Some rhododendrons are deciduous and lose their leaves in winter. Buy a set of pot "legs" to keep the plant from sitting in water and a plate to catch water from the pot's drain holes. Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens has extensive woodland paths and gullies – in autumn, the trees are a blaze of colour. A lot of people use pots to grow them if their soil isn’t suitable. Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver. When you have limited space, rhododendrons can thrive in a container, provided that you supply them with the proper light, water and fertilizing schedule. Do not cut branches back to the wood because as a rule, rhododendron will not produce new shoots. Clean an appropriately sized rhododendron for your container. ‘You can use a spade – we’ve used diggers quite a lot – and dig it up, making sure you leave lots of soil around the rootball. At Leonardslee, they have echoed the rhododendrons’ past in the mountains of Asia. You’ll need to check the ultimate size on the label or ask the grower! Leonardslee is now open to the public every day, observing social distancing guidelines. ‘But there is a group of rhododendrons called the Loderi, which were bred here in Leonardslee Gardens in 1901. Keep the mulch from coming into contact with the trunk of the rhododendron. But they need very little care and put up with a…. Rhodendrons grow very well in pots. ‘We trim them back into the shapes we need, to keep them off paths or down to size in the historic Rock Garden. Once again, it depends on which rhododendron you have. Opt for dwarf varieties and varieties that don't grow more than 4 or 5 feet tall. ‘The most wildlife friendly rhododendrons are usually the deciduous ones,’ says Stephen. ‘But there’s also a disease called phytophthora.’ This is one of two different fungus, which affect several trees and shrubs and are most severe on rhododendrons. You can transfer the plant to a cooler, shady spot on a hot summer day. Use an ericaceous compost and feed with a fertiliser suitable for acid-loving plants throughout the growing season. Rhododendrons grow best in acidic soil, says Stephen. Use half of the recommended rate because container plants require less fertilisation that those in garden beds, and overfertilizing can make the leaves grow before the flowers. And also do you want it to be scented? Photos from the site may be purchased, please contact me for more information. Place the container in full sun or partial shade to encourage growth and flower production. Use mesh screen material to create a barrier on the inside of the pot, over the drain holes, to prevent soil erosion and insects from crawling into the soil. and they grow in most areas of the country, including Sunset's Climate Zones 14 through 24. The Scarlet Wonder cultivar grows to about 2 feet tall and produces bright red blossoms. Its pale pink flower would stand out in a shady or semi-shady spot in your border. Then it got out of control and spread everywhere. 3 top garden privacy tips – how to make your garden look and feel more private! Some rhododendrons (mainly the deciduous ones that lose their leaves in winter) are scented. They like dappled shade or even full shade. Rhododendrons flower from mid-winter to early summer – this pretty pink was in flower when I visited Leonardslee in early June. ‘Think about what you want the rhododendron to achieve in your garden. Rhododendrons work well with conifers, azaleas and other woodland plants.