Costco sells pork shoulder (also called pork shoulder butt). Skip. Cottage bacon is simply bacon made from pork shoulder instead of pork belly. Rinse and pat dry. leaner than regular bacon. So I feel a culinary duty to set the record straight, as far as my ability can take me, and in the meantime will be demonstrating how to make yourself a proper hunk of British-style bacon. 2. 60 grams of brown sugar Not only do you know how to make your own bacon, you have 5 delicious recipes that will allow you to put it to good use. Subscribe for updates on new content added. My wife went in to Costco and asked for “pork butt.” After the employee realized she wasn’t kidding, she eventually found my wife the right cut. Beyond that, there are several reasons to make your own bacon: You get to decide what goes into it (meat from pastured, organically fed animals) and what doesn't go into it (nitrites, which are added to most commercial bacon). Though some versions are hot-smoked so that they are sold fully cooked and ready-to-eat, most versions need cooking. During this time the cure will pull moisture out of the pork. I never use them in my bacon or sausage, and have done a fair bit of research on the dangers of nitrites and nitrosamines. Cottage Bacon Recipes 100,882 Recipes. As you can see, it’s far leaner than regular bacon, and has a taste somewhere in between bacon, pork chops, and ham. Happy New Year everyone! Let the pork cure for a week. Erik Johnson is a local teacher, web developer, and aspiring mountain man. SEARHC To Close Bill Brady Healing Center As Sequester Hits, Summer Flying Around the West for Art and Kids, Springtime Art in New York City Comes in all Shapes. Develop a pellicle. Funding to enable continued research and updating on this web site comes via ads and some affiliate links. When Tessa’s husband tasted our bacon his response was simple. Smoke the bacon at 200F until the internal temperature reaches 150F. Cottage Bacon In the US, we normally make bacon out of pork bellies, but actually a wide variety of parts of the pig can be used for bacon. For a while now, I’ve had the itch to make more. Last updated Nov 16, 2020. Alaska Butcher Supply sells “pink salt.” If you use pink salt, add 12 grams of pink salt per 5lbs of meat, and make sure to reduce your regular salt by those 12g. You can also do all of the smoking/cooking on the grill itself. Boneless, it costs about $1.80 a pound here in AK. “We have to make this at home.” As she doesn’t have kitchen weighing scales and doesn’t like salt, she played with our recipe. Make and add your cure. Below you’ll see a picture of my cottage bacon. But I managed to make my way through the muck and have emerged with a firm grasp on what seems to be a confounding set of opinions and methods attached to the word "bacon." If you choose to not use nitrites, you do it at your own risk. A couple years ago I wrote a blog entry on how to make your own bacon. Cottage Bacon can be broiled (aka grilled in the UK) or fried. After the bacon is covered stick it in the refrigerator for 6-7 days. If you don’t have a smoker, you can add a pan of wet wood chips to a grill, allowing the bacon to take up some of the smoke flavor. Smoke the bacon at 200F until the internal temperature reaches 150F. 100,882 suggested recipes. Then I found out about cottage bacon. This ensures the cure is evenly distributed. Then leave the pork, uncovered, in the fridge for 24 hours. While I’ve gone that route before, it sounded too expensive to do again. 5. Cottage Bacon almost tastes and looks like ham. ‘A party without cake is just a meeting.’ — Julia Child. Since I had two shoulders, I decided to try two different cures. Then you can finish it off in the oven at 200F. I set the Big Green Egg up for indirect cooking with a plate setter to diffuse the heat and a drip pan to catch the fat. I was really stunned when we first began researching how to do this ourselves. So you now know how to make your own homemade bacon. After a week, take to pork out of the bags. Would you like any vegetables in the recipe? Cottage bacon is basically a pork butt, cut into a long circular loin shape, that's then cured and smoked. 3. I know the quality and care I put into making bacon and sausage, so I feel the nitrites are unnecessary. The salt will draw out some of the liquid in the meat, and flipping it ensures the cure is able to evenly penetrate all parts of the meat. I cut each shoulder into half to end up to end up with four pieces of meat weighing in just under 4lbs a piece. Nitrites are sold as “pink salt” or sodium nitrite. It’s a risk my family and I are willing to take, but you must make this decision on your own. 60 grams of maple. This will create a sticky coating on the outside of the meat called a pellicle. 1/3 cup of course ground black pepper (add pepper to rub). You just don’t want the temperature to get more than about 200F, or the fat in the bacon will begin to melt. It looks like a baconized version of capicola or coppa ham. fattier than Canadian bacon and 2.) There is only one place in southcentral Alaska that sells raw pork belly, and they want $3.80 a pound for it. Cottage Bacon is round bacon made from boned pork shoulder meat that is pressed into a round or oval roll, then cured. It is sometimes smoked as well. I learned it also goes by the name "Buckboard Bacon" or "Hillbilly Bacon" depending on the region of the country you are in. She brought round some sample slices and we discovered that her bacon tasted better than ours. Oven-Baked Sonoran Dogs Ball Park Brand. The problem with making bacon is it can be prohibitively expensive. After 3 days flip the bacon over to the other side.