"As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. Would you prefer to see Eclipso or Sabbac as the main villain in Black Adam? Having taken control of Superman's body, he is confronted by Captain Marvel, who is able to defeat him due to Superman's weakness to magic. Sabbac and Eclipso may not be the the first names you think of when someone brings up DC supervillains. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Constantine chooses the meeting point of Death Valley. Dibny attempts to punish Eclipso and Loring by trapping them in an infinite loop right at the moment Loring killed Dibny's wife, but he finds himself unable to go through his plan once Eclipso is purged and Loring is repentant. The eclipse limitation was removed, and explained to be a pretense on the part of the entity, who wished to hide the extent of its powers. Having been cast out, he was sealed into a black diamond, called the Heart of Darkness, that could, through contact with a victim who was experiencing great anger, take possession of the victim's body. Eclipso and his black diamonds have infected people throughout the universe. Eclipso last edited by Would love your thoughts, please comment. Eclipso takes possession of Loring, and begins manipulating the Spectre, causing him to attack magic users as revenge against Shazam. I’m honored to join the iconic #DCUniverse and it’s a true pleasure to become, BLACK ADAM. The point is that even if Eclipso appears in this film, he may play a small role, and there is no guarantee that Bruce Gordon would also appear in the film. Lord Preet pickpockets Eclipso and steals his black diamond. While attempting to view a solar eclipse out in a remote jungle, a tribal sorcerer by the name of Mophir attacked Gordon. He reveals his plan, to kill God by destroying the source of adulation upon which God relies in order to continue existing, Earth. any Comic Vine content. The black diamond disappears after Eclipso is pulled through. If he appears in the scenes set in the present day, perhaps he could be mentioned or shown to be an enemy of the JSA. TheDirect exclusively reported that Eclipso would be a villain in Black Adam, though exact details regarding his role were unavailable. As Eclipso is it’s own being, separate Bruce Gordon, it is entirely possible that the character will possess a citizen of Kahndaq, assist with the banishment of Black Adam, only to be imprisoned himself. Since he was corrupted, Eclipso became more closely aligned with revenge than holy justice, and became trapped in ‘the heart of darkness”, a black diamond which contained Eclipso, lest an individual touch the diamond. Eclipso's brainwashed minions are freed, and Eclipso himself is defeated. Jonah Hex and Team 7 have faced and been infected by the full power of the Eclipso. This episode alters Eclipso's origin, as he is described as the collective souls of a race of snake-like beings which have been stored in the Heart of Darkness and seek to destroy the human race. It was here that he would be possessed by the villainous Eclipso, the fallen wrath of God. Eclipso is also known as the Prince of Darkness, Vengeance Demon, the Lord of the No-Man's Land Between Light and Darkness, the Master of Black Silence and the Master of Evil. the film's roster of the Justice Society of America, a lot of concept art of himself in the Black Adam costume, the Season 1 finale of Stargirl mentioned the villain by name, Black Adam's DC FanDome Concept Art Could Tease a Tie to Eclipso, Netflix Now Warning Viewers About Shows Leaving the Service, Dirty Dancing Star Jennifer Grey Confirms Sequel Won't Replace Patrick Swayze's Johnny, Pulp Fiction Stars John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson Reunite for New Holiday Commercial, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Getting CCXP Panel Next Month, Miles Teller Says There Is No Green Screen in a Top Gun Movie, The Goonies Cast Reuniting for Charity Event. He succeeds in absorbing a number of heroes into himself, gaining their powers in the process. However, during a battle, one of Alex's binding glyphs (which keeps Eclipso in control) is broken via a shoulder wound. Graciel and Mordiel send their blood power through the giant amethyst orb to Princess Amethyst. One particular piece of concept art has piqued fans' interests, as it could tie to an unexpected part of the DC Comics cosmic canon. He is drawn back to Bruce Gordon, who he possesses. There are a number of ways which he could factor into the plot of the movie in a small role. Copyright 2020 ComicBook.com. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Jenna Anderson He was revealed to be Lord Kalaa, the offspring of both House Onyx and House Diamond born into an Eclipse granting him vast powers. Eclipso is teleported into orbit around the sun by Nightshade. His diamond fragments remain scattered across the Earth. In the comics, Ishmeal gregor is a russian mob boss who performs a dark ritual involving the murder of both Timothy Karnes, formerly known a Sabbac, and a bus full of innocent people. He then destroys the moon and kills Donna Troy to put an end to Justice League resistance. As an adult, he killed his parents and enslaved all of Gemworld. It later bonded to Jean Loring during the events of Infinite Crisis, before Bruce Gordon reunited with it in the Countdown to Mystery arc. He begins to set in motion a plan to collect and destroy all the fragments, as doing so will grant him his full power. I was too rebellious. During Adam's reign in Kahndaq, Alex becomes romantically involved with his teammate Soseh Mykros, the female Nemesis. Character » Eclipso was reinvented and tied into the Gemworld mythology. Eclipso is an extremely old force, one that predates humanity itself. He also loves writing about those stories. Now, it’s difficult to explain Eclipso’s  powers properly without comparing him to the Spirit Of Vengeance, Zarathos, in the Marvel Universe, or to his DCU successor, The Spectre. Black Adam will also star Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, with Hawkman, Cyclone, and Doctor Fate also expected to make appearances. She succeeds in severely warping Mary's personality, but Mary ultimately rebels when Eclipso brings her to Darkseid as a concubine. Pirates Of The Caribbean Reboot: Margot Robbie Ensures ... 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He draws the Spectre to himself by torturing the angel Zauriel, and when the Spectre arrives he kills him and absorbs his power. The Lord of the No-Man's Land Between Light and Darkness He can produce energy blasts from his hands and his left eye. The Diamond was placed in the original Earth world, where it was passed between people's for centuries.