleed. Now you can use it to look around in first-person and “mark” danger spots, effectively disarming the trap. In turn he can handle himself in a fight better than the others. Did we say horrifying? His father hunts them down to give them a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately, the story of Illbleed ends on a tragic note. Michael Reynolds when, after being defeated as a giant zombie head, transforms into a demonic tentacled brain with bat wings. Of course Reynolds – himself a hideous monster – has devoted all his life to prepare the ultimate horror for his offspring. The monsters are also all machines controlled by the park’s staff, but sometimes it’s implied that they’re out to kill visitors nonetheless.