Is the outside of the pan liable to rust as with cast iron? Avoid the Force Blue line, as they are thinner. No idea what the differences are, though. when I have it maintaining it. I have cast iron skillets, cast iron and carbon steel woks, De Buyer Mineral B pans, and Spring USA Blackline pans: many thanks. The mineral pans are also heavier due to the thickness--in a large pan full of food that can make a difference to some people. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. © 2020 de Buyer is their catalog.,, One and done travel stone for the holidays. I've never used a carbon steel fry pan (have vollrath and AC stainless), but I know that DeBuyer is very highly recommended. Share. de Buyer's blog features recipes, product testings, chefs interviews and many more, stay tuned! I concluded that the first phase requires drying oils such as flaxseed, and the second phase requires starch (explaining why constant use also works): For the second stage, pay attention, but let the starch stick. I have the 8 and10 inchers. Do you think it's worth going for the Pro? 1. answer. However, the Spring USA Blackline pans are hands down my favorite pans. The bad thing with the mineral B is that they advice you not to keep in the oven more than 10 minutes and with a moderate oven temperature. Both will require seasoning, but there are many resources here about it. Have you read eGullet's Kitchen Scale manifesto? I'd love to restore its original surface. The Blue carbon will do the job. mine are old calphalon that came as these into-sets. Rinse and repeat. Anyone may read the forums, but to post you must create a free account. and if dried after cleaning it (might not ) rust. One wants every part of the cooking surface to go through this, as the potatoes reach a dark brown roux color. will look into the Spring USA Blackline pans. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. **** Making something fine and fancy? I've owned both. Marketing?? then again if you live in a very humid place year round ??? Very happy with 'em, though I see now that they're discontinued. i remember seeing these pans a long time ago in France and they were indeed black as pictured. Alchemist/mixologist/proprietor at the Green Zone, serving craft cocktails with the flavors of the Middle East, my eG foodblog - Beirut and beyondMy occasionally food-related site. Regards Peter. It's hard knowing what to do, about seasoning such pans. I have the De Buyer 12" 'mineral B', and a couple of cast irons (and a couple of stainless). One can simulate months of use by frying a mass of potato chunks and kosher salt with bacon or other oil or fat. Anybody who says Mineral B isn't carbon steel doesn't know what they are talking about. I like both the older and the newer versions. Then free it aggressively with a sacrificial wooden spoon, rubbing that spot till slick. Does anyone have experience of that? is the basic carbon steel pan that is competitive with the Paderno, Mineral B is better pan as described above, and Carbone is approx the same as Mineral B but marketed in Europe. You must log in or register to reply here. rotuts, The "Mineral B" pan, despite any confusing terminology, is a high carbon steel pan, not much different from your #2. but w/0 the bees wax process. April 24, 2013 in Kitchen Consumer. I know steel is mostly iron anyway so not sure how descriptive this really is? My research suggested that of all the French-style carbon steel pans I'd be happiest with De Buyer Mineral B, and none I've seen since changes my mind on that. Heats up quickly, uniform diffusion of heat, enables the Maillard reaction. I'm assuming that the non-Mineral B pan is Carbone, which is the same thickness as Mineral B. haha, wait for their sales , even their seconds. I did a good bit of it and also had access to retailer catalogs and industry reps. My take-away is that the Blue (Force Blue?) I ended up visiting a store that had them both in stock. eG Foodblog: Franci (2012) From heirloom tomatoes to zucchini blossoms. My research suggested that of all the French-style carbon steel pans I'd be happiest with De Buyer Mineral B, and none I've seen since changes my mind on that. Powered by Invision Community, Per la strada incontro un passero che disse, Copyright © 2001-2020 by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, All Rights Reserved.