(2) The State Government may, by notification, authorise one or more Deputy Directors or Assistant Directors of Local Bodies, appointed under any law for the time being in force, to exercise the powers and perform the functions of the Directors of Local Bodies. Levy of surcharge on transfer of lands. (b) the date of the last investment made during the year, (c) the aggregate amount of securities then in the hands of the Corporation, and. (c) deduction of the expenses, if any, incurred by the State Government in course of collection of the surcharge, shall be such as may be prescribed. Power of Mayor-in-Council to compound for tax. (4) The Corporation shall forthwith pay into any Sinking Fund such amount as the auditors appointed under section 77 may certify to be deficit unless the State Government specially sanctions a gradual readjustment of such deficit in respect of such fund. Lime shells - Storing, packing, pressing, cleansing, preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever. Explanation. 0 76. The Asansol Municipal Corporation has population of 563,917 of which 292,387 are males while 271,530 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. (2) For the purposes of enlarging, deepening or otherwise repairing or maintaining any such drain, so much of the sub-soil appertaining to the drain as may be necessary for the said purpose shall also be deemed to vest in the Corporation. Requisition on owner to fill up or remove unlawful cesspool. (a) regulation of restriction of the use of site of building; (b) regulation of fire protection measures and structural and other safeties of building; (c) regulation of conveniences and amenities in building including quality of materials, plumbing services, workmanship and the like; (d) regulation of architectural designs of buildings; and. (b) if the land or building is sublet, upon the superior lessor. Tallow - Storing, packing, pressing, cleansing, preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever or melting. (2) The charge for the purpose of sub-section (1) shall be such as may be determined by the Corporation from time to time. (o) welfare of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. without permission or otherwise than in conformity with a licence. Notice of meeting. Powers and functions of the Mayor-in-Council. 263C. - For the purpose of clause (a) of this section any land or building used for the purpose of public worship shall not be deemed to be exclusively used for such purpose if on such land or in such building any trade or business is carried on or any rent is derived in respect of such land or building or such land or building is used for any gainful purpose whatsoever. (2) The Chairman and one of the other members shall be nominated by the Mayor-in-Council and one member shall be nominated by the State Government. (3) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, the Corporation may apportion the costs incurred under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) as between the owner and the occupier in such manner as it may consider just and reasonable. (2) The Mayor-in-Council shall cause a general valuation of all holding in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter as soon as possible after the constitution of a new Corporation and at periodic intervals so as to ensure that there is a revision of annual valuation of all municipal holdings at the termination of successive period of six years. (c) open spaces including parade grounds which are the properties of Government, shall be exempt from the [property tax]. (b) any fittings affixed to a building or part of a building for the more beneficial enjoyment thereof; (46) "prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act; (47) "private street" means any street, which is not a public street, and includes any passage securing access to two or more places belonging to the same or different owners; (48) "private market" means a market which is not a municipal market; (49) "private slaughter house" means a slaughter house which is not a municipal slaughter house; (50) "public building" means a masonry building constructed, used or adopted to be used-, (a) as a place of public worship or as a school, college or other place of instruction (not being a dwelling-house so used) or as a hospital, workhouse, public theatre, public cinema, public hall, public concert room, public ballroom, public lecture-room, public library or public exhibition room or as a public place of assembly, or. (a) carry on within Asansol or at any municipal slaughter-house outside Asansol the trade or business of a butcher, or. Provided that no such order shall be made by the State Government unless-, (a) a notice has been given to the Corporation specifying therein a period within which the Corporation may submit representation, if any, against the proposed order; and. Ward Wise Sectors List Of Chandigarh: Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Election are round the corner and we are pretty sure that majority of the residents or voters are unaware of the present and the nominee Councillor. 206. 28. Prohibition of adulteration in place where butter, ghee, etc., are manufactured or stored. Provided that in the case of a person advertising in more than one vehicle at a time the total space advertised in all the vehicles taken together shall be taken into account for the purpose of determination of the tax. Prohibition of tethering of animals and milking of cattle. Manner of recovery of taxes under this Act.