All gold medals since then have been made of sterling silver with gold plating, Only 22 torches were made for the 1952 Olympic Games. Company No 1555455, 1798 NGSM 2 clasps, St Vincent and Nile, to James Young, makes £3,910. 1912 Olympic Double Gold Medal Winner’s WW1 Gallantry Medals in 14th December Medal Auction. We were both at the last gasp and could hardly find the strength to cling to the ‘raft’. We provide free medal and militaria valuations without obligation. Today, the International Association of Olympic Collectors (AICO) is the principal association of collector organizations, and is recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Considerable risk was incurred in rendering the services on account of the heavy sea.”, In 2008, Warwick & Warwick sold the medals of the rescued observer and details of their ordeal were;   On the 24th May 1917, Air Mechanic 2nd Grade Wright was flying as observer, with Sub Lt H.M. Morris, in a seaplane over the North Sea on patrol duties and submarine searching, when their plane crashed into the water. Copyright 2016 © Nate D. Sanders, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Required fields are marked *. Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Oscars), Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmys), A Very Rare Thomas Jefferson Autograph Letter Sold Here, Andy Warhol Memorabilia: King of Pop Art, Master of His Own Domain. Those medals were later restored in 1982, but only listed Jim Thorpe as a co-winner. As a swimmer having had no formal training, he shocked the swimming world when he won the mile event at the 1911 Inter-Empire Championships and was undefeated at the Canadian National Championships from 1910-12. The Sea Gallantry medal was awarded to the 4 members of the seaplane crew who: “on 29 May 1917, these officers and men were flying on a seaplane at a height of 1,200 feet, 40 miles East of Felixstowe, when they sighted an object in the water. WW1 Air Force Cross and 1917 Sea Gallantry Medal to George Ritchie Hodgson is offered for sale in our 14th December medal and militaria auction with an estimate of £2,000. The medals are being sold on behalf of the family who informed us that his gold medals were stolen years ago while on display at the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association. and participating auction houses. All Rights Reserved. // Greater Manchester13-08-2020 | 09:00 - 15:00. After WW1 he swam in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics in both his gold medal events but failed to make the finals. From pins and programs to stamps and tickets, a collector has opportunities to gather an array of merchandise depending on personal and sporting interests. Please contact medal expert [email protected] if you have medals or militaria for sale for a free valuation. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. All gold medals since then have been made of sterling silver with gold plating; Only 22 torches were made for the 1952 Olympic Games. Despite the rough sea, they landed their plane on the water close to the float, and on a second attempt succeeded in rescuing the men, an officer and an air mechanic who had been without food and water for 5 ½ days. A State representative is calling on the International Olympic Committee to fully restore Jim Thorpe's 1912 gold medals. Follow the latest on art, autographs, memorabilia, movie memorabilia, space memorabilia & sports memorabilia. Gold Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics, Held in Stockholm, Sweden Gold medal from the V Olympiad, won at the Olympic games in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912. 1811 Military General Service Medal with 4 Clasp Combination. He was Canada’s only representative in the swimming events at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics where he won gold medals in the 400m freestyle in an Olympic record and 1500m freestyle in a world record. Please let us know if you have a gold 1912 Stockholm Olympics medal for sale. Jim Thorpe had his gold medals from the 1912 Olympics revoked because he violated a rule by playing minor league baseball. Captain George Ritchie Hodgson’s award of the Air Force Cross was announced in the London Gazette dated 1st November 1918 in recognition of valuable flying services performed in their various capacities. [email protected] By the time they arrived there, the tail of the machine was full of water, but in response to distress signals assistance was obtained and the plane was got to land. At the time, the average price for one ounce of gold was roughly $18.93 and the weight of the 1912 Stockholm Olympic gold medal was about 24g (0.85 ounces). Gold medal from the V Olympiad, won at the Olympic games in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912. One of them circled round us and fired a verey light and then flew on to join his companions. Are you selling a medal or militaria collection? 1814 Military General Service Medal 11 clasp combination, to a Bugler in 95th Foot. Stockholm 1912 Medals On the obverse, two female figures placing a laurel crown on the head of young victorious athlete. They immediately circled and descended, and the object was discovered to be an upturn float with two men on it. When we had been hanging on to the float about five or six hours I said to Wright, ‘I think I could do with a square meal.’ His teeth were chattering with the cold, and it took him quite a long time to say ‘Same here.’ Then he said, ‘I believe I’ve got something in my pocket.’ He brought out a waterproof envelope full of milk tablets. Uncategorized