So I thought of Pygmys - easy to come by CBs, and no alt-ing. : Reaching 9th Gen. Bakuzan, drunk with power, declares himself to be the strongest monster and battles Gouketsu. Manga For instance, he gave Suiryu a second chance and expressed the possibility of him becoming an executive member of the Monster Association after witnessing him defeat all the newly transformed martial artists. Research shows that the 'real' Egyptain God line is inbred, but im going to replace this with CBs to keep the line clean. Got a lot more CBs and 2nd Gens. When I was a newbie at DC (April 2012) I was fascinated by the concept of the Seasonals. His teeth were larger and sharper, while the redrawn version looks more human. You take the tower, you fight the Invoker, and walk away on no health. - 7/6/17, Completed Projects & Pretties I Can Breed, silver to dark gray/black gradient. Breeding the CBs went very well, only one to three tries to get the needed eggs. *Type of lineage project: PB Even gen Breeds of dragons involved: Not pygmies, two headed, drakes or unbreedables. The lineage follows roughly the color-sort of my scroll. Which had to be an even gen and a checker, for that's my favourite kind of two-breed-lineage. *rolls eyes*. For females: First name starts with the first letter of the mother's first name, second name starts with the first letter of the father's first name. *Breeds of dragons involved: Nebulas Notes about your projects: So I wanted to make a lineage quoting it. March 24, 2014 - Mr. 2-15 finally accepted mate 3. [06/17/14] First G5 has been bred! [06/02/14] Six G2s bred today. A 6th gen arrowhead/chevron from Pebble x Neotropical stairs. And I also adore the Whites, so I chose these two breeds for my first lineage. The Three Crows are quickly killed by the trio, and Gouketsu confronts the heroes, knocking them unconscious while Suiryu attempts to escape. If you'd like to gift offspring from named parents that'd be lovely, Breeds: female silver tinsels and male gold tinsels, How I can help you: If you see something on my scroll I can breed you, just PM me and we can try to work something out, Breeds: Royal Crimson and Gold (Gryffindor), Green and Silver (Slytherin), Turpentine and Brimstone(?) You can read the ChaQDota mid advance guide too, it is very helpful and let you understand all the aspects that you have to know for a mid player though it's outdated. : Trolling and merriment. Along with a few G2s. Male Magelight Pygmies, female Dark Myst Pygmies. Two refusals. Yey - the 20th was a Gold Tinsel ! He was killed by Saitama.[1]. Goals: To create a huge checker lineage by combining four different checkers, each of which consists of the colors of one Hogwarts house. A stairstep lineage with an Olive Dragon basis, based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld witch coven of Lancre. i.e. Well, I call it a "proper" checker nonetheless. currently working on getting more pinks for influencing, Breeds of dragons involved: White, Daydream, Soulpeace, Horse, Hellfire Wyvern, Hellhorse, Water, Skywing, Two-Finned Bluna, Spitfire, Purple, Ultraviolet. was on break due to a hectic school semester, getting started again so updates soon~, *Breeds of dragons involved:Royal crimson, Frostbite, Pillow, Water walker, Swallow tail, Sunsong (more will be added as more families get brought in), *Type of lineage project:Creating specific family trees, *What are your goals for this project? When you do update, please include a link to the page of your original post, so that others can find your project(s) more easily. This bara is a bara and he's level 3 - he might as well not be there. And since he's a Valentine's I'll never have more than two Heartseekers at all. All Shall Fall Tsunami CB female x Taemae Ikuinen Talvi purple Nebula CB male - tally: Tsunami 8 Nebula 3, 3.) + PM me regarding requests, or general questions. : ~ I want to get each line of Christmas dragon to gen 6, then eventually breed all the lines together into one dragon. He was later challenged by Monster King Orochi to a fight, in which he was thoroughly defeated, then taken to the lair of the Monster Association alive. Group I.2 is FINISHED with this 6th gen Horse dragon, Guardian x Summer Seasonal = Summer Seasonal, Nebula (purple) x Terrae = Nebula (purple), Stone x Summer Seasonal = Summer Seasonal, Taras Anemos x Adna-Adelinde = Vajilha Nheoland (Neotropical), Ireneus Anemos x Miharu = Risty Nheoland (Neoptropical), Eetion Anemos x Behare = Qelenfra Nheoland (Neotrpical), Phrixos Anemos x Kajin = Paemoz Nheoland (Nhiostrife), Ludovic Anemos x Pea-Jo = Azuca Nheoland (Neotropical), Iakyz Anemos x Spresa = Incle Nheoland (Nhiostrife), Legat Anemos x Fjola = Susar Nheoland (Nhiostrife), Paemoz Nheoland x Vajilha Nheoland = Gamqil Nheoland (Nhiostrife), Incle Nheoland x Risty Nheoland = Anime Debut ~ I am always in need of 2nd gen White dragons from CB White x CB Christmas. : Based on the Star Wars Skywalker family tree, I will be breeding the next generations up to 10th gen for each line and breeding to others to hopefully continue and spread the Skywalker/Solo Line. Breeds of dragons involved: Waters and Sunsongs. Le Carnaval Des Animaux / The Carnival of the Animals. But I think I've nearly got enough CBs to finish this first block. Possible naming scheme of key names, Breeds: Male Black-Capped Teimarrs and Female Swallowtails, Notes: Checker with naming scheme of sporting verbs, Breeds: Seragamma Wyvern (the only brown-eyed dragon I could find), Notes: Purebred with naming scheme from "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, Notes: Purebred with naming scheme from "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein, Notes: Checker. Breeding the second and some of the third and fourth gens. [3] He arrives at the stadium and catches Benpatsu, who was fleeing from the Three Crows. Please send me a polite PM to discuss. You're still immortal though.. that's already something to brag about. *What are your goals for this project? *Breeds of dragons involved: Nebulas But I'm starting again! I can breed my dragons if you need any. Status By TP-ing places arbitrarily you signal to the enemy team that you're not a factor elsewhere on the map. Need to check up on how many CBs I still need and get all the ones I have in the spreadsheet. I may even use the 'magic guilds' concept for a group project, but depends if these get any interest. : To reach the 5th generation or higher. Original Super Fight Champion (スーパーファイト初代王者, Sūpāfaito shodai ōja) Focusing on playing one or two heroes so you can learn and understand their power spikes against different hero matchups. : A mate for "Woodpecker in the Sky", Breeds of dragons involved: Autumn, Winter Seasonal, Type of lineage project: 9th gen Stair lineage, 3 CB Autumns missing, will be named after the lyrics of "Autumn Leaves", 1. C-City : 5th gen, *Type of lineage project: silver to dark gray/black gradient. In Autumn 2013 the first variation of the lineage was finished. : Reaching the 9th Gen then mirroring a 10th gen. *Breeds of dragons involved : Magma/Terrae *Type of lineage project : Stairs Magma (M) x Terra (F). A 4th gen even gen checker, with different thematic names in the upper and a quote in the lower half. You will get a warning on the thread before housekeeping. Type of lineage project: Even Gen. Purebred. Breeds of dragons involved: Royal Crimson. Gouketsu was a martial artist and the winner of the first Super Fight tournament eleven years before the events of the series. : Feel free to request offspring from any gen. *Breeds of dragons involved: Soulpeace, Whites and Daydreams. Excluded are Seasonals and of course Drakes and Pygmies. [05/07/20] I rise like a kraken from the sea! It is surprisingly hard to get Nhiostrifes from those pairs. * I would like any offspring I gift to follow the naming scheme I have used for the project. (I tried to get a second offspring from this lineage - 19 times, no luck.) Now here's hoping none of those kids refuse each other. What are your goals for this project?,,, This lineage will contain only Deep Sea Dragons and Whiptail Dragons. I'm breeding intermittently and focusing on other things at the moment. Furthermore, Suiryu states Gouketsu is an elite martial artist, superior in skill compared to himself as well. [31] After becoming a monster, Gouketsu seemed to toy with opponents that he held some respect towards, and gave glimpses of his true power, as was the case in his fights with Suiryu and Bakuzan. song. [20] When approached by Saitama, Gouketsu demonstrated his power. : To reach the 5th generation or higher, then combine the final offspring with The Lucky Lucem above. These are projects that are worked on during their specified seasons. August 15, 2015 - My 7th gen pair is being stubborn about giving me an egg. A 5th even gen lineage, with a specific pattern of different Pygmy dragons, and quoting the narrated prologue of Disney's Treasure Planet.