Our verbal ability test sections will help you to excel in verbal skills. In today’s ever-changing and diverse world, employers are constantly seeking innovative hiring solutions to recruit talented entry-level and experienced professionals with excellent language skills. Our partner Test Candidates makes it simple to assess your candidates quickly and accurately. With more than 18 years of experience and 350 plus test domains, MeritTrac’s smart hiring platforms help test a job seeker or an existing employee’s understanding of the English language. Remember that 'practice makes you perfect'. Choose one of our free aptitude tests and get started right away. An English aptitude test can help assess a candidates’ strengths and evaluate a wide range of criteria that otherwise would not be possible with just a few paper tests. Tests currently being administered as English aptitude tests are really English assessment tests. We’ve included a full spectrum of free aptitude tests including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement many more. We look forward to using it for all our future hires.”, We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. Its analytics and reporting features offer quick result-tabulation and report generation. Q. Our English test for employment shimmers in the colossal ocean of recruitment and is a ray of hope for all the recruiting managers to find a pearl from the ocean. Strong verbal skills will help you to boost your confidence and develop your communication. Make use of the wonderful resources provided in this page. Pariksha is a unified assessment platform that allows test administrators to author, design, schedule, and deliver tests. The results of these tests can help filter and highlight candidates that fit an employer’s criteria within a short time. We included all the basics questions to advanced questions with answer and explanation for your clear understanding. {{(chapterIdToChapterDetailsMap[chapter.id].attemptedQues > chapterIdToChapterDetailsMap[chapter.id].totalQues ? AMCAT, amcat mock test, amcat aptitude question, amcat sample question, amcat questions, aptitude, aptitude test, career test, aptitude, aptitude for placements, aptitude questions +91-85588-96644 - or - Request a Call. Hire job-fit candidates using this test, now. English Aptitude tests are now widely used in recruitment processes and are also employed to improve the language skills of existing employees. R. Most of the prints is of left hands, indicating that the artists probably held the spraying pipe in their right hands. The English language facilitates better communication and smooth functioning between members of teams. Practicing is very important for verbal ability tests. You are visiting a page different to your current location. The Cueva de las Manos (“Cave of Hands”) is a cave in Santa Cruz, Argentina filled with 10,000-year-old paintings of hands. Our tests are created by subject matter experts and educators with experience in assessment. The pre-employment English test is for high profiled employees who are more into English correspondence, blog writing, content writing or the one who deals more with native speakers. In the modern workforce where working directly with people is the norm, English is imperative for verbal and written communication. Note: It may overwrite the response of questions you have already attempted. This increasing global networking and cross-collaborative work culture are pointing towards the fundamental need for using English as the working language. Click below to get 25% off all test packages. Multiple Choice set of English Aptitude Test questions Quiz and MCQ for Competitive Exams and entrance test fully solved examples with details will ensures that you offer a perfect answer posted to you.