This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. In highly technical engineering terms the seat/clearance objective has been achieved by stuffing essential bits and pieces (oil tank and pump) which would normally add to the height of the engine in the crank. What grabbed me from the outset was how small and lightweight the new Honda looked for a 1000cc adventure bike. Honda claim the new CRF1000L Africa Twin offers true adventure with the comfort of a tourer and the agility of a commuter and the ability to make dirt roads a joy. Lastly, we’ve found the AT’s brakes to be a bit on the wimpy side (common on dirt-oriented dual-sports), so we installed a set of DP Brakes sintered pads (DP559 front and DP121 rear). That’s no complaint, I’m very much a fan of the sleeker, more modern appearance. We were staying at the Aquila Private Game Reserve in the mountainous Boland District of Western Cape Province, South Africa. 2017 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Review. When I tell you that there are a possible 80 different riding mode combinations on the DCT bike, you may start forming a complex and complicated picture. With a 1000cc parallel twin pumping out 98bhp, the new Africa Twin was never going to be the sportiest of adventure bikes. 2017 Honda Africa Twin | Long-Term Review, Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, Adventure & Dual-Sport Motorcycle Reviews, Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program. Power: 98bhp @7500rpm If you’re plans include a passenger as a permanent fixture then you may need to look elsewhere. Tyres: Dunlop Trailmax front 90/90-21 front, rear 15/70-18 tubed The ergonomics, suspension, design, balance, wheel size and especially the DCT will have you enjoying the dirt like no other. While we love our Shad SH58X Top Case and the Honda accessory side cases, we also wanted a smaller option for carrying just the essentials—camera, wallet, sunglasses, etc. And whilst it’s not as sure footed under those conditions as some adventure bikes, in the right hands it’ll take on and compete with the sportsbike crew. Torque: 68.6ftlb@6000rpm At a leisurely or relatively fast paced ride the DCT is superb. The number of buttons and controls are numerous to the point where a Boeing 747 control panel looks like an early learning pegboard from Mothercare. Finally, having survived a Honda PR campaign that appeared to be following a biblical timeline, I was hoping to swing a leg over the new Africa Twin. We were genuinely blown away by the Honda and just how enjoyable it was to ride compared to the almost tank-sized competition like the BMW and Super Tenere. Strap-mount tank bags can be unwieldy though, and a magnetic bag won’t work on the AT’s tank, so we opted for a Givi XS320 Expandable Tank Bag ($190) with its Tanklock system. Suspension: Front 45mm fully adjustable USD fork, 230mm of travel. At the crest of the pass I engaged tourist mode for the ride down to the lunch stop and this is where the DCT came into its own. In reality Honda has managed to make switching between the multitude of modes pretty damn easy. There is nothing like the bottom end catapult effect of the BMW GS1200 nor the arm ripping higher rev thrill of the KTM 1190. After lunch and a nosebag of painkillers it was back up the pass at warp drive on the manual version of the Honda. The route for the day was not the level, hard-packed, graded roads which are common in South Africa but 50-or-so miles of genuine technical trails. I’ve been a fan of the DCT automatic dual clutch since first riding on the Honda Crosstourer a few years back. Had I been sat in the straightjacket pen known as economy there’d have been no room to wiggle my toes let alone take part in extended stretching of the lumbar region. Essentially then, what Honda have managed to achieve is an adventure bike that is going to be manageable and comfortable for both tall and shorter riders. When your red mist is swirling the DCT will not hang onto a gear like you would between or on bends, nor does it change down as rapidly and aggressively as you may wish when approaching a high speed corner. The vision was a rider feeling at home when commuting in a busy city, scratching around A roads, continental touring or setting off on a round the world escapade.