Usually- 90%. So as you may have already figured out, definite adverbs of frequency do specify an amount of time. An adverb of frequency defines the frequency of occurrence of an event. Occasionally, we go to a restaurant for dinner. Alex often goes abroad for official duties. Always- 100%. ever etc. ‘Weekly’, ‘annually’, ‘daily’, ‘fortnightly’ are some of the examples of definite frequency adverbs. There are two types of Adverbs of frequency – adverbs of definite frequency and the adverbs of indefinite frequency. ‘Often’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Infrequently’ ‘Rarely’ are some examples of indefinite frequency adverbs. I went to India many times before. (or We occasionally go…) Normally, I get the bus to work. We go to Italy once a year. Normally/generally-80%. Examples of adverbs for Indefinite Category. Sometimes- 50%. To Show the frequency we use these words -> Always , Frequently , usually , often , sometimes, rarely , hardly , hardly ever , never . ‘Often’, ‘sometimes’, ‘infrequently’ and ‘rarely’ are some examples of indefinite frequency adverbs. Adverbs Of Frequency Using and Examples - English Grammar Here Always has the highest percentage because the action habitually happens, it would be the perfect counterpart of the definite category. For Example : They always Speak English. Adverb of frequency mostly sounds like an Adverb of time. An adverb describing indefinite frequency doesn’t specify an exact time frame; examples are always, usually, sometimes, often, etc. Often/frequently-70%. Sometimes I get so angry that I cannot even talk to him. Examples of Adverb of Frequency: I always wait for him but he does not even care. For instance, ‘Weekly’, ‘Annually’, ‘Daily’, ‘Fortnightly’ are some of the examples of definite frequency adverbs. However, we also go to tours regularly. (or I normally get…) It can be also described as how often something portrays in definite or indefinite terms. There are two types: An adverb that describes definite frequency is one such as weekly/every week, daily/every day, or yearly/every year, etc. The Definition Is - "It Tells how often anything happens" - Or - We Use adverb of Frequency To Show the frequency (How Many Times) any action happens. Here are some examples: Generally, I go to the shops on Saturday morning before they get busy.