It’s very passive, but you might see it compared to more traditional grays and warm grays , Thank you! Looks grayish in light and more taupey in shadows. Nailed it. Whoaaa Nelly! But I wanted to ask if you have tried adding a little blue paint to white for the ceiling? So, as you can see, picking the right COLOUR can be challenging, however, looking at colours that are around 62 in LRV is a GREAT place to start your colour search. You might also be interested in how I picked the perfect white paint for a dark room! Sherwin Williams: With an LRV of 65, Gray Owl is a smidge lighter than our magical number and that’s okay, because 62 is the average, meaning really if you can get in between 60 and 65 you’re pretty solid. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for providing such wonderful information, it is greatly appreciated. All of the major brands are represented here, but only the Sherwin Williams Paints from Lowes have the LRV clearly listed on the back. Hi Sheri! The colors I’m looking at are only at 50, but now I’m afraid they won’t work. I live in the forest, surrounded by trees. Gossamer Veil is similar on my paint color sample board to Agreeable Gray, although Gossimer Veil has less blue and more light gray/green tint to it., where AG is Blue. Paint number you say? So we had it lightened by 25% and it looks great both day and night. Thank you so very much! Agree, I love it as the day / light changes – good choice. I collect these like normal people collect pottery (except I collect that too.) I’d love to use Wythe Blue in my northern exposure room with large windows, but at an LRV of 48, it just looks so saturated on the wall. Choosing a paint color with a high LRV can help make a dark room look brighter. ~Kylie, I think I understand the importance of the LVR, but what about when you actually paint a color. I love Gossamer Veil! Thanks so much for your advice! I collect these like normal people collect pottery (except I collect that too.). I have never done a ceiling in a color other than white so I am little nervous about it. Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, Legal Notice:    All the information and Kylie M Interiors watermarked images are the property of Kylie M Interiors, all rights reserved. However, compared to wood trim, a colour can look lighter than it WOULD with white trim. This article blew my mind. Edgecomb Gray is a beautiful greige, that should be a bit more ‘greige’ acting than Collingwood, but not guarantees, as long as there’s gray in there it might be reacting with your exposure/interior finishings. Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 60. With orange toned trim, your main concern WILL be how much colour there is as the less gray there is mixed in with the blue/green, the more ‘colourful’ the walls will look. You’re right, I would try to land myself somewhere between 40-55, depending on how bright the room is. The scale is from 0-100 with 0 being dark and 100 being bright. When you fill out the questionnaire, let me know it’s you, from the comment gallery! And let me tell you, this magical little number is going to save your life, or at least the small thread of sanity you have left after trying to find the ever-elusive perfect paint colour. Wow thanks for showing me where to find the LRV number on the paint chip. I like it. If you can find a colour in between 60 and 65 the chances of it being a good depth for your room (based on averages) are pretty good. It will be in mostly south facing rooms, with an open floor plan, Hi Jill!