What Hospital Playlist manages to do really well is keeping the right tone and pace with its stories and character development without ever feeling too rushed or over dramatic. We learn a bit more about Seok-hyung this episode, slowly peeling back the layers of his character and how he came to be the person he is now. The doctor is concerned after seeing the images and wants to do a biopsy that day, which Song Hwa consents to. I look forward each week to a new episode. Now, I have to suffer and wait for the new epsiode every week. Malam hari, Jun-wan menjemput 4 dokter lain untuk pergi menuju restoran. As the doctors contemplate calling the police, the father starts running away. I’m actually questioning the roses. They have great chemistry and that kick to the face had me dying with laughter. Then on the next round, she blurts out that it’s not her this time. Dia menjelaskan dia pernah sekali namun meyakinkan dia bahwa dia membayarnya sendiri. Sebelum operasi, Si ayah datang memohon Jun-wan memberinya penggantian katup termahal. Telzeytalks: Yes. The next day, the doctors deal with all their different patients. Telzeytalks: I love Marshmallow Doc and Ik Soon! Jang berpikir Jeong-won akan bergabung bersama mereka namun kecewa saat Jun-wan masuk. Malam hari Song-hwa bekerja keras terhadap tugas. So, they, of course, enlist the young one of the group to help them learn. 6 Penghuni biasa bertemu makan siang dimana Min-ah dan Gyeo-wool menjadi teman melalui klub penggemar BTS. I also loved how Jang’s mom shows up decked out like Audrey Hepburn and plays it off like she’s very casual. Confident in his knowledge he sneaks up on her when he gets home, and she kicks the crap out of his face in self-defense. She also reveals that she is pregnant and asks that he talks to his mother. Sinopsis Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Recap Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Mei 1, 2020 Mei 2, 2020. I ended up binge watching up to Ep. However, Jaehak’s salary reduction becomes canceled because Junwan helps him as a thoracic surgery’s session head by using his new power. They have great chemistry and that kick to the face had me dying with laughter. You can tell it’s the zen time to just get away from the stress of their lives. Juli 15, 2020. April 19, 2020. I think they would be wonderful companions in their later lives. Seok-Hyeong has to leave though to check on a patient. Jeong-won mengetahui hait tidak baik untuk bayi Jiah. I also like how we, once again, get a glimpse of their dedication to their work. I am also kind of shipping Mom and Chairman as a couple. It doesn’t go well though as she kicks him in the face. After a tussle, it looks like he might have the upper hand, but then he gets whacked in the head with one of those bottles from a water cooler. Baca juga: Episode Selanjutnya: Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Episode Sebelumnya: Hospital Playlist Episode 4, Sinopsis Episode Terakhir Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 31-32, Sinopsis Tale Of The Nine Tailed Episode 13. The Chairman says that it’s not him, but adds that it would be better if they suspected him, and claims to be the “mafia” after all. Sinopsis Train Episode 2 . Telzeytalks: I love it how these five friends know each other’s families so well, and even their parents all know each other and accept the whole bunch as family. 'Hospital Playlist' episode 5 reveals a shocking detail about Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) and Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), while it adds more conflict in Yeong Seok-hyeon's (Kim Dae-myun) life in the form of his father's mistress. This week we don’t focus on one particular member of our Fabulous Five, but get a taste of what is going on in each of their lives. She looks fantastic in a dress, and they flirt for a little bit before he confesses that he likes her. Telzeytalks: Poor Dr. Yang! May 27, 2020 May 27, 2020 / Kmuse. Dia memanfaatkan donor yang berbeda untuk lulus menjadi putranya yang menolak memberikan hatinya. Telzeytalks: When they try out the game, Mom doesn’t get it at all, and immediately announces that she is “mafia” without letting anyone try to guess. Pasien terlihat depresi walaupun ada ucapan dorongan dari Song-hwa. Telzeytalks: Poor Dr. Yang! Song Hwa found a box of shoes on her desk and we guessed wrong about who brought them. And then we are floored along with the dad when Song Hwa steals the show with that water jug! She seems a little surprised and tells him not to but he replies that he can’t control how he feels, while Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan are driving home. By the way, Jeongwon actually meets his mother, Jeong Rosa. Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 5. None other than my favorite doc of all time, Song Hwa. So, they, of course, enlist the young one of the group to help them learn. Seok-hyeong pergi untuk memeriksa pasien. Ik-Jun arrives to convince him and promises that his daughter Bin (the donor) will not feel any pain. When her underling with the crush brings her coffee, she calls him out on it and tells him to stop having feelings and just Don’t. She’s ready to bring him coffee but spies him with his father’s mistress and misunderstands. Selama operasi otak, Chi-yong berjuang sedikit ketika Song-hwa menyaksikan. Being extra suspicious because of having two little kids with injuries. When her underling with the crush brings her coffee, she calls him out on it and tells him to stop having feelings and just Don’t. Jun-Wan answers and offers to bring it to her. Jun-wan dan dokter Do berjuang dengan operasi jantung terhadap Chang-mo muda, yang berlangsung lebih dari yang direncanakan. 5 that night. Resident Jang is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the drama because of scenes like this. Ju Jong-Su and Ju-Jeon join them too and help with some of food preparation before Seok-Jeong’s mother arrives as well. When Jeongwon calls her, Kyeowool takes his car saying NO. The next morning Ik Soon leaves her phone at the apartment, and Marshmallow Doc happily brings it to her. Ik Jun takes the wife outside and explains the procedure, doing his best to reassure her. All Rights Reserved. He lets her know that feelings don’t work that way, and he’s sorry. Operasi berlangsung, Dokter Jang membawa hati dan para dokter mulai bekerja memotongnya dengan ukuran tepat. Get notified about every new blog post by signing up with your email address below. Ik-jun mengatkaan saudara perempuannya tinggal bersamanya saat ini. His mom and the Director bicker like an old married couple and it’s adorable. Gyu-wool asks Jung-won to buy her dinner, emphasizing how she wants to eat with just the two of them. As promised the father starts singing to the mother and child while Jun-Wan is called to operate on someone who had a heart attack. Half a year has passed by since all five friends have started working under the same roof.