According to top celebrity caterer David Mintz in Toronto, stars are simply turning toward other brands, specifically, Fiji, or the Norwegian water known as Voss. But the most fascinating anti-Evian theory comes from top on-set caterer Tom Morales, whose TomKats Inc. provides food to about 25 movie sets a year. Next: The best bottled water brand you can buy. The same study goes on to conclude that mineral water can be a good source of magnesium especially as it comes in completely natural and calorie-free form. Of the 18 participants, 14 said that FIJI tasted better as opposed to 4 who selected Evian as the best tasting bottled water. With a pH balance of 9.0, the ionized alkaline water can rehydrate the body and quench thirst with every sip. Oxygenated drinking water is an effective way to separate the gullible from their money 12. Next: This popular East Coast bottled water brand is worse than the tap water in NYC. | VOSS Water via Instagram. By increasing the atmospheric pressure around water, or bubbling diffused high-oxygen air through water, the level of dissolved oxygen in water will be increased. Number two on the list? But, Alkaline Water Plus’ test results show a 6.0 pH level. In most cases oxygenated water is made from sources as safe as tap water 12. But the true reason may be more complex than that. Next: The second best bottled water brand you can buy. This water is the best of the best. As with other "enhanced" waters, the main benefits to humans fall into the range of the placebo effect. "That's the only reason I've ever been given for not serving Evian," says Morales, who has fed everybody from Nicole Kidman to Gwyneth Paltrow. Sadly it’s bottled water counterpart — Poland Springs — is not as outstanding. However, some of the most popular brands have a pH level of less than 5.5 — meaning it can dissolve tooth enamel, aka the hardest substance in the body … If it can do that to your teeth, imagine what it can do to the rest of your body! | T.a.c_clothing_86 via Instagram. "I guarantee that's what it is. Since oxygenated water should end up in a human's stomach, the higher levels of dissolved oxygen would only be able to transfer from the water into the bloodstream through digestion 12. The response to a lead-in-water crisis in Newark, N.J., was hamstrung after questions were raised over whether residents can drink expired bottled water. Crystal Geyser. Humans do not absorb significant amounts of oxygen through their digestive systems. When vendors sell oxygenated water, it is possible to sell water with a higher level of dissolved oxygen than will be found in tap or regular bottled water 12. I have drunk water from the same bottle for the last several months. Next: Sparkling water fans will be sad to learn that this popular fizzy water can cause more harm than good. Believed to be one of the bests out there, Fiji water veers towards the alkaline side of the spectrum and tastes as pure as it’s advertisements make it seem. Next: Can you believe this is the only bottled water you can buy at Disneyland? Fish and many amphibians will draw more oxygen into their systems if they are in water with a high level of dissolved oxygen. While drinking oxygenated water won't hurt a human, pouring that water into the human's aquarium will show an improvement in the health of the human's fish 12. Love Function’s vapor distilled and electrolyte water? The natural alkaline artesian water has a pH balance of 8.0 and is considered one of the best on the market. You may want to reconsider purchasing. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Just because water is bottled doesn’t mean it’s better for you. Why do that when you can get ice water from your own veins whenever you want?). | M-imagephotography/iStock/Getty Images. When it comes to a bottled water brand you can trust, you’ll something with a pH of at least 7.0 and at most 9.0. So, how do you know if the bottled water you’re drinking is good for you? Deer Park is a good option, but not the best. Sadly sparkling water brand, Perrier is not as good as you may have thought. They may feel extra energy for a while as the alternative to feeling foolish. We take a look at the worst bottled water brand (page 10) and the best bottled water brand (page 15) you can buy, according to pH level, ahead. This water is the best bet. Thus, it is no wonder that so many people turn to bottled water. | Mike Windle/Getty Images for smartwater. | Deer Park Natural Spring Water via Instagram. Their gills are designed to draw oxygen from water. The bottom line is that sparkling water … Evian—naive spelled backwards—is reserved only for people willing to pay premium prices for water that tastes like Gerard Depardieu's scalp. The best bottled water brand you can buy? It should be as well-filtered and clean as normal bottled water if it is consumed before its expiration date. With a pH level of 4.0, you might as well drink soda! There are better brands out there! The number one worst bottled water brand you can buy? // Leaf Group Lifestyle. I refill it with cool water that has passed through the water heater – just fill it before the recently heated water arrives (fill it with water this side of the water heater that has sat in the pipes long enough to cool off), and then I microwave it. The B!tch Replies: The most likely reason has to do with rumors involving nuclear disaster, and no, I'm not making this up, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Unlike other "enhanced water" scams like hexagonal water, oxygenated water may provide a positive environment for pathogens 12. Evian—naive spelled backwards—is reserved only for people willing to pay premium prices for water that tastes like Gerard Depardieu's scalp. Case in point: New York City tap water has a natural pH of 7.2. | Dasani Water via Instagram. Sip as much as you want. The mineral content, despite its hardness (high alkalinity) is still in the ‘medium’ category.