Teen Titans #23 implied that Light could "power up" by draining the ambient light in the area. [1] Such things have included Green Lantern constructs, Superboy's heat vision, and magic lightning from Wonder Girl's lasso. Doctor Light can control light for a variety of purposes. Raven, however, became so enraged at him that her dark side manifested; she almost killed him when she attempted to drag him into the darkness under her cloak. light. [26] Doctor Light appears in Los Angeles and is found by the Crimson Men. In an alternate universe, she serves as the heroic counterpart to Titans villain Doctor Light and is allied with the Brotherhood of Justice to stop the Teen Tyrants. A character named Doctor Light appears in All-American #82 (February 1947). The original character was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky and first appeared in Justice League of America #12. In his first appearance, Doctor Light attempted to rob a gold transport. He became a criminal and was eventually incarcerated by the Titans in San Quentin State Prison. [28] Killer Frost faces off against Doctor Light. As a Society member, he aids Merlyn and Deathstroke in defeating Green Arrow in Star City. For the American prelate, see, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, https://www.looper.com/166334/easter-eggs-you-missed-in-titans-season-2/, The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Doctor_Light_(Arthur_Light)&oldid=985498498, Fictional characters who can manipulate light, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Doctor Light is a fairly minor villain in the, Doctor Light has a cameo appearance in the animated film, Doctor Light makes a brief cameo appearance in the opening scene of, Doctor Light makes a silent cameo appearance in the, Doctor Light appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 08:46. Arthur Light was once a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, where he gained a doctorate. Arthur also possesses the body of the female Doctor Light, Kimiyo Hoshi. The 2004 miniseries Identity Crisis retroactively reveals that Doctor Light had raped Sue Dibny, the wife of the superhero Elongated Man, on the JLA Satellite. [1], His stint as Doctor Light is concurrent with that of a superheroine using the same name and nearly identical costume, Kimiyo Hoshi. Etta Candy is approached by an energy manifestation of Dr. Doctor Light appeared in the comic book tie-in Teen Titans Go! headquarters and exposes the A.R.G.U.S. Finlay created a technologically advanced suit to control light allowing him to be a minor superhero, but was accidentally killed by Arthur Light (though Finlay's death may have been caused by hiding his costume in a computer console, causing it to malfunction). Originally, Doctor Light derives his powers from his suit, but over time he internalizes this ability, and could use his powers without having to use his costume. The Milestone Comics group known as the Shadow Cabinet attempt to steal the remains of Light, still in the form of a candle. Finally, Finlay's ghost convinces Light to attempt a heroic turn during a mission where multiple members of the team, some unwillingly, have traveled to Apokolips. He is also able to take the "internal" light away from light powered characters, the heroic Doctor Light and the Ray, leaving them temporarily powerless. Doctor Light appears in Adventures in the DC Universe #1, Justice League Adventures #6, #13 and DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures #1. [17] His corpse is revived as a Black Lantern. In the Justice League of America Wedding Special, Light is a member of the Injustice League Unlimited. By mentally repulsing photons, Light can create areas of complete darkness. He is turned to stone by King Kull's satellites, but restored when they are destroyed. After being reportedly off of his power-dampening medicine for too long, Light was hunted down by Dick Grayson's Crusaders and arrested. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Driven by self-doubt and guilt, thanks in part to Finlay's ghostly presence, he volunteers for the Suicide Squad, a group of incarcerated supervillains who perform dangerous missions for the US government in exchange for clemency. He was told what to do and where Steve would be. Doctor Light then attacks and absorbs a great deal of power from Kimiyo Hoshi. [1] As a result, he becomes a much deadlier opponent. Light's recovery of his memories seems to have brought his intellect back with them and also his paraphilia. Agents to it. [29], Doctor Light later resurfaces, now sporting his classic appearance. Just before the Titans' final confrontation with the Brotherhood of Evil, Doctor Light went off on his own again and robbed the Bank of Perez after the Teen Titans have returned from their battle. When the Titans destroyed the synthetic diamond serving as the machine's collector, Doctor Light subsequently kidnapped Kole and used her crystal body as a replacement. This version was the science teacher of Sidekick City Elementary School. [14] In actuality, Superman and Icon set this scenario up to familiarize the Shadow Cabinet with the JLA. 4 Appearances of Arthur Light (Titans TV Series) The Kimiyo Hoshi version of Doctor Light made a cameo in the tie-in comic to the Teen Titans animated series. Doctor Light, hungry for vengeance and power, readily accepts.[11]. Doctor Light later appeared as one of the recruits of the Brotherhood of Evil, but did not participate in any of the Brotherhood's plans, instead deciding to work on his own. [25], Doctor Light's body unleashes energy that destroys Washington, D.C.'s A.R.G.U.S. Dr. Light was once defeated by Little Boy Blue and his Blue Boys—a group of non-superpowered children.[9][10]. Through the Silver and Bronze Ages, Doctor Light is a minor but persistent foe for a number of heroes. Dr. Arthur Light is a powerful mad scientist who appears in several episodes of Teen Titans, once more a comical foe, but still not one to be taken lightly. Light took the suit and the "Doctor Light" codename. They are briefly challenged by Empress, Sparx, and Más y Menos, but defeat them by combining Light's beams with Mirror Master's mirrors. [24] It is later revealed that Atomica, who is from the alternate universe of Earth-3, is responsible for Doctor Light's death. He has not realized Superman and Batman impersonated each other, allowing Superman to escape the world he was sent to and rescue the other members. In the attack on Titans Tower, he ultimately surrenders when Raven scares him, going into Robin's arms begging him to make "the scary girl go away". In his first appearance, Doctor Light attempted to rob a gold transport. [5], Criminal physicist Doctor Arthur Light captures the League with light rays after first drawing them in by capturing Aquaman, then sending the League to different planets based on their weaknesses. [21] Director Amanda Waller finds him transformed. Both only soon die again: Arthur Light suffocates while still inside his grave, while the desiccated Finlay claws his way out of his own grave but is killed by a family of religious vigilantes. Doctor Light's supersuit serves as a collecting, focusing and amplification device for the visible frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e. [2] In 2009, Doctor Light was ranked as IGN's 84th-greatest comic book villain of all time.[3]. The Justice League resolve to alter his mind with Zatanna's magic so that Light will no longer pose a threat to their loved ones. Dr. Light heads to Steve Trevor's location and states he must kill him in order for him to live. Doctor Light made another appearance in the episode Revved Up, where he was one of the villainous competitors in Ding Dong Daddy's race for Robin's most secret possession, but was taken out of the race by the mass crash triggered by Red X. The presence of a superpowered child reminds him of past defeats and he lashes out, killing Sparkler with a blast through the chest. [27] The Crimson Men take Dr. Light to their secret location, and promise to make him human again in exchange for information on Steve Trevor. Light. He was a scientist named Doctor Arthur Leit who had stolen an ultraviolet light beam from Doctor Neal Faraday that blinded Superman. This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Titans and is an adaptation of Doctor Light. Doctor Light has a cameo appearance in DC: The New Frontier (Earth-21). However, he doesn't remember anything about his death. Arthur Light is mentally brilliant, a genius in the field of physics. He is shown blasting Doorman. Doctor Light is a bipartite character, comprising supervillain Arthur Light and superhero Jacob Finlay, appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. [8] Each criminal caper leads to Light's defeat, but these defeats were used later as the basis of his humiliation that culminated in the "Identity Crisis" storyline. The Crimson Men had told him the truth that Arthur Light is dead. The Teen Titans Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In his next scheme, he attempted to drain the oil reserves on an abandoned drilling platform to supercharge his suit, overlooking the fact that the platform was in direct line of sight of Titans Tower.