Working for a charity gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing. The closing force of the gate when they obstructed it was too high. How could our industry be responsible for such deaths and no-one take action to change this? adminMay 13, 2016Gate Safety, Risk Assessment, video. From that point on we all knew things must change. That day changed our lives in ways we couldn’t have known at the time. Not to be deterred by hard work and many a door being firmly shut in our faces; we developed the first IOSH approved Gate Safe Aware training programme in 2012 alongside becoming a registered charity. For me I received a reduced salary and Richard gave his time completely free of charge for the charity. So, in reality, when a child or loved one is killed in an automated gate incident, the damage goes well beyond claiming the life of the actual victim, it also inflicts irreparable and lasting heartache on the family and friends of the deceased. Ten years on we also have the benefit of being able to refer to the dim view taken by the courts of anyone who is found to be negligent. It is the installer’s responsibility to identify, assess and inform the client of any We are not ‘in it for the money’ and the feeling of us helping to prevent further accidents involving automatic gates helps me sleep well at night. Ultimately, we agree that the owner of the gate, whether it is the owner of a commercial building or the resident in a housing development – needs to be reassured that an automated gate on their premises is compliant with current guidelines. We produce a regular newsletter to keep you abreast of what is going on in our industry, special offers and useful tips. We now also have two new additions, Rob and Lauren who were also part of that initial meeting way back in 2010. This means that, by law, every new powered gate, when it is put into service, must comply with the European Machinery Directive {{It’s hard to believe that Gate Safe has been in existence for ten years … After the two tragic deaths of Semelia Campbell (June 2010) and Karolina Golabek (July 2010), my MD Richard Jackson (we were both working at Jacksons Fencing at the time) scheduled a meeting to discuss what had gone so terribly wrong and how we could prevent it happening in the future. This terrible turn of events was the catalyst for the inception of Gate Safe, our founding mission has always been to put a stop to any further injuries … or worse, as a result of the failure to correctly install and maintain an electric gate or barrier. Book your place here. Risk Assessment (This document is essential) Declaration of conformity (Handed over with gate)* Manufacturer's Indelibly marked CE plate (Applied to gate)* Force testing results; Declarations of incorporation (conformity) from drive unit & safety device manufacturers; Guide for safe use of gate (operational instructions) (Handed over with gate)* Training events, seminars and surveys are my main activities- no two are ever the same. Sign up is easy and, in line with GDPR, we respect your privacy. Help & advice for professional installers of automated or manual gates, Help & advice for anyone who owns or uses gates whether residential, commercial, or educational, Help & advice for professionals working in and around the Gate Installation business including architects & builders, We carry regularly updated news for the industry and a blog covering important ideas and developments. Sadly, a second fatal accident occurred just weeks later. It is easy to avoid scrutiny by adopting the belief that the safety of a gate is solely dependent on the installer. In each case, the accident could have been prevented had the appropriate safety protocol been followed. The legal position is that powered gate systems are considered to be “machinery”. Gate Safe offers help and advice to installers, user/owners, and related industry professionals such as architects and electricians. Secondly, the gap ratio is calculated, as it should not change by more than 20%, even it the gaps fall within the tolerances above. Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261).Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd. Almost certainly, the forces will be above the recommended safety levels at the hinge area due to the leverage effect, even if the gate has passed its force test. The more people that are informed on these matters, the less likely it is that an unsafe gate will be accessible to another young child. the legal duties of the owner of the gate regarding risk assessment, inspection and maintenance. Also, if there is no protection in this area it will cause severe injury. GSSC Ltd take no responsibility for any works carried out by the Gate Safe Aware Installers or for any installations carried out using the information and advice given on this website. But we remained resolute that now, more than ever before, it was imperative that steps were taken to place automated gate safety higher up the agenda. We knew that there was much to be done throughout the whole supply chain and we also realised we would have an uphill battle to alter the perception of gate safety within our industry. Gate Safe is the UK's leading charity set up to ensure the safety of automated gates. Established since 2010 we provide advice to gate owners, gate installers and gate designers along with a certified installer program which assures top quality installation It is not a definitive statement and should be used in conjunction with your own risk assessment of the specific site prior to undertaking any works. The desire and our passion for safe gates has only increased and we are still determined to make a change and realise our strap line Making Gates Safe! This was caused by the gap reducing as the leaf moves towards the post. In ten years, while we have seen a decrease in the number of accidents relating specifically to the absence of the requisite safety features, there has been a steady increase in falling gate incidents, which suggest a failure to ensure the safety of the original mechanical structure of the gate. All Jason did was to lean through the gap and press the gate open button on the other side, something that had been common practice. We need to carry on the good work. The loss of Karolina’s father - Josef – who died less than a year after the accident which took Karolina’s life – is testament to this as many said that he had ‘lost the will to live’ after Karolina passed away. Today we are proud to have trained almost 2000 people, offer impartial site surveys, provide help and run an advice line where we do our best to provide answers in plain English as to the problems installers and gate owners are experiencing. The common view was that we all agreed we couldn’t simply sit back and allow this to happen again. The company car certainly has had some miles put on it! Education and training are the only way in which we can drive home the importance of adhering to the appropriate safety protocol to deliver a safe gate. When carrying out a risk assessment to improve gate safety, this major area of concern is checked for the following :-Firstly, the gap is measured when the gate is fully opened and again when closed. It does not, nor is it intended to cover all and every risk associated with an automatic gate system. To demonstrate this we performed two tests using fruits placed in this gap. I was involved on the technical side of Gate Safe from the very beginning and I had my Gate Safe manual by my phone in the workshop from its first publication, using it for reference and to pass on advice to others. If people know a gate has been Gate Safe approved – just like the Gas Safe campaign – they will know that it has passed all the relevant checks and standards. Individually tailored maintenance service schemes, All contracts take priority over companies without this service. The first, a cucumber (to mimic a finger or child’s arm) demonstrated how tight the gap can become when the gate is opening and the damage that can be caused. SLIDING GATE RISK ASSESSMENT GUIDE FORM The following form is only intended as a guide. While we have campaigned tirelessly since both girls died within weeks of each other, the simple fact is more still needs to be done to avoid a repeat of this and similar tragedies.