%���� <> 6 0 obj Business&Plan& With goals and expectations in hand, a Business plan is the written document detailing how those goals will be achieved. Crafting a business plan will help you, as the business owner, to consider each step involved in running a business … This plan for an established minority-owned food manufacturer seeks to expand the distribution of its products within the U.S. military, to build brand equity in retail distribution, to expand the company's product line, and to continue a promotional program. stream It contributes around 14 per cent of manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP), … [7A�\�SwBOK/X/_�Q�>Q�����G�[��� �`�A�������a�a��c#����*�Z�;�8c�q��>�[&���I�I��MS���T`�ϴ�k�h&4�5�Ǣ��YY�F֠9�=�X���_,�,S-�,Y)YXm�����Ěk]c}džj�c�Φ�浭�-�v��};�]���N����"�&�1=�x����tv(��}�������'{'��I�ߝY�)� Σ��-r�q�r�.d.�_xp��Uە�Z���M׍�v�m���=����+K�G�ǔ����^���W�W����b�j�>:>�>�>�v��}/�a��v���������O8� � 7 0 obj ���� v�}_�3)��K��}�U��d��ӠbɵfI�Qt�o͚�*�����&CĥG�N7v"�4@�I�1��Jã��*B��Y�݆Ip>z���' Bonžur and Island Spring Organics are currently developing a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Plan for … 2 0 obj 24 0 obj << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> 1 0 obj << /Length 25 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Starting a food production business can be tricky. My safe download promise. ���������YL1�ZZ#�Xuʥ�'�M@07��2!���V�[m��ih��U�l.�#���!,�#�K|�G$��:v�c����I��K������l;�i�^!�v��>>�6PI�7���%�-qcX�k��?��`�(9c_-AM.%�DЦ�a��D4�FDl�I�{g�a"��]Y�"�2��3m�JD�UB1DD�܎&��Jw ��t66u>R �~\aj��?;��K�z,ru�җ�.*�U%��QԇW��a. Our example focuses on a company that creates long shelf-life fruit and grain bars for children, but it will work as a framework for any food production and processing businesses. endstream endobj �Wɮ{���'Z����G��w[T�>�l���Jϑ�)WpЂ�H����u�P�|�Gjy�&����5�":mi��{D�p�.�r� Fp�@��4�RȤ榣=M�'�&��>���]P1������jIiUC�].R"�5Y�2K)����z�/ôEM�gxѩ�+�O� x�Z]o�}�_�(�}�V4?�d�7 ����P�IhZv���=Cr��{W�%#Em�Zs����p��Տ�**KP)x�→���W�?Xu�A����-��B��BJ:��Tv�c�r�N}s�b{���~�^]_'m�U�?���T�?�o��o�߮��>�����]������w� ��O>c˪��ͫ.! 5 0 obj 21 0 obj << /Length 22 0 R /N 3 /Alternate /DeviceRGB /Filter /FlateDecode >> They'll help you make sure you get the details right. Before you write a business plan, take look at some sample business plans for other businesses like yours. :���&G�� �$u�&*[�� V�-:Ǽ�:ٜr�|�z ��-��C^l�7��t�����'�� [�j �$�`�c��Wm�-b]��i�|>�1������VS"!��>ܪ��^*�1�?��ϔl�^�Qv�����l�aO�صf������d�+i���tB2&X���.��CԫG.� ��IB�l�[�M&�ej�`�1��]�\0'0 ��Vk�Xc\6��Ff >D1�K�}� ��c ���Q�5��kS���V�fW.j����5�k�����ŗϾ����/n7�/���.����ma�����{_�4��m�|P|��wu����_�+t}s��������M�+��� 50 editable start-up printables in one convenient download. 497 <> endobj Download Free Version (DOC format) Download the Start-Up Pack for $27. Preparing a Food Processing Business Plan If you are serious about starting a business, you should develop a business plan. become the start of a new food business. following plan for a completely fictional business is used for a monthly entrepreneur workshop at Oklahoma State University’s Food & Agricultural Products Center, entitled “Food Business Basics: A Guide to Starting Your Own Food Business.” This mock business plan focuses on a whipped topping business, but the format is appropriate for �8.�l��y��2Wy�Vf�c_��y�%Ā]�UK&������*����Zl�Α�;��-T���K��_W�[ �=U�@W-�n5��|;�&cPm��|�%I� �]��|��b;�T$��h6Ck�Bn*��� 8k���&ǖ�#��8�0P����/14sӍ[�g��h���,+BGN�c4[8�v��N��T��Lc����>G�C@�J ��n+{R/m[̩ϓ;�5��u�5v'd*|�Oin�). This series serves as a useful guide to help make a business plan and determine the feasibility of starting a food business. A report on Customer driven marketing strategy for our new company (In the fast food industry in Bangladesh) endobj A com- endobj All of them see the opportunity for increased income and new jobs for themselves and members of their communities. %PDF-1.3 A report on Customer driven marketing strategy for our new company (In the fast food industry in Bangladesh) x�T�n�0��+&u�v̐")����@@UOF������CJ�-�2P��]j�3�x�3ޑ�4|r���O�����'h��6�ӑ�֘й����>�t��t8���C0*�#���#>��h��L�į�����7����w4w�$���^�x4��C6�fhV������v%�}���V�?��׾`���F�l�,��A�c&mͤ���/�K�����e�4-b�5�@\��f��m[ K���#�e�g�;�R�B�()ݠ��R"�|���������t� The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of the country’stotal food market, one of the largest industries in India and is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth. x��X�r�F��J�0��2G� �-�-�gQV��!� 0 iE��t�`%9��JX{y�7�v~}us'�Tl�x}%��_�bq8*nD����+��x�p}���O6����x��GL��2=�Cj*b:��K{s����M&�ZN#b�T�yW�QP��8X��������gi��a�yE��-�Ù r�����P�]m�P�™�E���}$O��'��Q� endobj 19 0 R >> >> This Food Production Business Plan can serve as a starting point for your new business, or as you grow an existing enterprise. << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] ߏƿ'� Zk�!� $l$T����4Q��Ot"�y�\b)���A�I&N�I�$R$)���TIj"]&=&�!��:dGrY@^O�$� _%�?P�(&OJEB�N9J�@y@yC�R �n�X����ZO�D}J}/G�3���ɭ���k��{%O�חw�_.�'_!J����Q�@�S���V�F��=�IE���b�b�b�b��5�Q%�����O�@��%�!BӥyҸ�M�:�e�0G7��ӓ����� e%e[�(����R�0`�3R��������4�����6�i^��)��*n*|�"�f����LUo�՝�m�O�0j&jaj�j��.��ϧ�w�ϝ_4����갺�z��j���=���U�4�5�n�ɚ��4ǴhZ�Z�Z�^0����Tf%��9�����-�>�ݫ=�c��Xg�N��]�. A1�v�jp ԁz�N�6p\W� p�G@ Business plans provide a road map for where a business is headed. %��������� Ⱦ�h���s�2z���\�n�LA"S���dr%�,�߄l��t� endobj 4 0 obj The U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) aims to assist small businesses through access to capital and developmental resources.