If you have a small to medium sized item that can fit into one of those boxes AND you are not shipping it across the country, it is definitely worth checking to see if you can lower the price to ship! Etsy shops selling furniture that exceeds the maximum size restrictions of the U.S. There are a lot of risks, and you should probably ship at least 5 pieces (probably more) before diving into the world of shipping furniture for free. A segment of the population will not buy anything that doesn't include free shipping (my mother-in-law). How to make cool Pinterest pins that get shared for free using the photo tool Canva, your product pictures and a little creativity. Should it get lost, or the buyer leave you a bad review that they never got it, you have no way to prove that it shipped. We’ve only skimmed the very surface! Then, take really nice styled photos of each of your pieces of painted furniture. To get the credit, sellers must complete THIS FORM. Resource: Free Flat Rate Shipping Boxes from the USPS site. Learn how to reserve a listing. All rights reserved. This can reduce costs for your buyer or yourself, but comes with it's own problems. Kim Willson, founder of Etsy shop Tim and Kim Show, sells tricky-to-ship products, like this 49.5-inch tall vintage chair. If you are looking for a cheaper way to ship, you might want to consider educating yourself on Parcel Select, Media Mail, Priority Mail padded envelopes, Regional Rates and Flat Rate shipping! You can also enter an average shipping cost, and then in your listing description ask for the customer to contact you for a specific quote to their zip code. So who should pay for shipping? One of the biggest problems facing Etsy sellers today is finding reliable shipping solutions for large and bulky furniture. Marketing For Etsy Sellers, Authors, Real Estate Agents, & Rebel Entrepreneurs. Most Etsy sellers I know are a frugal bunch and would be put off by paying a high shipping charge but if you target high priced buyer, you will be fine in the long run! With buyers in mind, Etsy is trying to make it easier for them to purchase. Gather up those shipping quotes, and decide how much to charge for shipping. Then finish off your listings! Learn how to add calculated shipping rates to your listings. Then decide what it would most likely cost to ship that piece of furniture based on the quotes. This means that the seller is stuck with the bill, potentially losing hundreds of dollars. The two lowest cost Priority shipping rates are for the Small Flat Rate Box and the Padded Flat Rate Envelopes. Additionally, each time the post office raises its prices you will have to go in and change every listing. He’s been in the logistics industry for over 10 years. and the cost of the furniture into one big listing price. Our team is actively monitoring the situation, keeping the safety of our customers, carriers, and co-workers our top priority. The 15-year-old shipping marketplace uses machine learning to determine the most accurate rates based on millions of past deliveries. Conversely, you may decide to stop selling something because it is prohibitively expensive to ship and reduces your profit margins! Note: When I started I thought that the only kind of Priority shipping was flat rate. On the other hand, furniture transport companies that offer timely delivery tend to be more expensive. For Brad Stanwick, selling — and shipping — imported 18th and 19th century English furniture on Etsy boils down to two things: math and a leap of faith. Etsy drives over 200 million visits each month! All content on this blog was created for inspiration and entertainment purposes. Let alone how to even enter it into Etsy’s listing! There is a cost for shipping and many sellers feel that this should be paid all, or in part, by the buyer. Let’s be honest — nobody wants to drive to a bus station to pick up their new armoire. Smart sellers are now using uShip’s online marketplace to safely ship their unique furniture at an affordable price. In addition to enabling you to print labels for domestic packages, Endicia allows you to print international shipping labels that integrate the necessary Customs forms — and with a discount to boot! But when your item is really big — as in as bulky furniture — it might be time to buy it a bus ticket. If you haven’t already, set up your Etsy account. And they are rewarding sellers for doing so (by showing “free shipping” products before products with regular shipping.). Insurance is also available through uShip, backed by Lloyd’s of London. Although you can certainly limit your Etsy business to domestic buyers, part of the fun of selling on Etsy is connecting with international customers. (January 2019) Etsy is now showing “free shipping” as top results in some searches in Canada. If you still prefer to set your own shipping rates, you can use Etsy… If you are shipping with a slower service like White Glove Shippers, or possibly a uShip company, then you will want to account for how long it will take them to be in your area to pick up your piece of furniture. Our team is actively monitoring the situation, keeping the safety of our customers, carriers, and co-workers our top priority. Don’t you want a piece of all of those customers instead of trying to drive traffic to your own website each month?? Charges for additional services, such as liftgates, may be added after delivery. So, I took a leap.”, With his predictable estimate in hand, Brad now has a two-pronged shipping price strategy: display his flat, up-front delivery rate right in his Etsy listing or roll the shipping cost into the item price to offer “free shipping.”, Brad Stanwick operates the Parsons Nose Antiques shop on Etsy. It will be important to judge what the sale price of your items are comparable to other sellers if you are trying to “hide” the cost of shipping by raising your prices. Calculating shipping costs as a part of your Etsy business could lead to better profits or a barren store with few viewers and even fewer sales. See our other posts on how to ship furniture! If it weighs more than a pound, shipping costs will vary by the distance it has to travel. Once you choose the countries you'd like to ship to, fill in the shipping costs per destination. Providers on uShip blanket wrap items, saving Etsy sellers time and money on each shipment. Before we get started, let's talk about why you should use Pinterest for marketing your Etsy…. Decide if you are willing to ship outside of your country or not. I would totally recommend you to sell your furniture on Etsy. Until you figure it out, you can state that it is only available for local pick-up for now. You're also welcome to note that shipping prices vary in your listing descriptions. “Many sellers are concerned about losing money when shipping large items,” says Brad, an art history buff and owner of the Parsons Nose Antiques shop on Etsy. What Priority Mail does provide is free insurance against damage or loss. Many Etsy sellers have discovered ways to ship furniture that meets some of their needs but not all. I honestly saved my listings as drafts, because I had no idea how to handle how to ship furniture. Don’t indicate that the item is a gift, even if your buyer asks you to. Cost control is another problem that Etsy sellers experience when transporting large furniture. Customers love free shipping. Required fields are marked *. As an Etsy seller, there are many benefits that come from leveraging uShip: Don't rely on your concept of what costs “too much” to ship. I am going to talk more about international shipping later, but just know that any mistakes you make in your efforts to reduce shipping costs will be compounded if you ship internationally! A good way to do so is to include language to that effect on your shop’s Policies page. But consider how long it takes for them to get to your area. Let's just jump right in and talk about why shipping costs matter! But learning how to ship furniture is easy with our guide. ), How To Have A Successful Black Friday Sale | Black Friday Marketing Campaign, How To Use USPS Flat Rate Boxes For Ecommerce, How To Find “Legal” Designs and SVGs To Use For Your Products, Ecommerce Thoughts…Etsy Versus Ebay Versus Shopify, Etsy Shop Refresh – Free Online Video Course For Etsy Sellers, Charge a fair price for shipping and you won't have to feel bad, Use calculated shipping unless you really KNOW what your costs will be, Only test free shipping on some items until you see if they really do increase sales, you don't have to do your whole store at once, Charge a handling fee extra if you know you have to buy a big box or you worry that it will cost more than the calculated price, Purchase boxes that are sized right for most of your items, scavenging and recycling is great but can take up more time than it is worth, When reusing your shipping supplies use an.