Overall this drum mic set is very good value for money and well worth checking out. It’s strong and can cope with the rigors of touring as well as dealing with high volumes night after night. The way you mic your drum kit can have a huge impact on your sound, both in the studio and on the stage. Shure PGA Drum Kit 7Most of the drum enthusiasts or users know Shure because of their top of the … Beginning with the snare, Audix has supplied one of their i5 mics. This set comes in at $200 cheaper than the Audix set which is a good saving for a top-end drum mic set. If you like the Shure sound but this is particular pack is out of your budget you can opt for their 5-piece mic setup. The two overheads are condensers too, so you’ll need phantom power in your setup. Drum mic kits are a bit more of an initial cash investment but you do make worthwhile savings when buying packs as opposed to separately. A kick drum mic can be placed in the following ways; Halfway inside the drum for a little less attack on the beater; Near the head for a sharp attack from the beater; Near the outside stand head for a boomy sound; The best way to set up your mic on your drum kit will vary based on how many mics you’re using, and the makeup of your drum kit. It’s perfect for percussion too and will even function well on guitar and bass amps. The bass drum mic is a P2. These brands are well established among drummers and For the money you get 3 tom mics, a snare mic, a bass drum mic and 2 overheads. Most bass drums have front heads with a small hole cut-out around the edge. Some of the previous kit bundles have included extras such as rim mounts and mic stands but this Audix drum mic kit has a complete bundle of microphones which can serve to capture a drum set in full. Well, in total there are 7 top-quality drum mics which range from tom mics to overheads, and everything in between. Shure SM81-LC. This is a good drum mic kit for $1000 and very durable. A bass drum resonant head with a cut-out means that the air is pushed out the hole when the drum is struck. There’s less chance of you blowing the internal components of this mic. It’s often referred to by its nickname as ‘the egg’, which is due to its egg-shaped grille. This is a great budget mic and every engineer should have at least one. It’s closer to a Shure SM57 in terms of sound. Their durability is questionable and they do feel quite light to handle. This does have its benefits though, as they are one of the smaller tom mics around, and this means finding a suitable little hard case for them is never an issue. The Shure SM-81 … The frequency response is 68 Hz to 18 kHz with a slight boost around the mid frequencies. The Samson C02 is an affordable budget pencil condenser microphone. If it does receive the odd bash, the chances are it will be fine, as this is a robust and durable microphone, built with endurance and reliability in mind. Rockville 5 Pieces Drum Mic Kit is another top-rated selection of a … For the rack toms we have two D2’s and a D4 for the floor tom. Drum Mic Set Bass+Snare+Tom Microphone 5 Piece Kit … When it comes to miking the bass drum there are a lot of contenders but the D112 … Alternatively you can set it to flat if you want to capture other instruments such as piano without any sound shaping. Of course you can mic a bass drum which has no cut-out but there is a drastic difference in the sound and the mic placement options. For example, they’re nowhere near as robust as the Audix D2 series of tom mics which we’ll get onto later. And now we come to the first full drum mic kit on our list. With a frequency range of 40 Hz to 15 kHz, this mic is perfect for mid ranged instruments. With a drum microphone … The P17’s work well when used as hihat mics or cymbal mics. On the bass drum Audix have assigned the D6. This costs only around $300 and is perfect for drummers who are happy to perform without any overhead mics or who have their own already. Premium 7 piece drum mic kit. These were the first microphones I ever used when I started learning how to record drums and other instruments.. More interestingly, they are wired mics … The Samson C02 condenser mic is an affordable solution to anyone on a tight budget and in need of some passable overheads. by Consordini Staff Last Updated October 19, 2019. The pencil here refers to the shape of this mic. It’s a relatively cheap option when you consider the other mics on the market at this price (currently it’s around $100 which is a steal for such a well-regarded microphone). Our next drum mic kit is a great budget option. The whole set comes with an AKG hard case in which to easily transport the microphones.