Did you like it and how does it compare to other snail gel products you’ve used if you have any? And don’t worry about using something perfumey on your face, I found the scent goes within five minutes, pretty much as soon as it dries completely the scent isn’t noticeable. ( Log Out /  a.linktwo:hover {color:#007A00; font-weight:bold} I monitored my skin over 30 days, but lucky for me, I noticed results way quicker than a snail’s pace. Recently however, this snail has been bred especially for its mucus because of its touted healing properties. I’m not sure it’s one I’d have out on my side but it’s a fairly standard looking package for skincare. “It helps provide a skin-soothing base in all of the Dr.Organic Snail Gel products.” It also uses a selection of plant-derived butters, oils, and extracts to help seal in the hydration—without a trace of any parabens or other harmful chemicals—which explains the instant “ahh” that slipped out of my mouth mid-application. I like how it’s cruelty free and the company is against animal testing, which surprised me for a snail gel product, though I didn’t actually know how they got the gel itself before. All rights reserved. “We always use organic aloe vera juice to replace the majority of inactive water, whenever possible,” Harrison says. This Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum is by Dr Organic and is available exclusively at Holland and Barrett in the UK, I’m not sure about stockists outside of the UK though. The Original Snail Gel is a 50ml jar and costs £20.99 on the website here. I have dry skin, especially on the tops of my arms, so I thought I’d give it a try there. It’s actually helped me to keep some sort of proper routine as I know it works. Overall I would say that this product is one I would definitely recommend you try. My experience with snail gel. I’ve always been intrigued about Snail Gel and wanted to try it but been worried about the gel harvesting methods as I couldn’t really find anywhere that said how they did it. There are many Snail Gel out there. Copyright © Holland & Barrett Retail Limited, 2020. It is this last version that is most typically used in cosmetics. I will say that it seems to work better alongside the gel itself for me on my face but that will probably vary for different people. Massage into cuticles before bedtime and leave to sink in as an overnight treatment. i can say for sure that it’ll suit for my skin but i really want to try it. En … Overall I am very happy with this product. I slotted Dr.Organic Snail Gel—created to help restore moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles—into my routine after cleansing but before moisturizing. I have always been intrigued about snail gel products since I first heard about them, mainly in Korean beauty hauls, but I was always a bit concerned about how the gel was actually extracted. To be eligible for discounts, please enable JavaScript for your browser. It reminds me of the scent you get when you cut lemon rind, like fresh proper lemons rather than the fake strong or overly sweet lemon you get. Renew, soften and smooth. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Have any of you tried this or any of the other Dr Organic Snail gel products? Soft hands, soft skin—makes sense. Healthy-ageing benefits, antioxidant protection. The jar itself for this is nice, it’s a heavy glass jar which does feel expensive and it’s got the gold parts in the graphics that make it look more expensive. As I got it in a gift set I didn’t get the outer card packaging that comes with this product normally but it seems to fit with the rest of the range and they label everything pretty well with past products I’ve bought from them so you should be able to see ingredients on there if you can find it in store. So I asked Victoria Harrison, director of technical services at Dr.Organic®, to shed some light. The naturally occurring allantoin, collagen and elastin in our Organic Snail Gel can be healing, soothing and purifying to the skin. It feels a bit like applying after sun, the aloe vera gel kind, and it left my skin feeling really fresh and moisturised. They do have sachets available sometimes so it’d probably be best if you can get one of them first or wait until this is in a sale or the set is as it’s pretty expensive if you find you don’t like it. Snail gel may be used to rejuvenate the appearance of skin and smooth wrinkles. This brand has an explanation on how it’s harvested in an animal friendly way where the snails glide over glass plates and this trail is then collected and refined to be used in the product. Helix Aspersa is the Latin name for the breed of snail used in French cuisine. Please see: How to enable JavaScript in your browser. Add extra nourishment to areas prone to dryness with the Shea Butter infused moisturising Snail Gel Cream. Would you say it helps with that? Recommended usage: every morning. It is more expensive than I often spend on moisturisers and skin care products, though the £18.99 has lasted me for nearly three months and I can see it lasting a few more weeks being applied morning and night. Dr Organic is a cruelty free company and a lot of their products are suitable for vegetarians, including the snail gel according to the website, so I was interested to see how they got the snail gel. Donec non est at libero. Hello, there. There is a hint of something ‘green’ in there too but it’s still a fresh scent. “Snail farmers in South America first discovered the unique healthy-aging properties of snail mucin when they realized how soft and supple their hands felt after working with the snails,” she says. As this has the lemongrass in it there’s definitely that lemony citrus hint but it’s not too strong.