The official Staff account. POLL: Do you use eco-friendly cleaning products? These real Christmas trees at Costco are such a great deal – and they don’t last long. Fukushu Kumquat, Eustis Limequat, Mary Ellen Sweet Lime. SOCIAL MEDIA: Join me on Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: ( @sterlingwong8 ) Website: Several Kishu Mini, Gold Nugget, Cocktail Grapefruit. :), If I ever see a guy checking every tag at my local Costco, I will say "Hi George!". tall and very productive. There was an Espalter Citrus Tree in a 6.9 gal. So far I have not seen who throws the rubbish onto the street, but will certainly ask them to pick it up, if I do see them. Has anyone used an indoor grow tent to overwinter citrus? The 2.5 gallon variety of (kumquat and lime) citrus was $19. I also put in a suggestion into our local Costco to bring back the W&N trees! That's ok, I have shade cloth if I need to cover them up this summer. Lots of Washington Navels along with early & late Navels. But it pays off to be nosey and check the small tags.. a Beck Early !!!!! They mostly sell plums, nectarines and apricots at this point. I wish our costco up here carried citrus . I also shred old documents and bag them up for our friend, (who works at the local school), to put them into either his compost bins and also the local school's compost bins. But, it looks terrific - ...all are doing great! alan 2017-03-20 15:49:52 UTC #16. U.S. Costco warehouses: For specific hours, find a Costco warehouse … Has your Costco started to stock any? If you see them at your local Costco, we suggest you act fast and buy one! This information is for entertainment only. They're selling for $22, and in my opinion aren't as healthy or as developed as the W&N trees we received last year. Sterlingwong recommends safe practices when working on personal property , vehicles, and / or with tools seen or implied in this video. Keep in mind that you can’t beat Costco’s return policy! My local Costco in Montclair, CA now has lots of W&N Citrus. Costco! Wow, I cannot believe what jumped into my cart! Supposed to warm up again this week but I have brought them in and out 3 times already and I'm not up to doing it again. I wanted to give it the best chance possible to survive and fruit. I pick up a lisbon lemon. We'd love to hear from you! I'm all out of room for trees unless I go to my front yard. I like Method. I like the fact that it is productive, has excellent flavor and ripens earlier than the Washington. A bunch of Minneolas. There was an Espalter Citrus Tree in a 6.9 gal. I probably won't see freezing temps until the last week of December. These real Christmas trees at Costco are such a great deal – and they don’t last long. Most nurseries has a tag stating the citrus shouldn't be moved out of quarantine areas. Thanks Brian, I picked the biggest healthiest trees out of the lot they had. My mature Minneola is some of the very best tasting citrus. This retailer sets up “Christmas tree lots” in its garden section every year, where it offers a wide variety of tree options, as well as helpful preparation services. I do miss the trees I had in Venice, but I only have so much room. Don’t dawdle. I take a bag and plastic glove to pick up the rubbish. Good you got them in so they can adapt before the hot weather sets in again. I would not bother with talking to anyone at the local stores. Evan you have a couple of real beauties there nice catch . I also grow pineapples, but they are not trees, although they definitely make fruit. New growth in the kishu I planted last week.