General price levels of goods per unit weight is going up, with a corresponding reduction in the weight or size of the item sold. This blog has been featured in publications such as the CBC, The Province, National Post, and The Globe & Mail. Freedom 35 Blog features relevant news and useful commentary on personal finance, investing, early retirement, and passive income creation. When my girls were young up until the age of 5 I was that crazy woman making everything from scratch. They also have a fast food snack bar that is very inexpensive, if not healthy. It is a planet-wide membership, allowing you to buy from any location on Earth. Shrinkage that doesn’t affect the quality isn’t quite as bad but I do agree it is bs and unethical. Thanks for sharing my ultimate guide to saving money eating out. (3 or 4 in the box for $12? I have learned to keep a sharpie in the kitchen so I can write the cooking instructions on the bags. Product of Canada. You must also remember you are buying bulk quantities, and selection is fairly limited to a few popular or national brands, and lineups are the norm at checkout, so it is not a “milk run” type of store. For $8.49 it comes with 4 pizza crusts and 4 tomato sauce packets. When purchasing the pizzas the cashier informed me these need to stay flat. Unfortunately shrinkflation is a common occurrence these days in both grocery stores as well as restaurants. Enjoy low warehouse prices on a variety of name brand prepared food products. The kit comes with 4 crusts and 4 tomato pouches, great for game night or for 4 dinners at home. All rights reserved (About Us). When are there ever more toppings on the product than in the picture? Approximate $55 membership cost, plus tax, is all you have to recover annually to break even. I just purchased a box of Kirkland's Frozen Pizza (simialr to Dijorno) this weekend and took all 3 pizzas out of the huge box to fit in my freezer, like a genius threw away the box without getting instruction. Item number 1296318. . Not sure what the cost is but probably something similar to your home-made pizza. If only there was an easy and cost effective way to make home made pizza sauce though. Pizza dough was a weekly must have. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Includes 4 stone baked pizza crusts, 4 gourmet tomato sauce pouches, and 1 storage bag. Thanks!!! I will try it soon and will tell you about my experience. So good in fact I almost forgot it's a cauliflower crust. Costco also carries the regular Molinaro’s Pizza Kit which I think is not permanently available in the store. That’s a great deal. The package I used for this recipe was from Costco. Fellow blogger Stephen recently created an extensive guide to save money while eating out. The medium size pizza is ready to eat. (click to enlarge), Making your own pizza can be really fun, but it can be difficult to do for those who do not have opposable thumbs so if you are a cat and reading this blog here’s a tutorial just for you. I clearly needed to get my hands on it. I used to buy these pizza’s but why are they shrinking their products? , The best part is you can control the toppings and put anything you want on it. Simple and fun for the whole family! Works wonderfully too. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Friends occasionally call me and suggest a new product they've tried that they noticed was gluten-free. I only saw Roasted Vegetable at my local Costco so it made for an easy choice. Those are usually $1-$2 for a pack. So whether you're loading the pizzas into your car or into your freezer, make sure they remain horizontal. Have you tried Milton's Craft Bakers gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza? Pizza kits can be found in stores like Walmart, Loblaws, and Costco. Unboxing the pizza, I first noticed it didn't really look like the pizza on the box. But if I had a dime for every time someone told me to try this pizza... well I'd probably have a dollar, but still. Makes the pizza look classier (haha but true) and it’s cheaper than buying shredded (or easier than shredding your own)! 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Planning for the future, one investment at a time. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. We hope you enjoy - and we hope you post your own deals from your local Costco so everyone knows about them. Looks mighty yummy! That’s $2.12 per pizza. Check them out online, or go to warehouse location – they allow you to enter as a… Read more ». I threw the box out too! Recent Topics   My parents always bought frozen. Some people don’t include left overs in their original meal plan so it’s kind of like free food in a way. i did the same thing (threw the box out)! Great idea. Keep journalists asking the hard questions. DIY pizza is always fun, especially when you have guests over. So overall the pizza cost about $4 to make. You get most of the hard work done for you with the crust and kit, but still save quite a bit of money over buying a frozen pizza, a U-Bake, or takeout.