First, tap water is not free or nearly as cheap as your flawed numbers suggest. One of Aquafina’s sources is the Detroit River! How Much is a Gallon of Tap Water? When we consider environmental costs we must consider far more than the bottles. Have more accurate data for the Bottle of Water (0.5 Litre) price in Denmark? No one is even considering the environmental impact other than plastic bottles here. Even at 175 bucks a year, drinking tap is still around 1% of the cost of bottled. So why don’t you fill up the bottles from your tap at home genius? Oh no………….. I’ve been to New York, and it’s definitely true that the tap water there tastes good. Copyright © 2019 CostToTravel. But how about the purity argument? Where I live the tap water is awful (we have hard water and the place were renting is an old home with lead pipes). We’ve created a map of the global water crisis, comparing the median household income in a country to its average cost of a 1.5-liter bottle of water. Out here, everyone I know filters the tap water to improve the taste. So if the system of bottle water stops in India it will be difficult for the people living there. You’re using flawed numbers to make your point here. i understand that it is easier to carry around, but everywhere you go now you see water fountains. article and I will be telling everyone I know about Aquafina. That comes out to 5 cents a bottle and if you live in HI, OR, CA, CT, or NY you can be reimbursed 5 cents for recycling and essentially drink free bottled water. Time after time, tap water is rated as good or better tasting than bottled water blind taste tests. And the amount of GHGs released amount to 250g (93g + 4.3g + … The FDA is CONTROLLED thoroughly by big business because there is a revolving door between FDA jobs and Big Business Executives. The first 10 results all say 748 gallons. This is a lovely article, particularly because of that blind taste test!! @ BG – every restaurant, hotel, rest stop, or gas station you come across should have free tap water. There are an average of 167 water bottles per person used each year in the United States. I am in favor of tap water but when i was discussing about this with my mum she said me that in India the tap water is not always clean they have o put on purifier at their house even if washing dishes. bottled water is also bad for the environment. “You’re using flawed numbers to make your point here… I drink three bottles a day, that’s $175 over the course of a year… The real question is whether you should buy bottles of water individually or in bulk, and the obvious answer is to buy in bulk…”. The cost of bottled water may sound small, but let’s consider how inexpensive a gallon of tap water … So I use tap. People in your country need to start developing very useful but forgotten thing called – critical thinking! Maybe GE should have taken ‘Michael’s bulk water purchase’ into account when doing his analysis? The price of Bottle of Water (0.5 Litre) in Denmark is 13.50 DKK. According to ABC News, most bottled water is just reprocessed tap water: Big-selling Dasani and Aquafina are just reprocessed tap water from cities around the country. Another way to look at it is that as soon as you buy your first bottle of water, you’ve already spent double what you would for an ENTIRE YEAR of tap water. Once bottled there is the distribution of the product to warehouses/stores and all the fuel/energy that involves as well as labor in all these processes. Bottled water brands like Kinley, Aquafina, and the popular Indian brand Bisleri are available in many sizes, from 200 ml. I discovered that my city provides an online water usage rundown. oz.) A survey of popular brands sold on Amazon done by The Balance found that the average cost of a 16.9-ounce plastic water bottle was around $0.70, which is $1,022 a year if you drink 4 water bottles a day. 5 (about US$0.08 as of today).