The time signature is in standard 4/4 and the tempo is a chilled out 60bpm per minute, so you should have time to look at the notes ahead. Although the term ‘concerto’ actually means four parts, this piece still sounds great as a duet between a flute and a violin. (-) - !N/!N/!N - 678×⇩ - Hoeger, PDF typeset by arranger *#289739 - 0.10MB, 3 pp. If so, take a look at some beautiful duets you can play along to below…. 8 Perhaps you know someone with a passion for piano? 3 in C minor, Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Using a two-page stand, you’ll get away with sharing if you’re playing a short piece of music that only takes up one or two sides of paper. 0.0/10 2 in G major, Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 8 10 Bach Air on a G String . 6 *#289748 - 0.17MB, 7 pp. 4 2 -  2 *#289738 - 0.14MB, 6 pp. That said, the rhythm can vary slightly between the lower octave and the higher one, but it’s nothing that a bit of practice can’t fix. → Sort this list by work type, instrumentation, composer, and more. 21 in E minor, K304, 2 Duets for Violin and Piano "From the Homeland", Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2016 Bach Air on a G String . It’s also played in common time like many other beginner songs, so it isn’t too hard to count in. Duet in E minor - score 2 As well as this, the slurred semiquavers can take some time to master, so it’s worth to slow down this tune and practice your parts separately before performing it as a duet. 6 10 As well as this, most of the notes are crotchets and a few quavers, so there are no tricky syncopations to practice. 2013. 4 Start off by setting it to a slow pace, then gradually increase the speed as you and your partner become more confident with the tune’s rhythm. 2 The cello’s bass clef is kept very simple throughout, so you shouldn’t be any difficult syncopations to get your head around. 2 in D major, Sonata for Cello and Piano No. He's also got an unhealthy obsession with vintage VW Campervans. The tune is often used as backing tracks for various TV programs and films for its tranquil, relaxing vibe. This is a string quartet, with music scores for two violinists, a violist, and a cellist. The time signature is in ¾, plus there are a few bars of quavers and dotted crotchets to watch out for, so you might need to learn your part separately before jumping in and trying to play The Swan as a duet. A violin duet is when two musicians perform a piece of music together using at least one violin. 6 6 6 1 in E minor, Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 1-20 of 107 Classical Violin-Cello Duet Sheet Music, Lessons, Chord Charts, Resources (search within these results) Type Artist Title Popularity Date. 7 in C minor "Eroica", Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord No. He's a multi-instrumentalist and loves researching, writing, and geeking out about music. Intermediate Classic Duets for Violin and Cello: 22 Classical and Traditional pieces arranged especially for equal players of intermediate standard. -  There are also some loud forte sections of music as well as some long slurs, so Greensleeves will be a good way to improve your musical control and expression. -  2 *#289744 - 0.10MB, 3 pp. 6 So, you might need to turn the speed of your metronome down and practice slowly, before building up the pace. 32 in B flat major, K454, Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1 in C minor, Adagio and Allegro for Cello and Piano in A flat major, Sonata for Cello and Piano No. Total: $6.50. 4 0.0/10 10 2 in D major, Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Kodaly sonata for violin and cello FJ Haydn duet for violin and cello, Breval duet #3 for violin and cello.Graciane Finzi’s “Gravitation”, Albinoni opus 4 #4–6 for violin and basso continuo with cello playing bass line. 10 8