From season 6 onward she becomes a supporting heroic character. Bow, Glimmer, and Adora got trapped by the defense systems as they rushed to save Catra. Glimmer was born to Queen Angella and King Micah, and sometime before the start of the series King Micah falls in an unnamed battle. Horde Prime-only spared her because Catra told him about Glimmer's connection to the Heart of Etheria; Horde Prime then thanked Glimmer for her "allegiance" showing her that she has no choice whatsoever. She was rescued by the hero's but not after Shadow Weaver tortured her and damaged her connection to the Moonstone. They are both shown to be protective of each other, such as Adora worrying over Glimmer's health when she begins glitching. Weaver | She shows Adora that princesses are not evil and that the Horde is destroying civilian villages and convinces Adora to join The Rebellion. In Season Four, their relationship becomes strained because of certain decisions Glimmer made as queen, ranging from using Adora as bait to their disagreement on whether or not to make use of the Heart of Etheria. Full Name They often argue over their different paths on how best to approach the Horde and the princess Rebellion. Everything that The Horde stands for goes against Glimmer believes in. Female Back in Bright Moon, Glimmer struggles in vain to convince her mother to act quickly to free Adora from the Fright Zone in order to prevent Hordak from using Adora's sword. Together they helped plan a way to deactivate the Heart of Etheria. When she was temporarily disconnected from The Moonstone, she began to Glitch. It is because children from District 1 have funny names. She was last seen in the Item Shop on December 23rd, 2019. She has difficulty teleporting more than two people and will pass out if she overused her magic. Dragon | She detected a life form and everyone barged into the rickety spire to contact an unknown person in the vague hope they can help defeat Prime. President Coriolanus Snow • Seneca Crane† • The Capitol • Peacekeepers • Career Tributes (Cato† • Clove† • Marvel† • Glimmer† • Gloss† • Cashmere† • Brutus† • Enobaria†) • Muttations†, Career Tributes (Cato† • Clove† • Marvel† • Glimmer†) • Muttations† • President Coriolanus Snow • Seneca Crane† • The Capitol • Peacekeepers • Gamemakers, President Coriolanus Snow • The Capitol • Career Tributes (Gloss† • Cashmere† • Brutus† • Enobaria†) • Peacekeepers (Commander Romulus Thread) • Gamemakers† • Muttations†, President Coriolanus Snow† • The Capitol† • Peacekeepers† • Muttations† • President Alma Coin†. Glimmer pointed out the dangers of activating the Heart, but Castaspella points out that releasing the magic is not the same thing as activating the Heart and that there are forgotten tunnels and the Crystal of Arxia under Mystacor which in ancient times was called Arxia. Residence Adora fears that she will lose She-Ra and die in the process of activating the fail-safe if she cannot control her emotions, and so forges on ahead alone, barely in control of her She-Ra form as it flickers and fades. Glimmer and Catra's relationship is largely non-existent throughout the show as, beyond meeting as enemies, they have no real interaction. RJ | Douglas | Toothless | After Horde Prime was defeated the new couple and Catra agreed to Adora's idea of a "Best Friends Squad road trip" returning magic the rest of the universe. Later Prime revealed to Glimmer that her father was alive. Tim Templeton | In White Out, Glimmer leads the heroes to the northern reaches of Etheria. Glimmer often worries about Bow in a comical and irrational matter, such as in "Reunion". Rocky Rhodes | Glimmer is the female tribute from District 1, also a Career in the Hunger Games. Glimmer continued to consider Shadow Weaver's counsel and guidance, which saved Etheria as Shadow Weaver found the way to the fail-safe. She lashes out at Adora, saying that Adora wasn't a very good She-Ra and that the Rebellion was in a worse position since she showed up, as well as blaming her for the death of Angela (tough she tries apologizing for the last one only to interrupted by Mermestia). Shadow Weaver attempted to gain Glimmer's ear but initially failed until Adora returned with a gravely injured Bow. Mr. Dinkles | Everest | Queen Angella | Mac | The Sword: Part 1 Ozzie | Using the secret phrase "friends of Mara", the default hologram acknowledges them and grants them access deeper into the Castle - to the Heart of Etheria. Ty Rux | She was the first mutt Katniss recognized as each had an attribute of the fallen tribute.