Bob, thanks for the reminder that it takes lots of persistence and determination to build a good blog. You can’t start a business and become a self-employed survey taker. I would warn anyone looking for an “at home” business – do your homework! That is why, me, personally, I dig the e-commmerce oriented sites. Particular about idea number 4,6 & 7. Also, the income can be significantly higher than those for a regular 9 to 5 job. I appreciate cause I found just what I was looking for 2 days. If you have great recipe ideas or you make your own products, you can start selling these and make some cash. Parents will often pay to see Johnnie or Sally excel at _______. Because everybody is using social media, the interest in marketing managers is growing every day. This is a great list. (#2. Thank you for it. If you have a sense of sound and beat, you could do great working as a music teacher. I realized that some of them could be sold on for $15-$20, which turns out to be a pretty decent profit. So if you can figure out which products consumers want and just create those, you could have a good business plan. Don’t forget good ‘ol lawncare or landscaping. Required fields are marked *. Log in. If you’re pleasant to talk to, eloquent and know how to get people’s attention, definitely give this home-based career a try. Loved it and looking forward to more such blogs. Hence, this is a perfect work-from-home business to have, especially if you like reading and narrating stories. That’s how we kept our construction business going. Professional blogging is somewhat similar to content writing. This job involves listening to and transcribing medical records from doctors or healthcare professionals. My reasons are not to own material possessions or to show off. For my business (blogging here at SeedTime) it took a long time before I started making any money blogging, let alone enough to pay the bills each month. The more languages you know, the more options you have, and the pay is better. Running an online store can become a six-figure business if done correctly. –>high hourly pay rate, and Check this out to find out more about being a virtual assistant. To learn more, see our privacy policy. Location-independent. Enthusiasm is what makes business and making money fun! Otherwise, clients may not be willing to pay for your advice. Google it. I definitely agree that it takes much mental energy. One of our readers took this idea and ran with it and created a really nice season income for himself. You can sell to your products online at places like or A product tester usually gets specific guidelines on how to test the product and then needs to provide appropriate feedback. Then, you fill out online surveys and get paid. Hi, I really enjoyed this article. Freelance work is a great help for me! @ Charles Once you build your portfolio, you can expect regular work and great income. It all depends on your skillset, equipment, and reputation. Make sure to get all our expert tips on boosting your income and savings firsthand. Doulas charge, on average, $1,600-2,000 per birth, which generates an annual income of about $85,000. Are you organized and authoritative? hi everyone , anybody i need help doing an online legit business i am a single mom and neeed to make a living to support my kid please help1 i am not too computer savy so will need guidance to navigate the web youtube etc, where to resourses etc. It’s fun and why not make a little extra money? Hey, thanks for sharing. So far, we’ve covered business ideas that require you to hold inventory in … Hope this helps. I started my consulting business over 4 years ago as a part-time way to make extra cash, and it’s grown into my full-time endeavor, where I’ve quadrupled my income, and have much more flexibility. You don’t even have to own a gym or too much equipment. Do you care about the environment? Really? They need someone to schedule meetings, handle their calendar, respond to emails, and other similar everyday tasks. Am disabled physically/mentally …I had a side job stuffing envelopes..My boss was so thrilled with me and my partner he fired a bunch of workers as we could pull off the bulk of his work!…We got paid well when the economy went upside down we noticed our pay decreased but still made enough to pay 3 house bills. The easiest way and the first thing is just to start doing something. These people usually work in the telemarketing industry or sales, where a lot of talking over the phone takes place. What is the Cheapest Way to Move Across the Country? These are some fantastic lists of home based business ideas. I really don’t know how else to show my appreciate because you have freely given me keys to financial independence and i will surely come back to share my testimonies. Take a gander at what happened to Pastor Alios Bell’s ministry reputation when someone who knows social media happened upon her indiscretion at Applebee’s. This support can be physical and educational, but mostly emotional. Usually I never comment on posts but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. I just recently picked up just a couple of books for less than $12 and sold them for over $80! Can anyone provide some information on what services or area of service would be best for a one person type of operation. If you’re good at multi-tasking as well as have technical, time management, and computer skills, you should try this home-based career. That legitimate home based ideas and opportunities was really great. SeedTime Money (Christian Personal Finance). Just like the name suggests, this role requires you to test products and sometimes services. You can start your own profitable event planning enterprise today. Thanks for all the great ideas. Many thanks for this article. Being a startup enterprenure its really important to underastand all ascepts to satrt your business. By God’s grace I have a goal to give away a million dollars. Travel planners make, on average, about $42,000 per year. Many Community Colleges also now offer their programs online. I’ve always been very greatful for the freedom we have. Thanks bob…. Collaborating with local influencers is another way of building your name before you witness lots of sales. You just need to know how to transfer the knowledge of the language to others. A tax preparer is another excellent alternative. I cannot warn you enough to stay away from for-profits. I understand consent is not required to obtain a loan. Do you own the necessary tools for making sculptures or pottery?