If you've got a craving for a particular German delight, perhaps while reminiscing about that trip you took a few years back or reconnecting with old family traditions, this shop should have it. Being an uncooked but double smoked product, it became a gold medal winner and the champion at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for a reason. Schön dass man sich selbst beschenken kann ......und so schnell ist es. The Coffee and Klöße we eagerly awaited arrived und on the same day we used some. Nestled in the heart of Woolloongabba, settle in with a stein, followed by a chaser of Schnapps and a traditional ‘lecker’ pork knuckle. Zigeuner Bratwurst is our butcher's own creation of beef mixed with a variety of herbs and capsicum. Originally from the German state of Thuringia but famous all over the world. Remaining amount payable on collection. Product needs to be ordered online 7 days in advance of pickup to ensure availability. I like their new Website too..very well set up. Our natural ham is cured and cooked with all natural ingredients. Die Sachen waren sehr gut verpackt und sind heil angekommen. Even if its not one of their regular products. Traditional German white Sausage seasoned with salt, pepper, onions and fresh parsley. Use the bone afterwards for stock or a delicious pea and ham soup. Original double smoked ham which is first hand scored and then cooked and baked over German Beechwood. We were so desperate for many things, and with Brisbane being such an outpost for good food and delis. Ihr habt doch ne schöne Auswahl , die Sachen sind ja nicht Lebens notwendig Keep it up:-), Good afternoon, This product has a very soft texture and has its origin in Germany where it is enjoyed as a gourmet delicacy. We are committed to producing the finest hams, bacon and wursts without compromising flavour and quality. Prior to that she managed a successful German restaurant in Sydney. Finely minced pork with coarse chunks of marinated ham containing a hint of cardamom seed and white pepper. Earliest pickup time for orders placed after store closing time is 1 hour after opening time on the next business day. We no longer have to ration packets of desserts we picked up in. It's great for home-made glazing and baking. Prefer your sausages XXL? Ideal with sweet German mustard and not to be missed on any Bavarian breakfast menu or your Oktoberfest party. German table mustard in the distinctive beer mug jar is a classic mild mustard for the special appearance on your table. It can be prepared either on the BBQ or heated up in a water bath. Whether your German simply needs a little fine-tuning, or you’re keen to try something new, there’s a course for everyone. Wednesday 23rd December: 7am - 7pm; Thursday 24th December: 7am - 3pm (Last Order Pickup 2pm) Friday 25th December - 28th December: Closed; Tuesday 29th December - 31st December: 7am - 1:30pm; New Years Day: Closed One of our favourite's. Traditional European Smallgoods, Australian made. Our Mixed Wheat Sourdough comes with 20% Rye and a Sourdough.Inside soft and juicy and the outside is strong backed with an aromatic crust.A perfect bread for sandwiches or lunch. Juicy rye mixed bread with a mild, hearty aromatic taste. A light twist from the traditional Pork Frankfurter. Very juicy and thinly sliced this short cut bacon is a perfect quick breakfast option. Easy ordering and fast delivery...thanks so. It can be consumed hot or cold. Pinwheel 150g/ each. Shipping costs: Australiawide    depending on weight: $8.95, $12.20, $15.35, $18.50, $29.80 or Cost On Application Traditional German coarsely ground BBQ pork sausage seasoned with salt, pepper, marjoram and ginger. You made our breakfast table complete . We are quickly becoming a well-known meeting point for sausage lovers at major markets and events throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area. Rye mixed bread with very aromatic, rustic taste and the typical burst crust. Prosciutto crudo originates in the region of the city of Parma, in the northern provinces of Italy. Thank you so much for your superb service, we are in heaven : sourdough bred and """" Rosehip jam --- """ Traditional German coarsely ground BBQ pork sausage seasoned with salt, pepper, marjoram and ginger. After a successful career in the European meat industry we, Kati and Tino decided to bring top quality products to NSW and open our own small goods factory in Sydney. Traditional finely chopped Swiss pork sausage with hints of ginger and white pepper. I received my order very quickly and everything arrived in perfect condition. A full menu is available in store. DANKE ! Keep your Christmas ham fresh in the fridge with a Ham Bag, Collection Point: Husband loved the dumplings (Pfanni Kartoffelknödel Halb und Halb) and son# 1 devoured the sweets in minutes! It can be eaten grilled, fried or boiled in its skin. Prost! Testimonial * Traditional German/ Austrian Pork Sausage which has been lightly smoked over German beech wood. Traditional coarse German pâté which is packed with speck, herbs and spices. Our famous award winning ham continues its prize winning run taking out Champion Ham at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2019 after being awarded Best Ham in NSW and 3rd Nationally in the Australian Porkmark Ham Awards 2017/2018. The site is designed and fitted to the highest food safety and workplace standards. Traditional Russian Beef Salami with diced pork fat which has been trible smoked, baked and matured. Thanks to you we can enjoy some old favourites we have been missing for a long time Thank you for the great personalised service. Traditional German/ Austrian Pork Sausage which has been lightly smoked over German beech wood. Alamelie/ Mini Cabanossi are cooked and smoked small mild salami sticks. Looking forward to order soon. Deli and butcher shop open Mon-Fri 6am-5pm. Thank you . A twist to the tradtional Austrian/ Slovenian Kranskies, coarse double smoked sausage with large amounts of jalapenos and pieces of cheese. The kidney bean shape of the Finocchiona Salami comes from a special natural beef casing traditionally used for Sopressa and Finocchiona salamis. A cooked cold cut with partly finely minced pork meat and partly coarsely minced ham pieces. Click here for more information on our editorial policy. Prosciutto Crudo or Parma Ham is a boneless, dry-cured pork leg that is matured by being air-dried for six to eight months. The shop owner even approached me to discuss waiting a few days with the shipment to bypass the hot weather (I had ordered chocolate). Cocktail Pork Frankfurters are the mini version of our traditional pork Frankfurters and perfect as a lunch snack and loved by small and big children.