I noticed that there was some smoke coming from a pit in the ground with a few people gathered around. I wish I could tell you how it compares to the version we had in Hawaii, but that was over 5 years ago, and my memory isn’t anywhere near that good , Hawaiian-Style Smoked Pork (Kalua Pork)from Cook’s Country, August/September 2011, 3 tablespoons green tea (from about 10-15 tea bags)4 teaspoons kosher salt1 tablespoon packed light brown sugar2 teaspoons black pepper1 (4-5 lb) boneless pork butt1 (13×9-inch) disposable aluminum roasting pan6 cups mesquite wood chips, soaked in water for 15 minutes and drained. In short, it’s well worth the effort. 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Put the lid on and let the smoker pre-heat for around 10 minutes. The only hands-on portion of the recipe is prepping and coating the pork with a simple green tea spice mixture – it’ll take you all of about 5 minutes. Discard your banana leaves, remove the chain, and open up the chicken wire. Sit back and enjoy the best plate of pork you’ve ever eaten in your life. BBQ Junkie, thank you so much for this post. Your email address will not be published. I keep on eye on it for a couple of hours and make sure that everything is going good, add some more wood chips and go to sleep. Remove from the oven and let rest, still covered, for 30 minutes. Then wrap with foil so it’s air tight. Chicken wire gives you something to hold on to when pulling it out, and it keeps the meat intact until it’s on the table. What a night! Lots of firewood – about an eighth of a true cord will work. Or Do Cardio Before Weights? I’m loving pork lately and am so intrigued by this!! Our pig hit 215 and it came out just right. Cooking a pig in the ground is not easy. Rocks or Bricks: Rocks from a river can hold water inside which can boil and cause the rocks to explode, which can lead to serious or fatal injury. I looooove Kalua pork! Could I use an oil less deep fat fryer. The cooking is finished inside in the oven, and the result is juicy, so tender it falls apart pork. Chicken Wire: When you pull the pig out of the imu, it will fall apart because it’s so juicy. I do like the smoking and may have it during the summer as we have an electric one and with this cold it would take forever. I make mine in the slow cooker. Recipe by PetsRus. For help understanding the cultural significance and proper techniques, Chef Lira and I recruited an expert Hawaiian, Gordon Lee, Jr., who talked us through the various steps over the phone and then joined us for the luau. Note: If you’re at a house, heat the sauce on a burner inside to avoid cooling down the already quickly cooling meat. It takes several hours for your fire to get hot enough and your rocks to heat, so you’ll need to set the alarm and get up early. Explorer James Cook has gotten credit for bringing pigs to Hawaii around 1778. September 5, 2019 at 11:49 am . You want your imu to be about twice as deep as your pig is (for a 100-pound pig, about 2 1/2 feet deep). Fold the banana leaves over and wrap in aluminum foil. (While the word is a greeting, is also means love and affection.) It should be gutted and cleaned, but don’t have the butcher snap the spine (which is common when purchasing a whole hog, to make it lay flat on a grill). Now that September is here it seemed like the perfect time! And what could be more rewarding than cooking an entire pig underground in a traditional style and feeding 100 of your friends with a meal they’ll talk about for weeks after? Although it’s not traditional Hawaiian, American palates may appreciate a dousing of vinegar hot sauce on the meat. I thought that is should go and investigate because where there is smoke there is certainly fire. You don’t want to just dump all of your wood on at once. Read it at least once more, and then get to work. This is fun! We added onion and asparagus stalks to our banana trunk because Chef Lira had them on hand. You’ll use pieces of it now to stuff the pig, and pieces of it later to line the cooking pit. Could I use an oil less deep fat fryer. Take the Simple Test That Can Predict Your Mortality. Use a knife to score the pig along its back and ribs, making incisions every couple of inches. Mark J Duarte. Wondering….how is the cleanup? You may immediately see sizzling! interesting, however i’m wanting tp do this in the ground. dug hole 3 ft. deep and plan to use a rack to keep meat off coals. Then, use your fire tongs or post hole digger to pick up hot rocks and place them in the pig. Can’t wait! At our luau, the crew of the Hokulea offered a moving blessing as 100 of us stood with arms around each other, setting the tone for an incredible communal meal. Divide the wood chips into 3 equal portions (each containing about 2 cups of chips). Let your guests cut their own portions, or serve it to them. If you cut down a banana tree, it quickly grows back within months. It’s a good idea to dig your imu the day before you cook the pig. You did it! Banana Tree: When you cut open a banana tree trunk, you’ll be amazed at the amount of water inside. If it’s worth it, it’s worth it! I’m in North Carolina and grow banana trees and Hawaiiian Ti Leaf plants. thanks, Banana leaves are is to find at large Asian markets. It should be three times the width of the pig (so that it can lie squarely in the middle), and twice as long, leaving half-a-pig’s length at the tail and snout. Pat the pork dry with paper towels, then rub it on all sides with the spice mixture. The pit that you cook the pig in is called the imu, and the meat that it prepares — noted for its soft, moist consistency — is called kalua pork. Read through all the steps before embarking, and take plenty of notes. Jump to Recipe. Wrap each portion in a sheet of foil to make a small packet.